How to identify registered drugs or pharmaceutical products?

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There are thousands of prescription drugs available in the market. It is a great challenge for the pharmaceutical industry as many medicines are fake and unregistered. Consuming these medicines can be harmful to health. You will find many online drug stores today, and it is more difficult to make sure that drugs from these stores are registered. So, how to identify registered drugs or pharmaceutical products?

How to identify registered drugs or pharmaceutical products?

There are fake drugs in the market. These drugs may have adverse side effects and may not provide the benefit it’s supposed to. You should always buy registered drugs or pharmaceutical products. Drugs that are registered are genuine. Here are some of the ways you can identify registered drugs or pharmaceutical products.


In the past, it was a challenge to report an adverse reaction to medications. More transparency is required in the process. Now there is ISO IDMP. It is a collection of five ISO standards. This provides a unique global identification system for pharmaceutical products. It also encompasses cross-border healthcare delivery. So, you can exchange electronic prescriptions, and the prescribed medicines can be dispensed correctly. ISO IDMP will provide global documentation that the regulators and clinicians from any country can use. It will not only help in identifying registered drugs or pharmaceutical products but will also help in research and development.


You should read the package of the pharmaceutical product and find out the registration number. A registered product will definitely have a registration number. You should buy pharmaceutical products from the best pharmaceutical product supplier in order to ensure that the product is genuine.

Mobile authentication service

The Mobile Authentication Service (MAS) can help you identify registered drugs or pharmaceutical products. Scratch card is placed on the package after manufacturing the product. Once the customer scratches the card and reveals the code, he or she can send it to PharmaSecure, Sproxil, UBQ and other companies that deal with healthcare products. The pharmaceutical product manufacturer chooses one of these companies to provide the scratch card number. Once you send them the code, these companies will tell you through SMS whether the drug or pharmaceutical product is registered or not.

FDA approved sites

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is responsible for ensuring that the drugs, vaccines, and other pharmaceutical products are safe to use. Both the prescription and over-the-counter drugs are regulated by FDA. You can visit the sites ‘Drugs@FDA’ and the FDA ‘Orange Book’ to find out if a drug or pharmaceutical product is registered or not. Both the sites have lists of all the registered over-the-counter and prescribed drugs. These lists are updated every day. So, you will get the name of any new drug also on this list.

Tips for identifying fake drugs

A genuine drug will always be registered. Generally, you can identify a genuine drug from a fake one by the price, packet and other factors. If the price is less than similar drugs, then you should try to investigate whether the drug is genuine or not. You should examine the contents written on the package and those written inside. These contents should match in case of genuine drugs. If the packaging appears suspicious, then you should be concerned. Make sure the security seal has not tampered. You should check the manufacturer’s address and expiry date.

You should examine the appearance of the tablets. If they appear cracked, swollen or discolored, then the drug might be fake. If there are any unexpected side effects after taking the drug, then it is likely that the drug is not genuine. You should always buy products from reputed pharmaceutical companies. This way your chance of buying fake drugs will reduce.

The drug laws must be improved. In some countries, no registration is required for an herbal or homeopathic drug; whereas, in other countries, it is mandatory to register these drugs. The drug laws should be comprehensive enough to cover every area of pharmaceutical activity.

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