How Do You Hang Curtain Lights

Hanging curtain lights can be a tedious task, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right tools and a little know-how, you will be able to hang your curtain lights in no time. The first thing you want to do is a measure where you want them hung to look even on both sides of the window.

How Do You Hang Curtain Lights

Then take out your drill, screws, and nails and screw them into place on both sides of each window frame. Make sure that the holes are smaller than the diameter of your screws, or else they won’t stay up properly!

You then need to cut two pieces from your wire at about 5 feet long, each with enough length left over for hanging purposes later on down the line. So, this article is for you. You will learn how do you hang curtain lights with just one simple trick!

Step to Follow on How Do You Hang Curtain Lights

Step One: Determine

First, determine where you would like to hang your lights. Many people opt for the edges of a dance floor, but it is also common to see lights strung above buffet tables. If this is your first time hanging curtain lights, it may be wise to select an area of low traffic.

If the lights are hung near a door, select a far enough location above the door that an individual can pass under without ducking. It is also important to not hang the curtain lights too low if there are any hanging decorations such as garlands or balloons.

Then, you will want to measure the space that your lights will cover. If this is a completely new area, use a piece of string to measure the space. Afterward, cut out your measurement on paper and make sure that it is proportional.

Step Two: Purchase

Now that you have determined where you will be hanging lights, you can begin purchasing them. Try not to purchase any wires or cords at the store because this may confuse you later when you are ready to hang them. You will need to purchase enough lights for the entire space you have measured.

Don’t forget that there will be some light loss along the way due to being blocked by your hands when hanging, so it is best to purchase a few extra lights in case this happens. It is recommended that if you are hanging curtain lights for a party, you purchase LED lights because they are very bright.

They typically don’t cost much more than other types of light sets and offer the benefit of being cooler to the touch, so nobody will need to worry about being burned. If you plan to hang curtain lights for multiple parties, LED is most likely the best option.

Step Three: Set Up Area

It is important to find an area where you will be able to set up the lights. Choose a large table or workbench that has plenty of space on top for your lights, wire, extension cord, scissors, and wire cutters. Ensure this area is near an outlet because you will need to plug in your lights while working on them.

Plugging in the Curtain Lights

If it isn’t possible to unroll the lights set up, you will need to lay them flat somewhere else. For example, if you are hanging curtain lights from a doorway, you can unroll the lights on top of furniture near the area where they will be hung.

It is important to note that if you hang curtain lights near a door, the cord will likely not reach where it needs to be plugged in. If this is the case, make sure you have an extension cord that will reach the outlet. If you want to find out more about how do you hang curtain lights, keep reading.

Step Four: Prepare the Light

Now that you have your lights, it is time to prepare them. First, find the male plug on the end of each light string and remove the plastic covering from one male plug on one set by pulling apart the two halves of the covering. Using wire cutters for this step is suggested because they are sturdier than scissors and will make this process much smoother.

Afterward, remove the male plug from an extension cord by pulling apart the two halves of the covering. You should be left with one set of wire covered in plastic and another set that is only covered by rubber around the cord. You will then need to remove the rubber coating from the light strings by pulling it off of each set with your hands.

If the rubber covering does not easily come off, you can use scissors or wire cutters to cut it. However, be careful when using your hands because the exposed wires may have electricity running through them, leading to shocking consequences. You may then need to strip the insulation off of each set of wires until there is only a copper cord left.

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Step Five: Attach Extension Cord

Attach one end of an extension cord to the male plug you removed from the curtain lights by pushing them together tightly. Make sure that they are pushed together securely and will not be loose or fall apart easily. There should be a snug fit, and you can test it by tugging on them at the connection point to make sure they do not come apart easily.

When you feel comfortable with their stability, use electrical tape to secure the male plug to the extension cord, showing no wires. This will ensure that nobody is injured when handling them, and you can also wrap the tape around the connection multiple times for extra protection.

After attaching your lights to an extension cord, plug them into one another by connecting the male end of the light string you just attached with electrical tape to a female end on another string or set of strings. All of this information will help you learn how do you hang curtain lights.

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Step Six: Hang Up Your Curtain Lights

Now it is time to hang the curtain lights up. First, hold onto the strings of lights and carry them together with the extension cord to the location where they will be hung. Next, you can measure how much extra light string you need to reach an outlet.

When measuring, cut it at around 2 feet past the mark closest to the outlet or place one end of your tape measure into a pot or bucket near an outlet if it is not possible to reach the outlet you measure for. Now unplug all of your lights and gently push them to the floor.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Do You Hang Curtain Lights With?

You can hang curtain lights with a variety of materials. You can hang them with wire, rope, or string. You can also use hooks or rings to hold the curtain light in place.

Will Command Strips Hold Led Lights?

Command Strips are usually made of a fabric that is reinforced with adhesive strips of Velcro or hooks and loops fasteners. These strips can be used for holding different objects in place without the use of adhesives or screws. They work best on surfaces that have a smooth texture like wood, metal, and plastic. So as you can see, they hold led lights just fine.

Can I Use Command Strips to Hang Lights?

Command strips are a type of reusable adhesive strip that can be used to fasten, bind, or hold various objects together. However, they are not meant for hanging lights on the ceiling because it would be difficult to remove them later.


Curtain lights are typically hung by attaching them to the top of your window, or if you have a high ceiling, on an existing curtain rod. However, if you don’t like this option for whatever reason, there is another way to hang these types of lights in your home.

Light Fixturing Hanging Inside the Room

You can take some string and loop it around any light fixture already hanging inside the room where you want to place the new lighting fixtures. Finally, the conclusion paragraph is informative and provides information on how do you hang curtain lights.

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