10 Spring Cleaning Tips That Would Make Martha Proud

Spring is right around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about spring cleaning. Use these spring cleaning tips to get your house spic and span.

Spring Cleaning Tips

Do you look forward to the arrival of spring, but dread spring cleaning? Well, you’re not alone. 54% of people say that finding motivation and knowing where to start are the biggest challenges when it’s time to give their home that much-needed deep clean.

But spring cleaning doesn’t have to be such a daunting task. By just following a few simple tips, you can get organized and tackle spring cleaning like a pro!

Do you want to know more? Keep reading to discover our top 10 spring cleaning tips that will make your home sparkle.

1. Create a Schedule

Do you feel overwhelmed just thinking about spring cleaning? After all, there’s so much to do! Where do you even start?

If this sounds familiar, your first step should be to create a checklist of everything that needs to be cleaned. Then, use that to create a schedule for yourself.

Set aside an hour or two when you can, and commit to cleaning during that time. It’ll feel much less daunting when you know you only need to spend an hour cleaning the kitchen cabinets today.

2. Clean One Room at a Time

One of the best ways to stay motivated is to see the progress you’ve made. So, when you create your schedule, make sure you’re cleaning one room at a time.

Clean One Room at a Time

Once you’ve checked off all your cleaning tasks in the bedroom or living room, you’ll be able to see your progress. Plus, it’ll feel better knowing that one room is completely done.

3. Work from Top to Bottom

When you’re cleaning, it’s important to start at the top and work your way down. Otherwise, dust and debris are going to fall on the surfaces you just cleaned. 

4. Declutter

Spring cleaning isn’t just about cleaning. Decluttering and reorganizing your belongings are also huge parts of it. When cleaning a room, decide what you’ll keep, what you’ll get rid of, and what you’ll store. If your storage spaces are looking a bit cramped, discover more about renting a storage unit to keep your house clutter-free.


5. Use a Lemon in the Kitchen

Is your kitchen emitting an odd smell? There’s a good chance that it could be coming from the garbage disposal.

An easy way to fix that is to throw a few lemon rinds in your garbage disposal, turn it on, and follow it with some cold water. And presto! You’ll have a lemony-fresh garbage disposal.You can also use lemons to remove stains on your cutting board. Just sprinkle it with salt or baking soda, then cut a lemon in half and run it over your cutting board. If you’re cutting boards are looking a little worse for the wear, consider upgrading to self-healing cutting mats.

6. Clean Your Grout

Dirty grout can make a huge difference in the appearance of your kitchen and bathroom. While it may seem like a hard job, cleaning your grout can actually be done in under half an hour for many homeowners (depending on the size of the room and how stained the grout is).
Mix one part warm water with one part vinegar and put it in a spray bottle. Then, spray your grout with the solution and let it sit for about five minutes before scrubbing it with a stiff brush. If your grout is heavily stained, consider covering it with a baking soda and water paste before spraying the vinegar solution.

7. Don’t Forget Your Closet

Do you actually wear all of the clothes you have? If you’re like most, the answer is probably no.

But deciding what to get rid of can be a real challenge. Luckily, you can make things easier for yourself next year.

Don’t Forget Your Closet

Hang all your clothes up with the hanger facing backward. After you wear something, put it back with the hanger facing the right way. Then, next year, get rid of anything that is still hung on a backward-facing hanger.

8. Use Drawer Organizers

Nothing’s more stressful than searching for something in an over-crowded drawer. After you clean out your drawers and declutter them, the best thing you can do is to use drawer organizers.

Not only will they help ensure everything stays in place, but it’ll also prevent those drawers from accumulating more junk throughout the year. While they work in any drawer, they’re best bathroom, home office, and junk drawers.

9. Clean Out Your Medicine Cabinet

Chances are, your medicine cabinet is full of expired medications or prescriptions you don’t use anymore. Just take a few minutes to get rid of medicine you don’t use anymore and wipe down those shelves.

While you’re at it, check all your makeup, skincare, and hair care products too. Anything that’s expired or that you don’t use should get thrown away.

You should also take this time to clean out your makeup brushes. All you have to do is put a few drops of dish soap into your hand, rub the brush into the soap until it’s sudsy, then rinse in warm water with the bristles facing down.

10. Replace Your HVAC Filter

During spring cleaning, everything should get cleaned. Even the air you’re breathing.

Go out and buy a new filter for your HVAC system. Consider going for a sturdier filter that will be able to catch smaller particles rather than a cheaper filter.

If there is an allergy sufferer in your home, you may also want to invest in an air purifier.

Best Spring Cleaning Tips

Don’t let the thought of deep-cleaning leave you with dread. Just follow the above spring cleaning tips to make cleaning easier and less stressful. From creating a schedule to replacing your HVAC filter, there are tons of small things you can do to get your house spic and span.Do you have trouble finding things in your fridge? Then check out these tips to organize your refrigerator today. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Advantages of Being Clean?

There are many advantages to being clean, including better sleep, increased energy levels, improved mental well-being, and a reduced risk of disease. In short, being clean can help you achieve your goals faster and easier than if you weren’t.

One of the most important benefits is that it allows you to stay healthy overall by avoiding bacteria and other microorganisms that can cause infections. Not only does this improve your health in general, but it also lowers the risk of getting sick from germs during cold season or when traveling internationally. Regularly cleaning your environment helps prevent asthma attacks and other respiratory problems as well.

Being clean also reduces stress levels because everything feels less overwhelming when you have a clear headspace free from clutter and chaos.

What Are the Benefits of Spring Cleaning?

There are many benefits to Spring Cleaning, including decluttering your home and organizing your belongings. Not only will this make your life easier by freeing up more space, but it will also help you to feel more organized and in control. By eliminating clutter from your environment, you’ll be less likely to stress out or become frustrated when trying to work or access important materials.

Furthermore, regular Spring Cleaning can help improve the quality of both your personal and professional lives. In particular, it can increase productivity because unfinished tasks will no longer take up space on Your To Do List. Additionally, a clean and orderly workplace enhances employee morale since they know that their workspace is respected and prioritized. Finally, a tidy home often contains fewer bugs which makes living healthier overall!

What Does Spring Cleaning Symbolize?

Spring cleaning may have different meanings for different people, but in general, it is a time to get rid of excess belongings and clean up your space. It also represents the beginning of a new season or year. This can be an ideal time to reflect on past experiences and make changes that will improve your future.

By taking some simple steps like organizing your items, removing clutter from your living spaces, and decluttering your mind, you can begin to create a more organized life that is easier to manage. Additionally, by creating positive energy in our surroundings we can attract good things into our lives which will help us achieve our goals. By getting rid of the unnecessary distractions and stressing out over trivial matters, we can clear away the Blocks that are preventing us from achieving bigger things!

What Are 3 Things You Can Get Rid of for Spring Cleaning?

Here are three things you can get rid of to help jumpstart your spring cleaning:

1. Old clothes and shoes – Clothes and shoes that are no longer in style or that you don’t wear anymore can be donated to charity or thrown out.

2. Unused makeup and skincare products – These items can be thrown out or donated to a charity.

3. Old newspapers and magazines – These materials can be recycled or burned

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