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The use of hydroponic system for the growing of plants and crops for farmers and personal gardeners is not just a way of planting their own healthy food, but also a means of being able to regulate and harvest a perfect plant at the end. The sense of not making use of soil but still be able to grow a healthy looking and edible plant or crop is a big bonus to most individuals that make us of the hydroponic system of farming.


However, since there is an absence of soil in this method of farming, there is a need for a parodic feeding of proper nutrients to plants and crops being grown. The supply of basic nutrients and minerals to crops and plants is done through nutrient water based solution, which is poured directly to the roots of the plants or crops being grown. Most of this nutrient based solution can be found in agriculture shops and other farming markets, but are extremely expensive for starters who just got in to the system of hydroponic. There is also the problem of so many nutrient solution to choose from due to the alarming factor of manufactures already in the market. The question left for most to ask now is can one make a homemade hydroponic solution? Below are guide lines on making your own inexpensive nutrient solution for your plants or crops in a hydroponic system of farming:

The use of fertilizer salts. This is the most used type of homemade hydroponic nutrient solution. Natural agriculture make sure of a great amount of fertilizers that are mostly mixed with the soil, in order to get basic minerals and needed nutrients to plant and crops being grown. This same fertilizers made from salts, can be allocated to the crops and plants by dissolving these fertilizers into water and pouring it directly to the roots.

homemade hydroponic solution

The quality of your homemade hydroponic nutrients will highly depend on how you made it and what you kept in to it. Your homemade hydroponic solution must contain the very key elements on making a perfect solution. This elements are Nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K). So whatever you do, make sure before mixing to liquid your fertilizer salts, the solution for your plants has the mentioned basic element. There should also be a huge amount of other elements that should be present in your solution, such as magnesium, calcium, molybdenum, Sulfur, and Chlorine. This elements should all be added in accordance to the need of the plant or crop that is being farmed.

Another great important factor to remember in the making of a homemade hydroponic nutrient solution is the accuracy of each measurement of element that is to be mixed.

Homemade Hydroponic Nutrient

 A perfect combination of each element is what will make your plants or crops grow to be beautiful and healthy, hence the need for an accurate measure and not rather the mixing of a teaspoon of one element there and a cup of another element here. Your fertilizer salts should be measured by weights and the weights that are designed for the use of labs would be perfect in the weighing. The use of improper stored salts is highly discouraged as a little bit of moisture can drastically make a significant change in the weight of your salt.

In a nutshell, the making of a natural homemade hydroponic nutrient solution is basically easy to do once you do know the exact plant or crop you did be planting on the farm and the amount of nutrients it is supposedly required to grow bountifully. A accrete mixing of the basic elements and the other elements for a specific plant or crop should be highly taken as this might make the plant high on nutrients or low on nutrients.

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