n the modern urban world where the space is constantly shrinking it is important for the home owners to choose kitchen appliances that take less space while providing diversity and perfect utility. The Electric Griddles are such flexible kitchen appliances that can get a lot done but take little to no space. The Griddles are not only perfect for saving space but also provide a unique and exciting mode of cooking that let you explore new flavors and unique cuisines. If you like me are a food lover and remain in constant search for amazing kitchen appliances then you should definitely check some of the best electric Griddles shared in this review.



Name of Product


Key Selling Point

Customer Reviews


best electric griddle

Cuisin Art GR-4N

14.9 pounds

5 different cooking modes, large cooking surface, easy to clean, adjustable temperature control, oil draining plates

7481 Customer Reviews


best electric griddle

Black Decker GD2011B

5.2 pounds

Budget friendly, large cooking space, Non-stick surface, extremely easy to clean, simple and sturdy design

797 Customer Reviews


best electric griddle

Presto 07061

6.5 pounds

Drip tray, non-stick surface, adjustable temperature, aluminum base, ergonomic design

1499 Customer Reviews


best electric griddle

Hamilton Beach 25360

8.14 pounds

Supports grill cooking, non-stick surface, searing option, temperature control, different cooking modes

782 customer reviews


best electric griddle

George Foreman GRP4842

17.5 pounds

4 cooking modes, adjustable angle, digital controls, large cooking surface, efficient cooking, cool touch feature

256 customer reviews


best electric griddle

Dash Mini Maker

1.5 pounds

Compact size, non-stick cooking surface, LED light indicator, easy to store, 1 year warranty

69 customer reviews


best electric griddle


6.7 pounds

Durable ceramic cooking plate, fast cooking, large cooking surface, warming tray option, simple design

465 customer reviews


best electric griddle

Bella 2

10.99 pounds

Double sided removable cooking tray, grill and griddle option, huge cooking surface, dishwasher safe

99 customer reviews


best electric griddle

Broil King USG-10G

8.15 pounds

Oil drain tray, large surface, solid cast iron construction, high heat for quick cooking

46 customer reviews


best electric griddle

Costzon Electric Grill

6.5 pounds

Quick and batch cooking, large cooking surface, versatile utility

5 customer reviews


Things You Need To Know Before Buying An Electric Griddle

The main aim of the electric Griddles is to replace the old and obsolete stove. They provide flexibility, ease of cooking, and a horde of other amazing features that make electric griddles perfect for modern and dynamic kitchens. Below we share some key aspects that you should consider before deciding on an electric griddle.

1. Cooking Surface:

The cooking surface would be based on individual preference. If you have a large family and are looking to cook a variety of meals quickly and efficiently then it is highly recommended to go for larger cooking surfaces. While the compact designs suit individuals that do not need volume. The large cooking size does not mean that you would have to sacrifice the compactness of your griddle. Some of the best electric griddles strike a perfect balance between size and surface.

2. Temperature control:

If you know even a little bit about cooking then you must be aware of the fact that for a perfect cook you need to be able to control the temperature. Certain griddles do not support this function and you have to rely on your experience to figure out the perfect temperature but better quality ones tend to have this feature. If you are an experienced cook then you may not require this feature but for beginners it is a must have feature.

3. Non-Stick:

Electric Griddles are not only more efficient but also healthier. Many products featured in this review have non-stick surfaces and oil draining trays that would cut your oil consumption by 40%. This is huge for customers who are seeking to adopt healthy eating habits.

4. Variety and Utility:

A griddle should be able to serve multiple functions in the kitchen. It should not only be the best grill but should also be best electric pancake griddle. Ability to serve multiple functions in the kitchen is the biggest benefit that you get out of Electric griddles.

5. Ease of Cleaning:

It may sound a small thing but in the long run this would be the biggest deciding factor in ascertaining whether your griddle replaces your stove or not. Dishwasher safe, non-stick surfaces, and removable trays make cleaning easier and quicker.

6. Cost:

The Electric Griddle market is very wide when it comes to the price range. You can find a good griddle as low as $30 and as high as $200. Choosing the one that suits your budget without sacrificing the options is extremely important. No need to worry this review would help you to choose the perfect griddle for your kitchen.

