How To Select The Best Services Of Property Management Perth

Selecting a good Property management Perth might make or break the real estate investment.  Almost everyone into this service provides the same terms, offers same discounts, and surprisingly speaks the same way! In such scenarios, it is very difficult to select the best in the field.Here are few tips to select the best property management Perth

Best Services Of Property Management Perth

Make Sure If The Company Is Up To Date

The property management company should update itself now and then. It should be active on social media. This is because the user generated content is gaining its popularity lately. Therefore if the service provider is sincere to his business, he would welcome such current trends.

Social Media

Today social media is used to learn about everything. Especially Instagram has become a brand marketing platform. To learn honest review about the company, one can use the company’s hash tags and double check their previous works. One should also check with persons who have given negative reviews.

Check On His Previous Work

A good property management company would willingly provide the contacts of their long term clients who have volunteered to be their referrals. Make use of such contacts. Apart from their referrals, do a small research in and around their office to know about their clients. Visit them and enquire if the company is in the good books to them.

International Property

One might live in UK and might own a property in the US. In such cases, the company takes the sole responsibility right from collecting rentals to making a repair. Trust plays a major role here. The trust can only be built in due course. However in the initial days, one needs to be very cautious. If the company is not referred by a friend or one has no time to check on the company’s previous records, it is advisable to make legal agreements stronger. The agreement can include the responsibilities of the property manager in detail. This helps to settle issues if any in the future easily.

Property in the US

Maintenance Procedure

Some do not like to rent their property. Or in other cases might make 10 to 20 visits in a year staying for 2 to 3 days max. Such persons should enquire about the maintenance procedures followed by the company. Learn about the cleaning techniques, staffs, how often is the cleaning done, will they take care of the garden too, etc


​Many people hire the property management services to communicate with their tenants. This is because they might not find enough time to make the communication. The company should always be available to attend the tenants. There can be any emergencies starting from pipe damage, failure of safety alarm system, etc. And above all the emergencies might occur during any time of the day. It can be even in the middle of the night. Therefore the company should function 24 / 7.
Above all, they should be able to tackle natural calamities. The company should visit the spot and assess the damages if the owner is unable to reach on time.

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