Diy Project – Create a Frosted Glass Yourself at Home

Diy Project – Create a Frosted Glass Yourself at Home


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Every home needs a touch of beauty and all other interiors to go a long way in keeping a luxurious ambiance the home. The use of glass for doors, windows, cabinets, and practically any fit to the needs of any the home, is preferred by homeowners who want to add a contemporary look. Many Homeowners, actually prefer this option to random wooden doors and windows.

Apart from the beautiful appeal, glass doors and windows give a home a great look, which also makes the house feel spacious and well aerated. The house can also enjoy better lighting radiating from outside into the house, and this goes a long way in improving the entire home and keeping everywhere cool and calm.

There is, however, a big challenge with using glass windows and doors in the home; this is the challenge of privacy. As much as glass brightens the house, it also allows outsiders to peep into your house and visitors into the room. Most people do not like this approach, and this is why many have opted for the option of using curtains or tinting the glass. As good as these options are in ensuring privacy, they also defeat the purpose of brightening as well as keeping the house well aerated.

To avoid this dilemma or fix, there is an option that most people are not usually aware of, which you can do on your glass and still make it serve the purpose of allowing light to pass through it while ensuring privacy, this option is glass frosting.

Creating a frosted glass within the home is pretty much easier than you think; in fact, you can go ahead and do it yourself using two methods, which we will be discussing in this article. Creating a frosted glass is more like dimming the surface glass, such that it prevents people from seeing what is going on within your house or room while enhancing illumination within the home.

There are two major methods by which you can find the solution of how to make frosted glass yourself at home without having to do a lot of spending, and these are:

•The use of sprays
•The use of films

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