French Press vs Pour Over | The Best Manual Coffee Brewing Method

Some like it black and strong, some thick but light, others like it mild with creamer and sugar. Coffee preference changes with every individual, making the preparation of it also having its difference’s. Brewing of coffee does indeed come in different ways and are done with different coffee machines, however, for most of coffee lovers there is always the hard decision of which to make use off in the making of coffee between the French press vs Pour Over.

The two, each being completely different from the other gives coffee lovers the feel and choice of how to brew their coffee and drink it. Now, though both can technically brew coffee beans to coffee itself, knowing what does what, will let you know easily which one to use and when to use it.

French Press

Being the most loved and used in the making of coffee, a French press is basically a coffee machine that make use of plungers in brewing your coffee beans. Attached to its plunger is a filter that forces coffee grounds to the bottom of the machine and allow water to flow through. It is widely used for coffees for both homes, offices and restaurants due to the following:

  • User friendly. French press being one of the oldest and loved coffee machines is capably used by any individual. Its way of operating and usage does make coffee lovers happy in using it. All one as to do is put coffee grounds into a carafe, pour in some warm water, then gently push down the plunger to separate brewed coffee from coffee grounds. And that is about it. Nothing to complex that one can’t adjust to.
  • Own customize French press. Everyone wants something he or she can easily adjust to suit his or her preference, and that is exactly what a French press gives most coffee lovers. You can customize your French press to suit the way you did want your coffee, from the size of your grind, the strength of your coffee to its richness. The new Kona French Press even comes with more customized functions to add to your need.
  • Taste. The taste of your coffee using a French press does indeed give you a great coffee sensation taste. Due to its design and brewing process, a French press delivers a bold and rich taste.

Pours Over

Pours over coffee makers on the other hand, unlike a French press make use of a cone-like filter for its coffee extraction.  It actually functions like any other standard coffee marker but with pours over you did have to pour a boiled water in to the filter yourself. This kind method gives user a way to control the level of flavor he or she wants. Some coffee lovers like to make use of a Pours over coffee marker due to:

  • Flavor. With the use of a pours over for the making of one’s coffee, he or she could easily control and acquire the level of flavor they did want for their coffee. As stated earlier, the Pours over does need one to pour already boiled water in to it, and the faster you pour in the boiled water, the lighter your coffee flavor would be and the slower you pour the stronger flavor. One of the best Pour overs to use for a good taste in coffee will be the Melitta pour over coffee maker.
  • Coinvent for small size. This could be an advantage as well as of a disadvantage, depending on the individual preference. Pour overs are greatly used for the brewing of just one to two cup of coffee each day, hence reduce the cost of wasted coffee.
  • Cleaning of a Pour over coffee maker is far easier than that of a French press. Its design allows it for easy usage as well as easy cleaning.

Both coffee makers, does indeed make good coffee, but it would be best to know your preference in coffee and how you did like it made, so as to be able to know how to use both.

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