French Press vs Chemex | Which One Brews the Best Coffee?

The taste of a good cup of coffee will highly depend on the way the coffee was brewed or made. There are different ways and methods on the going about of making coffee and how to make it better, however, when it comes to me, the making or brewing of coffee often comes with the decision of which one to use French press vs Chemex.

French Press vs Chemex

Although both are used for the brewing of coffee, making use of one at certain times is usually way better than the other, hence knowing how to make your coffee with both will indeed go in length in saving you time and help you experience the taste of good coffee.

When you are a coffee lover you tend to have various and different taste when it comes to the drinking of coffee, and that makes wanting different approaches in the making of your coffee to meet specific coffee tastes. Here are some differences of the French press vs chemex in the making of your coffee:

French press

Being the most loved and used in the making of coffee, a French press is basically a coffee machine that make use of plungers in brewing your coffee beans. It is widely used for coffees for both homes, offices and restaurants due to the following:

French Press

No Filters Needed: 

With a French press, one does not need to make use of coffee filters in filtering out the coffee grounds every now and then. The whole system of a French press helps to separate your coffee from the already crushed coffee beans with the help of a plunger


Having a French press saves you time as compared with a chemex. A chemex can take you about five to six minutes in the brewing of your coffee while with a French press you did be sipping your coffee by that time. No need of fixing a filter as mentioned in above and also coming with an option of not pre-heating, the French press would have your coffee done in 3 to 4 minutes.

Easy to Clean: 

As Complex as a French Press is, one could easily clean in just a couple of minutes. All one has to do to clean is, disassembling and scrubbing it clean with a dry sponge or brush.

The French press does have some shortcomings such as getting too much oil in your coffee and due to its process of making coffee, it tends not to have a clean cup.


Making use of a chemex for the brewing of your coffee entails the use of a paper filter, placing it on the top portion of your chemex along with the coffee grounds and pouring water mostly with a gooseneck kettle and allowing the coffee to slowly seep to the bottom part of the chemex. The use of Chemex is good for the making of coffee because:


Taste of Coffee: 

Although most will say the taste of coffee are the same, I did beg to differ as they are different tastes in most and making use of a Chemex for making your coffee will indeed lessen the bitter taste you fell when you do have coffee sometimes. Its process of brewing does away with a lot that lessen the bitter feel of drinking a coffee.

Acid in coffee is a problem some coffee drinkers worry about and hence making use of the Chemex will totally get rid of any acid substance in your coffee so you could easily enjoy it.

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Cleaner Brew: 

Although it might take time in the making, the Chemex does have a cleaner brew than that of the French press. You did be always enjoying a clean and nice coffee for breakfast each day.

In all, both have their own pros and cons but most importantly it will depend on the kind of coffee you did want in order to know which one would be best.

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