10 Best Pool Water Test Kit

(Last Updated On: January 19, 2019 )

As the weather becomes warmer and the snow stops falling, the season of having fun on the water begins. During such seasons, it is advisable to check water levels at the pool as well as its quality. Therefore, you should get the best pool water test kit for your pool during such seasons. You may be telling yourself that you’re not so good in Chemistry. Well, that doesn’t matter. So long you can read and follow instructions written on a package of a product, you’re good.

In our pool test kit reviews, we tested lots of item on the market, and we got ten that meets our demands. Therefore, there is no need for testing them again after reading this review. Most of the test kit on our reviews are best sellers in various marketplaces (both online and offline). This further solidifies the fact that the products on our list are nothing else but the best product.

How we wrote the list of best pool water test kit:

A lot of time was spent on research in various marketplaces (online and offline) for the best test kits available. We bought over 40 of the water test kits and some we got free of charge. The test kits were tested on different pools at different times of the day. We looked at how easy it is to understand the instructions written on the packaging. We also consider how easy it is to preserve the products in its packaging as well.

In testing our pool of water, we followed the instructions written on the packaging of the product. Pools were tested at different times of the day because some tests are done at a particular time. To ensure an accurate test, we made use of reagents to remove uncertainties in our test.

Things to look out for before buying a Pool Test Kit

​​​Understand the different types of Kits: There are 4 types of kits available in the market. They are Colorimetric, titrimetric, turbidimetric, photometric, and digital. Each of these kits has their unique advantage over others. A test kit may have more than a type of test metric. Test kits commonly found in public pools have the first three test kits.

The cost: Everything comes at a price. With that said, different test kits come at different prices. Photometric and digital test kits are costly, and they are one of the best pool water test kit. The recurrent cost for photometric kits is on the high side. Meanwhile, other types of kits are cheap.

What you want to test: Lots of pool kits can be used for basic tests such as pH, total and free Chlorine, Alkalinity, the hardness of Calcium, and cyanuric acid. However, there are lots of toolkits that go beyond these tests. Some have the additional ability to test for Metals, salt levels, heat levels, phosphates, etc. These are just some of the few tests that go beyond the basics.

Reviews of the Best Pool Water Test Kit:

Poolmaster 22260 5-Way Test Kit with Case - Basic Collection

When we were searching for the best pool water test kit, we want one that can conduct many tests. The Poolmaster 22260 was just perfect in all tests. The instructions were easy to follow and best of all, the content could last you for a long time.

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Product features :

  • It can test for lots of substances like chlorine, Bromine, pH, Acid, and Alkalinity. This gives you an easy all-in-one pool testing kit to ensure you get clean water.
  • The instructions in the toolkit are easy to read and follow up. This makes it easier and hassle-free to conduct water test and understand the results.
  • It comes with lots of chemicals for future tests. You save cost in the long run since there is no need to get another test kit for another testing.
  • The test block is properly calibrated with color chips. This makes it easier to get accurate readings with accurate color matching.


  • Simple instructions
  • Lots of test chemicals.
  • The color matching scheme is really comprehensive
  • Polythene keeps everything intact
  • Tests for lots of substances


  • The kit is not ideal for drinking water
  • Testing kit is not handy
  • Cannot test temperature


The Poolmaster is one of the best kits for maintaining water chemistry. Its seemingly inexhaustible test chemicals make it our best pool water test kit.

Want to know more about this test kit? Check it out on Amazon.

AquaChek 551236 7-Way 100 Count Pool Water Test Strips

Unlike the Poolmaster 22260, the AquaChek 551236 is compact test kit with a 7-way strip in one bottle. It can measure Chlorine, water hardness, Alkalinity, pH and Cyanuric Acid levels in water.

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Product features :

  • Everything is packed in one small bottle. Thus, it is easy to keep everything intact after testing, unlike other toolkits containing different chemicals in separate bottles.
  • One strip can measure anything. Since it is colorimetric, you just have to dip into water and compare it with the color schemes on the bottle.
  • It is easy to use and understand the results. Thus you’ll sound like a professional chemist even if you don’t have a degree in Chemistry.
  • The color chart comparator is reusable, unlike the ones found on many test kits. This adds up to the cost savings you will make by getting this pool test kit.