How did we Review all the products?

All the products reviewed on this list were tested thoroughly to ensure that you get a comprehensive review that covers every imagine aspect about electric griddles. To choose the best electric Griddle for your kitchen we have taken a variety of aspects in consideration. Some of the main ranking factors are discussed below.

1. Performance:

For us merely listing features is not enough, a product needs to prove its quality through performance as well. Any feature that has been haphazardly thrown has been penalized, only perfect fit and finish, and amazing performance have been considered for ranking.

2. Value: 

In ranking we have ensured that the price of a product is justified by its performance. If a product is too costly but does not add any value against the addition $$ then it has been either removed from the list or has been ranked lower.

3. Control & Flexibility:

Cooking is a very delicate art, slight changes in the temperature or small mistakes can ruin an entire meal. We have ensured that the products on this list not only perform well but also help you achieve ease and perfect when it comes to cooking. Timers, LED indicators, temperature controls, and non-stick are some of the features that have been given top priority to ensure flexibility and control.

4. Durability and Maintenance:

Extreme temperatures, oil, grease, and spices can eat away a surface if it’s not strong enough. We have placed a great deal of importance on the overall construction of the griddles reviewed in this list.

5. Customer reviews and popularity:

The products that have maintained a steady rating and have a large number of reviews have been given priority in this list. While poor customer rating and fewer sales have been penalized.

6. Top and Worst Rank:

The top rank has been awarded to the product that provides flexibility, perfect cook, and a perfect collage of other features. The lower ranked products have either failed to perform well despite having multiple features or have been disliked by the customers in general.


10. Costzon New Electric Griddle

Best For: Breakfast

Non-Stick/ Oil Drain Tray: Non-Stick

Cook Options: Griddle

Dishwasher Safe: No

Temperature Control: Yes

Material: Aluminum

Customer Rating: 2.4 out of 5 stars

Pros: long charging cord, large cooking surface, versatile application

Cons: very thin body construction, drain tray is very small

9. Broil King USG-10G

Best For: Broiling & Breakfast

Non-Stick/ Oil Drain Tray: Non-Stick and drain tray

Cook Options: Griddle

Dishwasher Safe: Yes

Temperature Control: Yes

Material: Aluminum

Customer Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Pros: Heavy cast iron cooking surface, large cooking area, even heat, angle adjustable for oil drain

Cons: Non-stick coating wears off easily, preheating issues

8. Bella 2 in 1 Grill

Best For: Breakfast, Grill, & Meals

Non-Stick/ Oil Drain Tray: Non-Stick Cook surface, holes and drain tray

Cook Options: Griddle & Grill

Dishwasher Safe: Yes

Temperature Control: Yes

Material: Plastic

Customer Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Pros: Ergonomic design, 1 year warranty, non-stick cooking surface, recipe book

Cons: Ceramic trays get scratched easily, stains quickly

7. Oster CKSTGRFM 18W

Best For: Breakfast & Meals

Non-Stick/ Oil Drain Tray: Non-Stick ceramic cook surface, oil drain tray

Cook Options: Griddle

Dishwasher Safe: No

Temperature Control: Yes

Material: Plastic & Ceramic

Customer Rating: 4.0 out of 5 stars

Pros: Durable Ceramic trays, large cooking surface, removable temperature control, large oil drip tray

Cons: Uneven heating spots, prone to oil spillage, ceramic trays are very heavy

6. Dash Mini Maker

Best For: Breakfast & Sandwiches

Non-Stick/ Oil Drain Tray: Non-Stick Cook surface

Cook Options: Griddle

Dishwasher Safe: No

Temperature Control: No

Material: Plastic

Customer Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Pros: Ergonomic design, 1 year warranty, non-stick cooking surface, recipe book

Cons: Slow cook, Lid gets extremely hot

5. George Foreman GRP4842RB

Best For: Grill, Breakfast, & Meals

Non-Stick/ Oil Drain Tray: Non-Stick Cook surface, Sloped Grill reduces 42% oil consumption

Cook Options: Contact Grill, Full Griddle, Grill, Half Griddle, Waffle maker and Panini Press

