How Can I Make Quality Pizza at Home?

Hey, crazy pizza lovers! Today we discuss – how can I make quality pizza at home? Don’t you think we are paying huge bucks to the pizzerias for our sumptuous cheesy delights for a very long time? Do you not feel that each minute of starving for our pizza after placing the order is too long? Moreover, the struggle doesn’t end here…that thick and soggy crust after the long look up seems to be so disappointing!

How Can I Make Quality Pizza at Home?

Here is the perfect guide that will help you resolve your complaints with pizzas and would help you cook easy homemade pizza that customized specially for your taste buds.

It’s very easy to prepare for instant use or to store pre-made pizza crust. There are two basic steps- first, make the Pizza crust and next, prepare sauce and other toppings. If, however, you need your pizza right now, you can skip the first step and go for ready made pizza crusts.

How to Make Pizza Crust?

How to make Pizza Crust?


(Makes one large Pizza)

  • 2 cups of all purpose flour,
  • 1 teaspoon active-dry yeast,
  • 3/4 cup of luke warm water,
  • 1 teaspoon salt and
  • 1 teaspoon sugar.


  • Dissolve yeast in lukewarm water in a bowl. Let it stand until the yeast granules get completely mixed up. Now add the all purpose flour to the mixture and stir it well until the mixture gets fluffy.
  • Finally knead the dough with a mixer or by the using hand force. Knead it until it forms a smooth and spring like texture. If it so happens that the dough formed is sticky, then add some flour to it. Try to limit excessive use of flour. Now let it rest for an hour.
  • Then roll out the pizza approximately into 14” inch diameter. Take a handsome amount of dough and start rolling it. It may feel difficult to stretch it at first, but relax, take your time and fix it properly.
  • Now set the oven to pre-heat at 220 degree Centigrade. Then place the rolled dough on a non-stick plate in the oven. Bake it for 5 minutes. This method will help secure the pizza crust from getting soggy and would ensure a crispy crust.
  • You can now directly use the Pizza crust or can store it in the refrigerator for up to three months. For storing the pre-made pizza crust safely, make sure it’s covered it with a plastic food wrap.

So, your home made Pizza crusts are ready for instant use whenever required- may it be a surprise call from your friends, a home party or the perfect delight for your children.

For Making Pizza Sauce:

Making Pizza Sauce


  • 300 grams Tomatoes
  • Few cloves of garlic
  • 1 tsp Oregano
  • 1 tsp Chili Flakes
  • 11/2 tsp Sugar
  • Salt as per taste

Preparing Sauce:

  • Blanch the tomatoes in hot water and peel them off. Now roughly chop them into cubes.
  • Heat Olive oil in a pan, add garlic cloves and sauté until it leaves its raw smell.
  • Now add the tomatoes and salt as per taste and let it cook for another 5 minutes.
  • Now add chili flakes, sugar and season it with oregano. Your pizza sauce is ready. You can even opt for the ready made ones available in general grocery stores.

For Making Pizza:

  • Pre-heat the oven at 180 degree Centigrade for 15 minutes.
  • Take the Pizza Crust, brush it up with butter/ olive oil (as per preference).
  • Place pizza sauce over it as required.
  • Top the crust with veggies of your choice, chicken, beacon or any topping ofyour preference.
  • Add some good amount of cheese over it, season with Italian herbs and bake it for 20 minutes at 220 degree centigrade.

However There Are Some Precautions to Be Taken Care of:

  • Do not forget to pre heat the oven before placing the crust. If preheating isnot done properly then the dough would not bake properly.
  • Activate the yeast before you add flour to it.
  • The crust should not be rolled out to be very thin. It must have the potential to give support to the sauce, toppings and cheese.
  • Do not remove the pizza from oven until the cheese is completely melted and turns on to brown color.

Just by following these steps, you can get a drooling delight at your own place. This easy homemade pizza recipe will prove to be the star of your dinner table.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Secret to a Good Pizza?

Pizza is one of the world’s most popular foods, and for a good reason. It is easy to make, tastes great, and can be customized to your taste preferences.

What Makes Pizza More Tasty?

Some people believe that a pizza with lots of toppings is more flavorful than one with just a few toppings. Others believe that a pizza with a crispy crust is more flavorful than one with a doughy crust. There’s no right or wrong answer – it all depends on your personal taste!

What Is the Most Important Ingredient in Pizza Dough?

There are a number of ingredients that are essential for making pizza dough, but one of the most important is yeast. Yeast is a sponge-like organism that helps to form the leavening agent in the dough which makes it rise. This fermentation process results in a light and airy crust, as well as flavor contributions from the yeast.

If you’re not able to get your hands on fresh yeast or don’t want to wait for it to ferment, then you can use baking powder instead. However, be aware that these substitutes often result in heavier and chewier pizzas than those made with fresh dough.

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