  • Reusable color chart comparator.
  • Compact packaging
  • One strip for all test
  • 100 test strips
  • Tests for Chlorine, Bromine, Water hardness, Alkalinity, pH and Acid


  • Color chart comparator on the side of the bottle may peel off if not taken care of properly
  • Good for chlorine but not so accurate for bromine tests
  • One test strip is meant for one test


The reusable test comparator of this toolkit is one thing we wish every pool water test kit should have. This outstanding feature alone makes it our editors’ choice for best home water test kit.

Check out the pricing on Amazon.

General Hydroponics PH Test Kit, 1-Ounce

When it comes to pH testing, General Hydroponics have a standalone solution to such problems. Its wide spectrum of pH levels makes it the ideal toolkit for testing pH levels of liquids.

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Last update was in: March 27, 2019 5:47 pm

Product features :

  • It has a wide spectrum of pH test levels (4.0 to 8.5). This is a pretty broad range of home water meant for bathing and swimming.
  • The pH test indicator is wrapped as part of the packaging on the bottle. This is better than having it in a separate document since your pH meter always goes with you.
  • The test fluid is super concentrated; it just needs 3 to 5 drops of it on its full test tube. The entire bottle of fluid is something you won’t be able to exhaust for a long time.
  • The instructions are easy to read and understand. You don’t need a chemist to test your swimming pool water.


  • Reusable test meter
  • Accurate pH level readings
  • Test fluid is something that will serve several tests.
  • Comprehensive instructions
  • pH spectrum is pretty wide for bathing and swimming water.


  • Only suitable for pH tests
  • Personal users may not be able to exhaust the test fluid before it expires
  • pH test indicator may peel off if the bottle is handled carelessly.


Testing for pH levels is one measure you can take towards keeping your bathing/pool water clean. General Hydroponics pH test kit is just perfect for testing pH levels. It is one of our best kit for saltwater pools.

There are different capacity options available for this product. Check them on Amazon.

Taylor Service Complete Pool Water Test Kit K-2006C

The K-2006C pool water test kit from Taylor have similar looks with PoolMaster which occupies the no. 1 spot on our listing. However, it distinguishing factor is the reagent bottles it comes with. it got a spot on our pool test kit reviews for this reason

$54.99 $59.35
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Product features :

  • It comes with 2 oz. of reagent bottles. This saves you some money you would have spent on buying reagents when you use other kits.
  • It can test for pH, alkalinity, Calcium hardness, Base, Acidity, and Chlorine levels. This gives you all the necessary tools to make your pool clean at all times.
  • It is equipped with a printed color comparator. The color comparator is a comprehensive tool to aid you in understanding and interpreting your test results.
  • It comes with DPD powder, Reagents, sulfuric Acid 12N, indicators, comparators, and calculators. The quantity of these substances is more than enough for personal use.


  • High quantity of test liquid and reagents
  • Comprehensive test analysis tools
  • Comprehensive manuals
  • Can test for pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness, base and acid, and chlorine
  • Well packaged toolkit


  • The toolkit is not handy
  • Waterproof manuals stuck at the cover of the kit may peel off over time.
  • Dangerous chemicals for children and misusers


If you are looking for a good toolkit for testing your home pool water, then this is a good choice. Also, the high quantity of test chemicals per a kit makes it our best home water test kit.

Blue Devil B7524C Cyanuric Acid Test for Pool

The Blue Devil is one toolkit that could be the best pool water test kit for one reason – accurate tests. However, it is only meant to test for Cyanuric Acid.

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Product features :

  • The contents come in a plastic bottle. This is safer than glass bottles in most cases, it can handle accidental drops.
  • It can test for cyanuric acid. The readings are perfect and very accurate.
  • It comes with comprehensive and easy to read instructions as in a leaflet. Thus, you won’t mind that much if the seal or packaging gets peeled off the bottle.
  • The bottle contains 4 oz. of reagents. This is adequate for six or more testing, although this may not be enough for people requiring more tests.


