What Is The Boyfriend pillow?

The Boyfriend pillow

“No man is an island”, so it is said. Having someone to love, comfort, cherish and provide a sense of security has always been the case in the cycle of living especially to girls and ladies. We humans were created in a way whereby there is always a need for companionship right from birth till death. When you were born as a child, you constantly depended on your mom, for support, love and security, and when you become older you shift these basic needs to someone that you are sexually attracted to.

Cuddling for girls or ladies with their boyfriend or partners have always been a way to express love and affection in their relationship. In fact, cuddling with boyfriends or partners for girls are a feel of being protected, sense of security and the feeling of having to be loved by them. What most girls or ladies love to do according to research is to lay on the chest of their boyfriends or partners with their legs tangled together and hands placed on the waist of the boyfriends, thereby giving them a sense of warmth, passion and comfort. This way of cuddling is done, during sleeping hours, enjoying a movie together or just sitting down and talking to each other. Cuddling with a boyfriend or a significant other has been found to reduce stress, getting rid of toxins in the body and going in length in aiding for good night sleep. But what happens if you are yet to have a boyfriend or cannot always be with him, and yet feel the need to be cuddled? Yes, that is indeed a hurtful feeling, but there is actually a way to still feel the presence of a boyfriend and cuddle, with a Boyfriend Pillow.

boyfriend pillow

A Boyfriend pillow is basically a pillow shaped or designed to take the form of a man’s disembodied half-torso, and gives girls the illusion of hugging or cuddling with a real person or boyfriend for that matter. The pillow is designed to meet the different Torso’s of men, giving the girls or ladies the will power to choose from the different types of Torso of guys.

One could choose an athletic torso with the touch of abs and muscled arms or get a normal looking torso. However not all boyfriend pillows come with just a torso, but there are full body boyfriend pillows that have all the features of a normal human boyfriend. The full body boyfriend pillow is a body pillow with arms and legs designed to entice the feeling of really having a boyfriend or a partner around to cuddle with.

As silly as you may think it is, more and more girls are getting themselves a good, warm and comfortable boyfriend pillow. A boyfriend pillow won’t quarrel with you, won’t cheat on you and mostly won’t have a bad body odour or snore at night, but rather give you a more relaxing and comforting arm to sleep on and cuddle you throughout the night. Girls or ladies that have their boyfriends gone away on a work trip, in the military and deployed to a different country or boyfriends that only work’s during the night time or night shift, but still want the touch of a guy and their strong arms cuddling them to sleep should not think twice but rather walk in to a shop and get a boyfriend pillow. Like all pillows, the boyfriend pillow can be easily hand washed and dried if dirty, and the clothes can be changed to that of shirts of your boyfriend or fantasy clothes you did like on your boyfriend.

Although a boyfriend pillow stands to give great warmth, comfort and a sense of cuddling during nights and sleep times, it should not be a permanent replacement of your actual boyfriend when he is around. It sometimes gets to a point, girls get so used in cuddling with a boyfriend pillow and tend to forget their real boyfriend is available or exist for that matter.

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