5 Summer Vape Juices

Vape enthusiasts are always looking for products or tips to enhance their vaping experience. Nothing sounds more fun than enjoying a tasty vape on a warm summer day. While there are a diverse range of vape juices in the market today, there are just a few that can actually bring out the true thrill of a summertime vape. To enjoy an exquisite summertime vape, you will need to be very selective with your choice of vape juice. We have rounded up some of the best summer vape juices in the following list.

Hawaiian Pog – Naked 100 E-Juice  

Just as the name suggests, the Hawaiian Pog brings the sweet taste of the Hawaiian shores straight to the comfort of your own home. The e-juice is especially tailored for the summer season and will bring joy to your taste buds. Packed with a rich cocktail of delicious flavors, the Hawaiian Pog is the ultimate e-juice for anyone that treating themselves to a one of a kind summer experience. Some of the flavors that are bundled into the e-juice include orange, passion and a delicate touch of guava. The flavors are blended to perfection to ensure that you enjoy a great taste at the perfect intensity. 

Astro – Space Jam

Space Jam’s Astro E-liquid is an exceptional e-juice for the summer season. It is a brilliant e-liquid that is created from an amazing blend of flavors. The e-juice arouses the delectable flavor of the late summer southern harvest. The refreshing product includes a variety of flavors ranging from ripe strawberries, Granny Smith Apples and a slight touch of fresh and juicy peach flavor. The primary and most distinctive flavors of the e-juice are strawberry and green apple. Its nice smooth flavor leaves no after taste.

Antidote on Ice – Ruthless 

A great summer vape begins with the Antidote On Ice E-juice. The e-juices made of an impeccable blend of blue raspberry and mango flavors to result in a bold flavor that is perfect for the summer vape. The blast of menthol that you enjoy for very vape further enhances the entire summertime vape. Its mix of flavors is ideal for both the sweet and tarty seekers. With every inhale, you will be treated to an exceptional taste of sweet juicy mangoes while the exhale opens your taste to the blue raspberry with a characteristic finish. The menthol levels are perfect for taste.

Rocket Pop – Propaganda E-Liquid

The Rocket Pop E-liquid does more than just treat you to an outstanding summer vaping experience. It evokes the sweet taste of the good old popsicles and lets you relive the experience all over again. It is the perfect choice for a summer that will give your buds a magical inhale-exhale hit.

Mango mania – Tropical 100 E-Liquid

Mangoes are the best flavors for a summer vape. This e-juice combines nectarine and mangoes for an iconic e-juice that will refresh you throughout the summer. It has a mild flavor and leaves no queer after-taste. Mango Manis is both sweet and unique.

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