  • Accurate test results
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Toolkit seems handy
  • Plastic bottle container
  • Separate instruction manual


  • Expensive
  • Few tests can be conducted with this toolkit
  • There is the tendency of keeping the instructional materials and the bottles in different places.


If you just intend to check your pool for only cyanuric acid, then this one is for you. However, we wished that this toolkit could test for several substances especially when we considered the price.

Check out the pricing on Amazon

Etekcity Digital Handheld TDS Meter, +/- 2% High

The Etekcity TDS meter is one meter that we loved for one thing – its handiness. It can test for basically anything a TDS meter can test for. It is also ideal for drinking water too which makes it one of our best home water test kit.

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Product features :

  • It is easy to use and maintain. There is no need of mixing chemicals and comparing it to a list of colors or calibrators.
  • It is handy and mobile. It can be taken to literarily any restricted place you want to take it to (Airport, banks, military offices, etc.)
  • It is suitable for testing water in aquariums, swimming pools, and beaches. This feature alone makes one of the best pool water test kits for home use since it is more useful.
  • It has a data hold function. This function permits the tester, to take off the tool from the water and record the results as it were before removal
  • It comes with an automatic power regulator. This enables smart power consumption for several years of usage.


  • Handy
  • Suitable for all waters in the home
  • Data hold function permits reading data at your convenience.
  • Accurate readings and measurements
  • Lightweight


  • TDS kits don’t tell the concentration of particular substances in water
  • This kit doesn’t tell the kind of substances in water
  • It takes some time and little effort to get a good reading.


Etekcity TDS meter is a preferred choice if you’re a person always on the move. It can tell you the how impure water is, but it can’t tell the kind of impurities on it. This doesn’t make it ideal for pool owners who intend to know the concentration of particular substances (e.g. chlorine) in water. However, it is one of our best test kits for saltwater pool.

Get more info about this TDS meter on Amazon.

Jed Pool tools Inc 00-481 Standard Dual Test Kit

Jed Pool toolkit doesn’t come with many bottles and manuals. However, it just has all it takes to test for pH and Chlorine. It is one of our preferred choices when it comes to the best pool water test kit.

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Product features :

  • It can test for Chlorine and pH. This keeps you in charge of your pool water by knowing the amount of acid, base or chlorine in it.
  • The instructions are in simple and plain English. It is easier to interpret the test results, there is no need to worry about those Chemistry jargons.
  • It comes with 0.5-ounce bottle chlorine test solution and 0.5-ounce bottle pH test solution. This amount of test solutions can serve you for many tests.
  • Test bottles and meters comes packed in a plastic bottle. It is very hard to get it broken.


  • Very good casing
  • Tests for chlorine and pH
  • Simple instructions
  • High quantity of test materials
  • Very cheap


  • Cannot test for bromine
  • Not handy
  • Instructions stuck to the casing could peel off.


We wished that this toolkit could test for more substances on water even if no toolkit can handle it all. Nevertheless, we still recommend it if you are looking for the best toolkit at a low price.

Check out the price on Amazon.

JNW Direct 9 in 1 Drinking Water Test Strips

The JNW is one water testing kit that comes handy. There are no cans of different chemicals and reagents which makes it a good choice when travelling. It can test for Chlorine, lead, iron, copper, pH, hardness, alkalinity, nitrate etc.

Product features :

  • It can test for more substances than other water testing toolkit in our list. Basically, you can know whether your water contains lead, chlorine, iron, nitrite, or copper.
  • Using this tool is as easy as a-b-c. Just dip in the strip to the liquid and compare it to the color charts on the instructions.
  • It consists of 150 strips with each strip meant for one test. This means lots of tests for home and personal use.
  • There are no Chemistry jargons and grammars on the instructions. You’ll find it easy to use since the instructions are easy to read and comprehend.


