Diy Project – Create a Frosted Glass Yourself at Home

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Every home needs a touch of beauty and all other interiors to go a long way in keeping a luxurious ambiance the home. The use of glass for doors, windows, cabinets, and practically any fit to the needs of any the home, is preferred by homeowners who want to add a contemporary look. Many Homeowners, actually prefer this option to random wooden doors and windows.

Apart from the beautiful appeal, glass doors and windows give a home a great look, which also makes the house feel spacious and well aerated. The house can also enjoy better lighting radiating from outside into the house, and this goes a long way in improving the entire home and keeping everywhere cool and calm.

There is, however, a big challenge with using glass windows and doors in the home; this is the challenge of privacy. As much as glass brightens the house, it also allows outsiders to peep into your house and visitors into the room. Most people do not like this approach, and this is why many have opted for the option of using curtains or tinting the glass. As good as these options are in ensuring privacy, they also defeat the purpose of brightening as well as keeping the house well aerated.

To avoid this dilemma or fix, there is an option that most people are not usually aware of, which you can do on your glass and still make it serve the purpose of allowing light to pass through it while ensuring privacy, this option is glass frosting.

Creating a frosted glass within the home is pretty much easier than you think; in fact, you can go ahead and do it yourself using two methods, which we will be discussing in this article. Creating a frosted glass is more like dimming the surface glass, such that it prevents people from seeing what is going on within your house or room while enhancing illumination within the home.

There are two major methods by which you can find the solution of how to make frosted glass yourself at home without having to do a lot of spending, and these are:

•The use of sprays
•The use of films

Using Sprays to Make Frosted Glass

Using Sprays to Make Frosted Glass

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This method involves applying a spray on one side of the glass, which deems the glass and keeps it frosted for a long time. The procedures to follow are better explained below:

Ensure You Clean the Glass Surface:

Before you begin the process of frosting your glass surface with a spray, you need to ensure you properly clean it and remove all debris or stain on it. You can use a glass or window cleaner and use it with a soft towel to wipe it off. Be sure to remove every bit of stain or print as this will deface the glass surface and prevent you from having a clean frost after the spray dries up.

Cover Exposed Areas: 

This procedure involves using a painting tape to seal off the sides and edges of the glass to prevent the spray from going way out of proportion and staining the adjacent walls. You can also use cardboard to cover the adjacent walls, especially if this is your first time trying out this method.

Also, you can make patterns on your glass with frosted sprays, so depending on the kind of design you prefer, you can make use of stickers or plasters to define the parts you do not wish to frost from the ones you want frosted.

Use a Good Facemask and Ensure Proper Aeration

When using a spray to make a frosted glass, you need to ensure proper aeration, this is because the spray has a smell that might not go well with your system. So you need first to ensure you use a proper face mask on your face, then you should also open the windows and doors to ensure appropriate aeration and ventilation.

You can as well spread old newspapers or cardboard on the floor, so the stain would not get permanent your floor, and this saves you the trouble having to clean your floor again and again after frosting.

Apply the First Coat

This is the next procedure for using a spray to creating a frosted glass on your door or window. Just before you start applying the spray, you need to read the instructions on the label and then shake well. Then with your hand 6-12 inches away from the glass, apply the spray directly on the glass from top to bottom in a systematic pattern. This means that you can move from left to right or right to left, depending on your preferred choice. You need to do this gently and do not spray too much on the spot all at once, as this is only the first coat. Once done, leave for 10 minutes for the spray to dry.

Apply a Second Coat

Once you have left the spray to dry for about 10 minutes; this you can determine by simply checking the label to know the average dry time. Then you can apply a second spray, because the first spray if done well, will not give the best result and give the perfect frost effect that you desire. The second spray should also be applied systematically, and you should follow the same pattern you used in applying the first spray. Then wait for another 10 minutes for it to dry up.

After the surface is completely dry, you should have a perfectly frosted glass surface, provided the follow the procedure correctly. If you are still not satisfied with what you have, you can then apply a third coat, but this is usually not advisable as the frost might end up getting thicker than you want.

Remove the Plasters:

this should be done after the spray has dried up, and the desired result has been achieved.

Using a Film

This is pretty much easier to work with when making a frosted glass; all you need are the film material, water, cleaning detergent, squeegee, and you are good. Here are the necessary procedures to follow:

Ensure You Have a Clean Glass Surface

This has been carefully explained in the spray technique, and the same principle of cleaning applies here. Your glass surface needs to be very clean so as to be able to ensure the film is held in place. Clean with water and dry with a clean towel. Do not run your hand on the glass after cleaning to avoid leaving your prints, which can deface the frosted surface.

Measure the Glass and Cut the Film to Size

Depending on the size of the glass you are working on, you need to measure the length and breadth, then correspondingly cut the film you bought to the size of the glass.

Spritz Soapy Water on the Glass:

The frost films are very forgiving as they do not permanently stick at once on the glass, they follow the principle of static cling, and this needs soapy water for firm adhesion.

Mix a little quantity of dish detergent in water and then spray gently on the surface of the glass to be frosted just before applying the film on it.

Apply the Film on the Glass

The film usually comes placed on a cardboard with a shiny side and a textured side. Apply the film on the glass with the shiny side facing the film and the textured side facing out. Carefully place the film on the glass, and you can take your time because it is easy to correct any mistakes because the film is a non-adhesive.

Use Your Squeegee:

After you have perfectly fitted the film on the glass, then, you can use your squeegee to straighten up the film and remove the water just under the film, then leave to dry out.

Things to Note

•The advantage the film method has over the spray method is that it is easier and faster to apply. It is also more bulletproof than the spray method.

•On the other hand, the spray method allows for more manipulation, design, and creativity when compared with the film application method.

•When frosting your glass, you must ensure to keep the surface clean always as a dirty surface will only mess your work up.

•For the spray method, you must also bear in mind to have your mouth and nostrils protected; a real high-quality vapor mask works better than the paper face masks. Properly covering your face from inhalation will protect you from having a headache or feeling nauseated when you work.


There are so many things you do not need to pay to an expert to get them done, especially in your home, and one of them is frosting your glass. You can be your expert; you should try it out in particular places in your home where needs privacy. You can also convert it into becoming a business by helping out your friends and neighbors, and if you so wish, let them know how to do it and maybe teach them later.

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