A Complete Guide To Buy Swim Spa

Swim spa are small lap pools for swim fitness enthusiast. It is ideal for people who want a pool but are without enough space. They are generally 14 to 19 inches long and 6 to 8 inches wide.Buying a swim spa can be confusing at times with so many features and options. Here are some buying tips to make the investment fruitful

A Complete Guide To Buy Swim Spa

Understand the need

Think of the reasons to opt for a swim spa. Ask the following questions

  1. Is the pool for kids’ recreation
  2. Is it for relaxation?
  3. Is the pool to be used for year round swimming?
  4. Should the pool be used for fitness exercises?

These questions will help to decide on the type of swim spa. For instance, if one is buying the pool for fitness then they should focus on the quality of swim current while buying. They should also look at the size of the pool. On the other hand if one is focussing on the year round use, he should focus on the energy efficiency.

Energy efficiency

Buying an energy efficient swim spa reduces long term cost. The following questions help to decide the energy efficiency of the spa.

Energy efficient Swim Spa
  1. What is the insulation rating of the spa? More the insulation, current consumption is more. However, it is not safe to use the spa without insulation. Therefore the spa should have the right kind of insulation
  2. Enquire about Energy efficiency of pumps and heaters.
  3. Ask about the size of the pumps.
  4. The run time of the pumps. Some pumps do not run continuously on the same speed. After the water has gained inertia, it will automatically turn ON and OFF depending on the speed set and the swimmer’s speed against the current. These pumps help to save lot of power and are highly energy efficient.
  5. Enquire if the insulation protects the water jet pumps and the heater as well.
  6. Some swim spas insulate the pool and trap the heat generated. This heat is used to heat the water. These are highly energy efficient.

Swimming experience

  1. The swim spa creates water current for fitness exercises like swimming against the current. Therefore enquire about the pump capacity and jet streams. One should be able to vary the pump capacity so that the stream speed can be varied. This will help to warm up and cool off.
  2. The pumping should vary. Therefore the motors used should be controlled by a processor to get a better experience.
  3. Check the shell of the pool. It should be deep enough to keep the swimmer on the swimming lane.


If there are kids at home, look for inexpensive features like LED lighting, small fountains, etc.


​Some swim spa offer comfortable seats and massaging options. Make sure they are designed to fit the buyer’s body curves. This will boost the soaking experience.
Use the above tips to make the right choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Lifespan of a Swim Spa?

A swim spa lifespan can vary depending on the materials and construction used, but in general, a swim spa should last around 10 years. This is based on tests that show that most polyurethane foam insulation retains its shape and blocking properties after extended exposure to water, sunlight, oils, and other chemicals. However, if there are any signs of deterioration or damage (such as rips or tears), then it is definitely time to replace your swim spa.

What Is the Best Base for a Swim Spa?

The best base for a swim spa will vary depending on the specific needs of your business. However, some bases that may work well for a swim spa are concrete, tiled, or grouted surfaces. Additionally, if you plan on having any pool decks or walkways nearby, you’ll want to consider using a more durable material like metal or composite

Do You Need a Fence Around a Swim Spa?

While a fence may not be necessary for all types of swim spas, it is definitely a good idea if you have young children or pets. Swimmers are often curious and exploratory, which can lead to them getting into trouble in open areas like pools. A fence can help keep them safe and prevent accidents from happening. Plus, it’s always nice to know that your little ones are staying away from potentially dangerous objects!

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