  • 150 test strips
  • Each test strip is contained in a cylindrical container
  • Can test for lots of substances that other kits can’t test for
  • Suitable for pool water and drinking water
  • Easy to carry around


  • Cannot test for Mercury
  • One strip is meant for one test.
  • Expensive


The ability to test for several substances makes it one of our best pool water testing kit. This factor combined with its handiness makes it an ideal choice for swimming pools.

Check out the discounts and pricing available on Amazon.

Newdy Digital PH Meter Tester for Water Quality, Food

Newdy digital is our top recommended pool water testing kit if you need something easy to handle and understand. It can test the quality of food and water, and that includes drinking and bathing water.

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Last update was in: March 27, 2019 5:47 pm

Product features :

  • It can test for pH levels of water, food, wine, etc. if you are always on the move, it is nice to get a handy water testing kit like this one.
  • Calibration is done automatically by placing the instrument in the standard buffer before pressing the CAL button. You don’t have to be an expert in Chemistry to give this tool a good calibration
  • It can take pH readings ranging from absolute zero to 14.00 pH with accuracy levels of ± 0.01 pH. Thus, you’ll not only get a precise result but also an accurate one with this meter.
  • It comes with a built-in automatic temperature compensation (ATC). With an ATC, there is no need to bother about the temperature of the liquid tested for accurate results.


  • Handy and mobile water tool testing kit
  • Easy to calibrate
  • Can take readings of the entire pH scale
  • Can take accurate readings at any temperature
  • Can test for pH levels for virtually any liquid
  • Replaceable battery


  • Cannot detect the number of dissolved substances
  • Cannot tell the kind of substances present in the liquid
  • Frequent calibration is required for frequent use.


Having something handy that takes readings of the entire pH scale is why this testing tool stands out from the rest. Its ease of use and diversity is one reason why it gained a spot in our best pool water testing kit.

Check out the pricing and discounts available on Amazon.

Dr. meter 0.1pH PH002 High Accuracy pH Meter/pH Pen Tester

Knowing the acidity or alkalinity of your food and water will save you from food poisoning. The Dr. Meter is one saviour that should be with you at all times before taking a meal or drinking water. It can detect pH levels ranging from 0 to 14 (which is the entire pH scale).

$11.89 $25.99
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Product features :

  • It can take the pH reading of any liquid or solid no matter the concentration. You’ll be aware of what you’re taking in before you allow it pass through your mouth by using Dr. Meter
  • This testing kit has a screwdriver for calibration. There is no need to search around the house for a new screwdriver for maintenance purposes.
  • This lightweight product can be easily used by removing the protective casing and dipping the electrode in water. This makes you perform the task of a professional chemist easily.
  • It is suitable for home and laboratory use. Thus you will find this tool useful at anyplace whether at home or at work.


  • Wide pH range
  • A handy tool for daily tasks
  • Easy to understand instructions
  • Can test for acidity or alkalinity of solids
  • Easy to use


  • It cannot tell whether there is chlorine or bromine in water.
  • It cannot detect the concentration of particular substances in water.
  • Not the best option for pool water.


If you’re looking for something to test your pool, this may not meet the standard requirements. However, this is ideal for testing food and water for acid or base. It is still recommended if you need the best test kit for saltwater pool.

For more details and pricing, visit Amazon.

Final Verdict

When in search for a suitable water testing kit, you’ll find lots of options in the marketplace. Each of these options comes with its own specific good sides and bad sides. To this end, we painstakingly sieve out the best pool testing kit ranging covering the different types available. Some of our best kits are just perfect for travellers while some are just for home use only. Looking for a toolkit, you can travel with? The Dr. Meter, JW Direct9 will be of great help. Want a good pool test kit? The PoolMaster, AquaCheck, and Way100 will be your best companion. The chemicals in these kits (especially the colourimetric ones and the titrimetric ones) are dangerous. Therefore adequate care should be taken to keep them from the reach of young people. Nevertheless, having a water testing kit will be helpful in keeping you away from germs and poisoned water.

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