How To Use A Body Pillow For Back Pain?

Most pillows were made to provide us humans a good and comfortable sleep. The standard pillows were designed to support the head and neck while sleeping, so as to let the head, neck and spine align perfectly and aid in a comfortable injury free rest. However not all pillows can be able to give one the required perfect sleep. There are a whole lot of different types of pillows in the market now, making it had to find a perfect one that won’t give you problems of sleeping at night or a back pain in the morning.

body pillow for back pain

Yes, back pain may occur due to the lifting of a heavy object off the floor, bending too low or even just by falling down. However most back pains are due to the style of sleep and the pillow used in sleeping by an individual. A standard pillow, as started early is used for the supporting of the head and neck during sleep and won’t be able to help in solving the constant or the on and off back pain you have been having, mostly because it might be the problem. What you really need is a full body pillow that would not only support the head and neck but also your back and whole body. In fact, there are designed body pillow for lower back pain and solving the whole issues of back pains.

The U-shaped body pillow is the best body pillow for back pain. This body pillow as obvious from its name, is a pillow shaped like an oversized letter “U” which goes down to both sides of your body allowing it to be fully wrapped around you while you sleep. The U-shaped pillow works by letting your head rest at the top of the curve of the U and cradling your neck, torso, and back in the process, while gentling aligning your spine and reducing tension in the body. It also gives you the comfort of placing your one leg on it while sleeping on your side without it affecting the position of your spine, head or neck as it is all wrapped evenly around you.

Another good body pillow for back pain is the Leachco All Nighter. This body pillow which looks like a candy cane, allows you to snuggle it while it perfectly encloses you like you are being coiled by a giant snake. It’s candy cane design allows for your knees and ankles to be entangled without having to be touching each other as the pillow is placed in-between them. This gives an excellent way of snuggling yourself to a good nigh sleep without waking up to a bad back pain.

Leachco All Nighter

Best way on how to use a body pillow for back pain is by making sure the body pillow is able to support the head, neck, and the whole length of your spine when you are in the state of sleeping or just laying down. Place the body pillow around you, making sure it’s completely surrounding you. You then align you head and back in a straight position and lifting your right leg and resting it on the pillow, thereby putting you in a snuggling position. This will allow you to sleep comfortably, well, and be able to wake up in the morning without a back pain.

Knowing and accepting that your pillow can be the cause of your back pain is hard for most, as they blame something else most of the time. Many resolve in the changing of their beds, bedsheets and mattress. Some actually do change their pillows from hard ones to medium then to small but still have the same back pains as they fail to realize that the standard pillow we all mostly use in sleeping just supports our head and neck and nothing else. So, in other to get rid of a back pain, it is only by the use of a full body pillow and not just any body pillow but a body pillow specifically for back pain.

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