How to Clean a Pan Cake Griddle?

Are you tired of your greasy and oily pan cake griddle? Imagine what itwould be like to serve your guests with a pan cake which smells like aCheese Sandwich which you cooked last evening! Umm….howembarrassing!! So, are you wondering how to get rid of it? It’s quiteeasy.

Step 1: After every meal, we must use a grill scrapper to remove the leftover sticky food particles and excess oil. This can be easily done justafter you finish your cooking. Mind you, if you delay this very firstprocess then the waste would get stuck to the surface which could evendamage your base.

Step 2: These waste particles can be easily stored into the griddle’swaste cabinet. At the end of every day we should dump out the wastecabinet. It should be properly washed and sanitized.

Step 3: If the griddle is still warm, then we can add a drop of dishwasher mixed with water and let it boil for some time. This would helpin removing the hardened grease over it.

Step 4: Now fold a paper towel to approximately 4” inch rectangle andwith the help of the scrapper rub the towel back and forth to removestains and other debris.

These steps can be repeated for as per convenience.

Step 5: Moreover, once in a week we must unplug the griddle and let itcool for some time. A clean cloth soaked in water would be enough tothoroughly clean the surface of the griddle.

Griddles can also be cleaned using griddle bricks. They have beenproved to be quite effective.

Step 1: Firstly, when the griddle is hot, add 2 tablespoons of oil over it.Then gently scrub the surface by moving your hands in a circular motionuntil the surface seems to be clean and then turn the griddle off.

Step 2: Now add few drops of dish washer or soda onto the warmgriddle. This process helps loosen the stubborn grease. Now scrub thesurface with the brick in concentric circular motions until it is clean.

Step 3: Then remove the extra scrap from the surface. Now rub it with adry cloth and season it with some oil. The seasoning process is furtherbeing discussed.

This whole activity would hardly take 10 minutes of your time and trustme it’s worth it.

So, let’s dig a little deeper and learn the appropriate way on how toinitially season a griddle. But before that we must know why seasoningis done?

Seasoning is a method where oil is incorporated into the metal to build astick resistant surface in order to protect the griddle from oxidization.

If your griddle is new or is cleaned a lot then it definitely needs to beseasoned from time to time to ensure that the food doesn’t get stuck onit.

Step 1: Apply about 2-3 tablespoons of oil over the surface of thegriddle and evenly spread it around with the help of a towel.

Step 2: Now turn on the griddle at a medium heat. Then, heat the oiluntil it reaches to its ‘smoky point’, continue with the process till the topof the griddle stops smoking. This means that oil has been absorbed byit. Do not worry if the griddle gets discoloured.

Step 3: Turn the griddle off after the oil has stopped smoking. Thewhole process will take around 30-45 minutes and at the end let it coolfor some time.

Step 4: Repeat the above steps for a few more times. And Wow! Whatyou find is a nice dark surface on your griddle. This will create a non-stick surface and protect the griddle from getting oxidized.

Note: Clean the grill immediately with a cloth or paper towel. If watergets stagnant on it for a long time then it will rust the surface. Alwaystry to keep the grill surface dry and smooth. Moreover, only the initialseasoning is not enough. After every use, the griddle must be oiled witha thin layer so as to maintain the seasoning bond.

So, cleaning a pan cake griddle is quite a easy process than we think. Byadhering to the above steps we can easily fix it. So friends, what are youwaiting for? It’s your call to revamp your Griddle.

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