How to Get Rid of Ants in the House & Your Yard

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Ants will go anywhere where they think there is food, it doesn’t matter if that means going into your home. In fact, ants are attracted to many different types of food, including sugar, protein, and carbohydrates.

That means they’ll like pasta, crackers, cooked rice, cheese, milk, meat, sweets, and even fruit juice. Now you realize why the first thing you have to do when you realize you have an ant problem is to call your local pest control experts. The second is clean your house.

Cleaning Up

Cleaning up your home is an effective way of keeping most pests out. This means wiping down surfaces as soon as you’ve finished preparing food, washing your dishes straight after eating and cleaning the floor through on a regular basis.

It’s also a good idea to store open food packets inside sealed plastic containers. All these measures will help to ensure there is nothing in your home to attract the ants.

Call The Experts

Get the number for your local pest control service today. Then, if you ever have an issue, you can call them immediately and get the problem dealt with.

While there are steps you can take yourself to deal with ants, or other pests, the best solution is always to call a professional. They’ll have access to knowledge, experience, and chemicals that you don’t. That will make it much easier for them to eliminate any issue.

Locate The Nest

If you’re planning on taking action yourself you need to locate the nest. Dealing with this will kill the most ants and the damage to their home will force them to move on.

It s worth taking some pictures of the ants you see, this will help you to identify the species and locate their nest. If you’re not sure then most types of ants prefer to live in most conditions. Check your home for any areas that have had leaks, this could leave spongy woodwork which is perfect for ants.

It is possible to follow the trail of ants as this will help you to identify the approximate location of the nest. Once you’ve found the nest you can spray it with insecticide, although the professionals have stronger products.

Feeding The Ants

If you’re struggling to locate the nest and want to take action before the professionals arrive then considering putting bait down for the ants. You should never step on the ants. This will kill the one but there are thousands more. The ant you’ll have killed will be a scout ant, looking for food to feed the nest.

If you provide it with poisoned food then it will take it back to the nest and poison all the other ants. That’s the most effective way of eliminating the nest and the issue with ants.

Don’t forget to erase the ant trails while you’re locating nests and poisoning ants. Simply mix 1 part vinegar with 3 parts of water and spray the areas where you’ve seen ants; this will prevent ants from coming in as they’ll be following a trail that ceases to exist.

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