How to Add a Lock to a Desk Drawer

Most people don’t think about adding a lock to their desk drawer, but many benefits are. A keyless lock can be operated with one hand and is much faster than locating and inserting a key into the lock. The best part of all is that it can make your office or cubicle feel more secure by deterring would-be thieves from ever getting near your belongings in the first place. 

how to add a lock to a desk drawer

If you’re looking for an affordable way to add some additional security to your workspace, this article will show you how easy it is to install a lock on just about any desk drawer! So, this article is for you. You will learn how to add a lock to a desk drawer with just one simple trick!

8 Steps to Follow on How to Add a Lock to a Desk Drawer

Step One: Purchase a Lock

If an individual wants to purchase a desk drawer lock, they should go ahead and visit their local hardware store. There are many different locks they can choose from, but the most common type is the keyed tumbler lock. When selecting this type of lock, make sure to take measurements of the desk drawer’s width, depth, and height.

This way, the lock can be purchased that will fit correctly into the desk drawer’s dimensions. The lock type should also be considered as a deadbolt lock will cost more than a primary keyed tumbler lock. Once these measurements have been taken and a suitable drawer lock has been purchased, it should be used in all future steps of the process.

Step Two: Prepare the Desk Drawer for Installation

To successfully install the desk drawer lock, the individual must remove the existing hardware on their desk. These parts consist of metal or plastic guides that are placed within the tracks of the desktop.

Once these items have been removed, they should be set aside until step seven of the process, where they will be replaced. Afterward, the desk’s top surface should be wiped clean to remove any particles that may have accumulated since the last time the work area was left clean.

Step Three: Mark the Location of the Lock

To successfully place a lock on a desk drawer, individuals need to follow their measurements from step one. This ensures that they have purchased the correct type of lock and fit inside the area being measured.

Measurement Tools for Select Perfect Lock

First, they should take measurements of the width, depth, and height of the desk drawer. They should then make sure to use a pencil to draw marks on the top surface of the desktop. After this step, individuals must consider where they wish to place the included keyhole, which comes with most locks.

Step Four: Drill Holes in the Desired Location

After marking off where the keyhole should be installed, the individual should take their keyhole and trace its dimensions onto the desk’s top surface. The markings that were made in step three should be used as a guide for where to drill.

They can use a drill bit sized appropriately for their drawer lock and install it within the designated area. After drilling, they can insert the keyhole into where it was previously marked and screw it in place. The desk drawer lock should be secure and level while it is being installed.

Step Five: Secure the Drawer Lock

Step five requires using the desk drawer lock that was purchased in step one. This part can be inserted into place within the desk drawer once all of its tumblers are open. It should fit inside snugly and securely, along with connecting to the keyhole that has been installed.

Now it is time to screw it in place on the inside of the desk by applying pressure onto all four corners. This will prevent it from being removed or falling off while an individual is using their desk in the future. The drawer lock should be secure and tight when it is in place.

Step Six: Install the Desk Drawer Track

Next, an individual will need to install their desk drawer track separated into two pieces in step two. First, they must insert the first track’s end into the second track’s end at a ninety-degree angle.

You Must Insert the First Track's End Into the Second Track's End at a Ninety-degree Angle.

They will then need to attach the two pieces by screwing them into place. The wooden rails of the track should be flush with one another and perfectly connected so that their desk drawer can open when it is installed. Once the ways are in place, they can reattach their metal or plastic guides removed in step two.

Step Seven: Replace Desk Hardware and Test

Finally, the individual can replace their existing hardware that was removed in step one. They should take the previously separated metal or plastic guide and place it back into its track on either side of their desk drawer. These two pieces will be connected to secure their desk drawer’s function.

Now the individual only has to test out their newly installed desk drawer lock. They can do this by opening and closing the drawer several times until they are satisfied that it is working correctly. Then, when individuals are confident with their work, they can wipe down their desktop again before putting away any tools they used during the installation process.

Step Eight: Lock the Desk Drawer

The last step to successfully installing a desk drawer lock is locking it. This will prevent an individual’s child or roommate from opening their desk drawer without their permission. To do this, they can take the included key and insert it into the lock inside their desk drawer.

Now Your Desk Drawer Lock Is Installed and Ready to Be Use

They should turn it clockwise until they hear it click into place, locking the drawer. Now their desk drawer lock is installed and ready to be used! This is an excellent way for parents or individuals living on their own to secure essential items. Thanks for reading about how to add a lock to a desk drawer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Put a Lock on A Desk Drawer?

Yes, you can. However, the lock is going to be a bit difficult to open, and it will require some skill to pick.

It will take a lot of time and effort to pick the lock on a desk drawer because the lock requires both a key and combination which are not easy to find in any store.

Can You Put a Lock on A Metal Desk Drawer?

We need to understand some key things related to a lock and a metal desk drawer.

Key Points :

  • A metal desk drawer is typically a storage compartment for office supplies or other materials that are too large to fit in the desk’s main compartment.
  • The term “lock” refers to an object with which you can prevent someone from opening the door by applying force against it.
  • To put a lock on a metal desk drawer, you will need to purchase either screws or bolts that have been shaped like a key and screwed into the inside of the doorjamb so they cannot be removed without tools being used to remove them first (these screws or bolts would also serve as a backup if your regular keys are lost).

Do You Use a Plunger Lock?

No, I don’t use a plunger lock. The purpose of the plunger lock is to prevent a toilet from leaking when it is not in use. However, this also means that you have to manually stop the flow of water if you want to avoid wasting water and paying for your usage.

In most cases, the cost outweighs the benefits because there are much more efficient ways of preventing leaks than using a plunger lock.

Can You Use a Pedestal Lock?

A pedestal lock is a device that is used to secure the lid of a storage container.

It has two arms attached to the container and the other on top of it.

The arm on top of the container is fixed in place, while the arm on the container can be rotated 180 degrees to fit inside a box or doorframe.

To use this type of lock, you need to have something for it to latch onto, like a pole or wall stud, so that it stays in place when you rotate it around.

Is It Hard to Install a Lock to A Desk Drawer?

A lock is a device that secures a door or drawer. They are installed on the outside of a desk and are used to prevent unauthorized entry. Installing a lock can be difficult if you don’t have the right tools.

The process for installing a lock begins with taking measurements and cutting the wood into the proper size using either hand saws, jigsaws, or circular saws. The next step is attaching the locking mechanism by screwing it in place using screws, nails, or glue, depending on what type of mechanism is used.

You will then need to attach some handles so that it’s easy to open and close once it’s locked uptight.


This blog post has given you the necessary information to install a lock on your desk drawer. Now it is time for you to go out and buy one! You can find them at any hardware store or even online.

Installing a lock will give you peace of mind knowing that no one can take something from your desk without permission and provide privacy if there are things in the desk drawer that you don’t need others to see. The conclusion paragraph is informative and provides information on how to add a lock to a desk drawer.

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