Do You Make These 14 Common Home Security Mistakes?

Your home should be that place that gives you safety and comfort at all times. Yet, statistics indicate otherwise.  A 2018 report shows that 88% of burglaries occur in residential areas.  

14 Common Home Security Mistakes

There is one thing that may shock you though; most of these crimes are preventable. If people could take their security more seriously, the crime rate would drop significantly.  Even with the best home security system, leaving a window open will give a thief entry.

We will highlight 14 common home security mistakes.  Some of them will shock you.

The Popular Key under the Doormat Hiding Place

Key under the doormat is one of the oldest, most common mistakes.  If you are doing this, please stop.  This is the first place that burglars or anyone for that matter will check for the key.

Key Under A Stone Or Flower Pot Near The Door

If we were to take a poll,   we can bet that more than 90% of respondents would be guilty of number 1, 2, and 3 in that order.

Buying Substandard Doors and Locks

Yes, we all want to save a few shillings here and there, but your security is more important. Stop scrimping by buying the cheapest. Get heavy duty doors and locks.

Put Away That Ladder

Leaving a ladder out-in-the-open will give burglars easy access to your house.

Buying Substandard  Doors and Locks

Lock Up the Garage

The garage is full of tools that the thieves can use to access your house.

Relying On the Family Pooch

Dogs are great because they can bark and scare away a burglar. But, the thief can hurt your dog and immobilize it. In other cases, they even use meat with a sedative to put them to sleep. You can, therefore, not rely on your dog for protection.

Not Being Careful About Your Home Security System

Forget about dummy home security system equipment.  A knowledgeable thief can tell the difference immediately. Invest in a good system; especially those that allow for remote monitoring.  

Do not have the control panel too near a window.  A burglar can peep through the window and see whether or not it is armed.

Do not neglect the maintenance of your home security system. Always confirm that it is working, and get a professional to service it once in a while.

Having Blind Spots in Your Yard

Do not neglect to trim the bushes.  Also, make sure that you do not buy a huge trash can.  All these will provide a hiding place for the thieves.   Make sure you can see every corner of the yard easily.

Neglecting Outdoor Lighting

Lighting is important because thieves like to hide in dark areas.  Invest in motion sensor lights so that you get an alert anytime there is a breach.

Lock Up the Garage

Displaying Your Wealth

So you went out and bought a big TV, don’t leave the box outside.  Do not display valuable items, because if a thief looks through the window and sees it, they will look for a way to get in.  Some people like to display expensive china, art collections, among others.

Reporting All Your Movements on Social Media

People, stop doing this!   There is this craze of posting every movement you make on social media.  When away on holiday, the whole world has to know about it.  When in the club, you share pictures of you dancing and drinking the night away. Always remember, you never know who is going through your social media accounts.

Announcing Your Absence

When you go away on a trip, try and make it seem like there’s someone at home.  Get smart lights that will come on in the evening.  Set your TV to come on and off at a certain time.

 Call the post office and the newspaper to halt deliveries until you come back.   Get a close relative or friend to come in and out of your house once in a while.  Do not stop the cleaning lady from coming in as she normally would.

The whole idea is to make it look like you are still at home.  If burglars know that you’re not around, it will be the perfect opportunity for them to break in.

Thinking You Are Alright

Most human beings have this mentality, but things happen to other people.  If you have never had the terrifying experience of coming face-to-face with a burglar, you may become complacent.

Your Movements on Social Media

Always remember you are a target and must take due care at all times.  Check that all your doors and windows are tightly locked up. Do not forget to arm the alarm system. Be aware of the goings-on in the neighborhood.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Biggest Mistake Companies Make When Harden Their Network?

Security is one of the most important aspects of a successful business, and protecting your network is essential for safeguarding data, intellectual property, and customer information. However, many companies make the mistake of neglecting this task due to a lack of understanding or concern about cybersecurity.

This can have serious consequences down the road when hackers gain access to sensitive information or sabotage systems in order to evade detection. The sooner you realize that security needs attention and take steps towards fixing the issue, the better off your business will be.

The first step is acknowledging that there is a problem by conducting an audit of your system vulnerabilities. Once you’ve identified any issues (and yes, even small ones can pose big threats), it’s time to implement measures such as strong passwords, up-to-date antivirus software protection, firewalls/ Intrusion Detection Systems (IDSs), and more secure user accounts with limited access privileges.

Make sure that training employees on these safety precautions also takes place so they are aware of potential attack vectors and how best to deal with them should they occur.

What Are the Major Threats and Risks to Information Security?

Information security is a critical issue that needs to be taken seriously, not only for businesses but for individuals as well. The major threats and risks to information security include breaches, data loss, cyberattacks, frauds and scams, identity theft, and other crimes.

Breaches can occur when unauthorized access is gained to confidential or sensitive data or systems. This could happen through either malicious acts such as vandalism or theft of equipment or software used in the production of this type of information or accidental events like human error. Data loss occurs when valuable information is destroyed due to natural calamities (fire), computer viruses/malware attacks/spyware infections, etc., someone commits suicide with a hard drive containing personal records stored online, etc., storms damage electrical /data lines, etc., employees deliberately leak company secrets via social media platforms, etc.

What Are the Home Security Tips?

When it comes to home security, there are a few key things you can do to protect your family and property. Some of the most important include installing an alarm system, keeping a clean home, locking up all windows and doors when not in use, and staying aware of your surroundings at all times. You should also keep mental notes of any activity or person that stands out – something may be happening that you don’t yet know about! – so you can report it to authorities if necessary.

To enhance your security efforts even further, make sure to install smart locks on exterior doors and cabinets as well as motion detectors for areas where people spend the majority of their time (e.g., inside bedrooms). This will help monitor who is coming into your home while preventing unauthorized access by those who shouldn’t have access in the first place. And finally, always practice situational awareness by being aware of what’s going on outside – never leave yourself undefended!

What is a Common Security Mistake Made by Both End Users and Experts?

This mistake can be costly in terms of lost data, as well as damaging relationships with customers or clients. It’s also important to remember that passwords should not only be complex but unique as well.

Experts often make the same mistake of using easily guessed default passwords for their accounts, which puts them at risk if those passwords are compromised. Instead, they should create strong passwords that use different characters, numbers, and symbols together.

What Mistakes Do People Make With Security?

There are a few common mistakes that people make with their security, and they can often lead to serious problems. Here are four of the most common mistakes:

1. Not using strong passwords – A strong password is one that is both unique and difficult to guess. Make sure to use a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols, and make sure to change your passwords regularly.

2. Not installing antivirus software – Antivirus software can help protect your computer from viruses and other malicious software. Make sure to regularly update your software and scan your computer for any signs of infection.

3. Not protecting personal data – Personal data includes anything that could be used to steal your identities, such as your social security number, bank account numbers, or personal photos. Make sure to keep this information safe by encrypting it if possible and using a secure password for access.

4. Downloading shady programs – Never download anything from an unknown source! Always research the programs you are interested in before downloading them and make sure that they are from a reputable source. There have been a number of high-profile scams in the past involving bogus security programs and other malicious software. BE CAREFUL!

Final Thoughts

If you are guilty of any of the mistakes above, take the necessary remedial steps.  Your safety begins with you.

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