Hydroponic vs Soil Cannabis | Is It Better To Grow Cannabis In Soil or Hydro?

The growing of plants can be a difficult thing when one does not know the right methods and elements in making the plant grow. Most often, we are thought that in the growing of a plant, all you did need is soil, water and a bit of sunlight and you did have your plant or crop grow within a twinkle of an eye. What we fail to understand is that, each plant or crop has its way of growing, medium to grow in and ways in growing it.

In this article, we look at the use of hydroponics and soil in the growing of cannabis plants. Cannabis are plants which are typically smoked by most individuals for recreational or medicinal purpose and which produce stimulant, hallucinogenic and depressant effects when administered to once system. The growing of a cannabis plant does indeed need a process and a few things one should know before starting a grow. One of such things to consider is what way to grow it. The question of what is better hydroponic vs soil cannabis as way of growing cannabis plants is always a hard crack.

Hydroponics, being the kind of system whereby the growing of plants or crops are done without the means of soil, is a great medium for the growing of cannabis plants. since there is an absence of soil in this method of farming, there is a need for a parodic feeding of proper nutrients to plants and crops being grown. The supply of basic nutrients and minerals to crops and plants is done through nutrient water based solution, which is poured directly to the roots of the plants or crops being grown, making it easy for the choosing of the right kind of nutrient to give your cannabis plants in aiding them to grow the way you did want for the final output.

The growing of a cannabis plant does entail the need of specific nutrients and minerals for its excellent outcome, hence making the use of hydroponics the best way as one regulates and supply the specific and right amount of nutrients and minerals a plant will need to grow. A use of outdoor hydroponics in the growing of your cannabis will also mean low attacks for pests. Many pets make use of soil for their activities and their lifecycle, and so using a soilless medium for the growing of your plant does indeed make it a pet-bug free way of growing and therefore yielding into a good harvest.

Hydroponic vs Soil Cannabis

What makes hydroponics a good medium in growing of a cannabis plant is its fast growth. Due to being able to regulate the kind of nutrients and minerals given to the plants, a faster growth of your plants will be achieved which then leads to an early or fast harvesting. 

Traditionally, the growing of a cannabis plant will be the use of a soil. This medium of growing is often to be used by individuals who cannot afford the use of hydroponics system or are just used in the use of soil as a way of farming. Making use of a soil to grow your cannabis is absolutely free and inexpensive. All one needs to do is to find a productive and nutrient based soil for the growing of plants and going ahead to plant his or her cannabis plant in it. One could grow as much as he or she would want as unlike hydroponics, soil is not limited. Most cannabis grown in the wild are outdoors, hence growing outdoors in a soil will be most likely a cannabis plant natural environment. With a little supervision of soil for pH and nutrients, having a soil based outdoor growing of cannabis plants will be the best and quickest way of growing it. However, one could also make use of a soil grow tent, so as to complicate having an outdoor-indoor based kind of farming with a soil.

The two mediums, (hydroponic and soil) for the growing of cannabis will depend on the size of where you did be growing, how fast you did like it to grow, and simply where you did want it grown. In all, a little research should be done before making a decision, as the two mediums can yield different outputs depending on above mentioned factors.

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