Dishwasher Safe: No

Temperature Control: Yes

Material: Plastic

Customer Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

Pros: Adjustable hinge, cooking angle, digital controls, sloped grill, waffle maker, large capacity

Cons: difficult to clean, expensive

4. Hamilton Beach 25360

Best For: Grill, Breakfast, & Meals

Non-Stick/ Oil Drain Tray: Non-Stick Cook surface, Oil drainage tray

Cook Options: Contact Griddle, Full Grill, Half Grill/ Half Griddle

Dishwasher Safe: Yes

Temperature Control: Yes

Material: Plastic & Stainless Steel

Customer Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars

Pros: consistent cook, dishwasher safe, LED light indicator, built-in timer

Cons: smoke, short power cord

3. Presto 07061

Best For: Breakfast

Non-Stick/ Oil Drain Tray: Non-Stick Cook surface, Oil drainage tray

Cook Options: Full Griddle

Dishwasher Safe: Yes

Temperature Control: Yes

Material: Aluminum

Customer Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars

Pros: 20% larger cooking surface, Lost Lasting non-stick surface, easy to store, knurled surface, budget friendly

Cons: Uneven heat, bowed center

2. Black Decker GD2011B

Best For: Grill, Breakfast, Sandwiches, & Meals

Non-Stick/ Oil Drain Tray: Non-Stick Cook surface, Oil drainage tray

Cook Options: Contact Grill, Full Griddle, Grill, Half Griddle, and Panini Press

Dishwasher Safe: Yes

Temperature Control: Yes

Material: Brushed Stainless Steel

Customer Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars

Pros: Even cooking, dishwasher safe trays, 5 cooking options, solid construction, detailed temperature control

Cons: costly, multiple parts

1. CuisinArt GR-4N

Best For: Home & Commercial use

Capacity: 6 hardboiled eggs

Options: Hard, medium, & soft boiled, individual omelet, poached, & Scrambled

Dishwasher Safe: Yes

Timer/ Audible Alert: Audible Alert

Customer Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Pros: Wide array of options, audible alarm, dish washer safe, consistent cook, 1 year warranty, clear cover, recipe book

Cons: Extremely loud alarm

So , Which one we picked as best? 

There are several reasons due to which we have awarded the top rank to the Cuisin Art griddle. It is one of the pricier options on this list but the collection of features and performance makes this product worth every dollar. It has the widest application range as compared to any other product on the market. The CuisinArt provides variety that lets you explorer new flavors and get most out value out of your griddle. The Stainless steel lid, high quality trays, and even heating are few other features that make the CuisinArt the Best electronic Griddle currently available on the market.

Jonathan M.
Editor, SmartHomePick.

Maintenance and Precautions

No matter how good a product is, a product can never realize its full potential unless it is properly maintained. Each product has their respective maintenance requirements. Below we share general guidelines that would help you keep your product in pristine condition while getting the most use out of it.

  • Trays: The tray is the most important part of any griddle. It is a unique surface that lets you prepare different cuisines. Avoid cutting on the tray it can easily get scratched. The non-stick surface should not be scrapped with spatula it could cause severe damage.
  • Temperature Module: Most of the dishwasher safe griddles have removable temperature control module. Before cleaning in dishwasher it is important to ensure that temperature module is removed to protect against the damage.
  • Grease and Drain Tray: The grease or oil collected in the trays can be very hot. Therefore always ensure that you handle it with care. The grease should be cleaned in the timely manner to avoid any long term damage or crystallization.
  • Cleaning: The griddle should be rinsed with warm soapy water to clean grease and oil build up. Abrasive liquids or scouring pads can cause serious damage to the griddle’s surface.
  •  Preheating: It is highly recommended to preheat your griddle before cooking. The electric griddles can provide uneven cooking if it is not preheated. 10 to 15 minutes of preheating is usually ideal for nearly all kinds of griddles.
  • Lids: The Lids can get extremely hot in certain models therefore always ensure that you remain cautious while cooking. The CuisinArt Griddle has a touch safe Lid that can be used even on higher temperatures. While other griddles may not have such option.

