Central Vacuum VS Portable Vacuum System

When you live in a rather huge house or apartment, one of your many worries will be that of how to maintain cleanliness. There are indeed many choices one could easily pick from, but no matter the solution you pick up in helping you clean your huge house, you still will pounder on the thought of choosing a Central vacuum vs Portable. The choosing of having a portable vacuum or a central vacuum for the cleaning of your home, will highly depend on your preferences, flexibility and of course the efficiency of the cleaning. Now before you jump into a final decision on what to use, here are a few differences between the 2.

Central Vacuum:

A central vacuum cleaner as defined by its name, is a centralized system that gives you the accessibility of cleaning or vacuuming your whole house with a vacuum that is connected around to the entire house or home. You could vacuum all that dust on your lovely couch, carpet and tiled floors without haven to worry about stopping once in a while to clean the dust in the vacuum, as all of your dust are centrally collected for you.

Having a Centralized Vacuum system installed in your home, does not only make your cleaning efficient and easy but rather goes in a long way in making your home all well and organized. Some of the benefits of having a centralized vacuum includes:

1.Time Efficient: Having a central vacuum installed in your home makes your cleaning entirely quick. Since all your dust, debris, sand and all other foreign martials that the vacuum picks, goes straight to a dust collector, which are mostly located at your basement and are big enough to store all this dust for about 3 months or more. So, in other words the only thing you need to do is vacuum.

2.Less Energy and Effort: With a central vacuum, all one does is to connect a powerhead to the vacuum and let the magic begin. There is no need in stop it, unplug it and move it to another place, so as to be able to vacuum a different portion of the room.

3.Expensive: one of the short comings of a centralized vacuum system at home, will be its expensive setup. Having a centralized vacuum system entails a lot of wiring and connecting and even a whole designing, hence making it expensive.

Portable Vacuum:

Well a portable vacuum simply means a vacuum designed to be portable, as in to be able in carry your vacuum around your house and to remote places you did want to vacuum. Having a portable vacuum indeed makes one’s cleaning of the home convenient. Some of its benefits are:

  • With a portable vacuum you did be able to clean every corner of the house. Your vacuum being portable allows you to move it around the house and to the remote areas where most vacuums can’t reach or access.
  • Portable vacuum all though some come large, are mostly small in size and less expensive, compared to other vacuums. Portable vacuum can be purchased in various supermalls and appliance centers for quiet an affordable price. They are also designed in a way, so as to make the moving it around the house less physical or stressful and can also be easily placed in a small area of your storage room as it is not bulky.
  • Although it being portable, Portable Vacuums can be a great deal of work in operating it. The constant need to move, plug and unplug, and the countless stoppage to empty its dust container, can make using it for cleaning a stressful experience.

Now it could be possible if you do have the resources and income, to have a portable central vacuum which will entail both the Centralized vacuum and a portable vacuum in the cleaning of your house.

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