Dehumidifier vs Air Conditioner | Do I Need a Dehumidifier or Air Conditioner?

Having a cool beautiful house or home, is very persons dream or wish. We all want a room that be cooled when hot, and be hot when cold as while as being able to control the state of humidity. Being able to stay warm, cool and humid whiles inside a room adds color to one’s life. But to be able to attain all that warmth, cool and coziness in one’s house will entail the need to decide on which is best Dehumidifier or an Air conditioner? Let’s begin the war between Dehumidifier vs Air Conditioner in the cooling of the rooms in the house.

Dehumidifier vs Air Conditioner 2

There have been so many questions raised about the main deference of which to use or having to install in the house with the most intriguing question of them all being is a dehumidifier an air conditioner? Well I must say though a dehumidifier shares very close ability with an air conditioner they both have huge difference that could be considered before one makes the choice of which to get for his or her home.

A dehumidifier is a machine purposely designed to suck out humid and condensed air out of a room. Living in a humid environment invites a lot of problems such as dust mite, mildew, molds and serious seasonal allergies. Having a house which tends to be more humid most of the time does not only make one sick from allergies, but starts to affect your walls, furniture and other Important and valuable items as it will serve as breading grounds for mold activities.

A Dehumidifier Is a Machine

An air condition on the other side is also a machine which functions in cooling a room by removing or getting rid of the heat in that room and also by heating of a room by constantly producing cool air in to that room. Air conditions is one of the first machines installed when a building, apartment or condo is built, as it is crucial for the maintains of the different weathers or climate. Cooling and heating of a room is of an importance to man, as it is the only way of maintain one’s body temperature during the 4 seasons man experiences each year.

Now as said early they are indeed differences of the function and abilities of a dehumidifier and an air condition and knowing this difference will help an individual decide which to make off. Well the first difference to consider is how each machine deals with air in a room.

Air conditioners have installed fans system in them that is able to circulate room air temperature over its cooling coils and produce a cold and chilly air when warm or hot. While dehumidifiers will literally leave you sweating like a “pregnant fish”. Dehumidifiers do have fans system in them alright but are only meant for the pulling in of condensed or moist air and producing dry air in return, making it utterly impossible to cool a heated room.

When it comes to moisture, one did think since a dehumidifier is used in sucking out moist or humid air, it will be the best to use. However, as much as that is true, an air conditioner does also condenses moisture on its cooling coils. Air conditioners pull condense air into their pans which then is later drained into an exterior. This makes one ask does air conditioner dehumidify? The answer to that is a no.

Air Conditioners Pull Condense

Although some air conditions do a little work of dehumidifying it cannot entirely dehumidify your entire room. Technology is still advancing and so we are all yet to get an air conditioner that could also function as a full dehumidifier. Air conditions as said, only regulate air but do not suck out humid air in a room.

The choosing of a Dehumidifier or an Air conditioner for your home will highly depend on your preference as the two machines act the same way, but function entirely differently.

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