Current Market Trends

Black decker is making serious headways in popularity. Its compact size, budgeted price, and near perfect performance has made it the #1 selling griddle on Amazon. CuisinArt’s track record has helped it to remain ahead of nearly all other competitors. Its steady performance and unique capabilities has earned it the top rank on our review and has made it one of the most popular electric griddles on the market.

The Broil King and Costzon have suffered serious loses in their popularity. The Broil King’s steep price and uneven heating have serious compromised its effectiveness and utility in the market. The biggest critique for Costzon has been its flimsy design. The customers seem to have preference for solid, diverse, and high-quality griddles that can accomplish multiple tasks. The products that meet these criteria have been gaining a lot of popularity in the market.

How to get the most out of your Electric Griddle?

If you are switching from traditional stove to electric griddle then the tips and tricks below would help you make your transition smooth.

1.  Start small:

Start with something simple yet delicious. Pancakes are great just swipe a bit of oil on the griddle and see the beautifully toasted griddles come to life.

2. Combine flavors:

Electric griddles are perfect for combining different flavors. Cook eggs and bacon simultaneous to let their flavors play off each other. It would create an amazing breakfast with unique taste and amazing flavor.

3. Eating Healthy:

With Electric griddles you can cut your calories by reducing your overall oil consumption. The non-stick and large cooking surface of the griddle would let you enjoy your meals without any added grease.

4. Meals and Grills:

Electric Griddles are not only great for making quick breakfast can also be perfect for searing, frying, and cooking different kinds of meals. The amazing range of heat control on electric griddles let you experiment and discover new flavors.

5. Rely on the features:

The electric griddles stand on a completely different level as compared to the traditional stoves. The temperature control, non-stick surface, and burger presses are few other options that make cooking with griddles extremely easy and fruitful.

6. Pots and Pans:

No hassle of pots and pans you can quickly cook delicious breakfast and quick meals for large gatherings without any trouble. With Electric griddles you cook the meal right on the griddle.

7. Quick Fix:

Whether you wish to grill a piece of fish or quickly fix something to eat then an electric griddle is perfect for you. Its ability to cook food quickly lets you enjoy large gatherings without any hassle of managing the food.

8. Enjoy the Outdoors:

The Griddles are not only perfect for homes but can also be used for outdoors for grilling and cooking food. The flexibility and utility of the electric griddles is endless. You can get a lot of value out of an electric griddle. The possibilities are endless you only need to oil your griddle and get cooking to enjoy delicious meals throughout the day.


1. Is it common for the Griddles to heat unevenly?

Yes, most of the griddles use a heat module located under the cooking surface for generating heat. The area closer to this heat module tend to become hot quickly while other areas heat slowly. Therefore when cooking keep the location of heat module in mind.

2. Which Material is best for Electric Griddles?

The stainless steel, cast iron, and aluminum griddles are favored by the professional cooks. These materials lend durability to the product and also absorb heat better that comes in very handy when cooking meat or searing. The plastic material can be damaged by heat over the course of griddles life. Therefore it is highly recommended to for durable materials at the expense of paying a higher cost.

3. Is Drip Tray important when choosing a griddle?

The biggest benefit of a griddle lies in its ability to cook without using excessive oil. The quality griddles can cut down the oil consumption by nearly 40%. The Drip tray is one option in the griddles that assists in healthy cooking. If the drip tray is too small the oil can spill. Therefore the Drip tray is extremely important when choosing a griddle.

4. Can I directly switch to griddle, if I have been cooking on traditional stove for years?

Griddle is much similar to the traditional stove but it usually has a larger cooking surface where you can cook multiple items simultaneously. Therefore most cooks should have no issue switching to the electric griddle.

5. Does the electric griddle cause smoke?

The griddle does not cause much smoke. Most of the smoke rises when the water in the food is evaporated. The Electric Griddle is a smoke free cooking option.

6. Which type of surface is best for a griddle’s tray?

The textured or knurled surface enhance the non-stickiness of the cooking surface. Non-textured surfaces deteriorate much quicker increasing the overall maintenance costs.

7. Can I roast meat on the Griddle?

It is possible to grill fish, meat and vegies on the griddle but roasting is not possible on griddles.

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