How to Attach a Gable Porch Roof to House

I am going to share with you the steps of how to attach a gable porch roof to house. This process will not take long, and it can be done by anyone competent in general construction projects. The first thing you want to do is measure the height from where your porch posts are placed onto the ground to where your rafters will go for the top part of the roof that faces outward.

How to Attach a Gable Porch Roof to House

You then need to cut two pieces of 2×4 wood one inch shorter than what you measured, so they fit snugly against each other on either side. These boards should be attached directly under where your porch posts are located on either side, but before attaching anything, make sure there is enough room for people walking underneath without hitting their heads.

Reason To  Attach a Gable Porch Roof to House

There are many reasons to attach a gable porch roof to a house. First, you can add some additional space in your front or backyard with the new extension on your home. Using this process also gives your porch a nice appearance, and it is easy to build. It will not take much time for someone to complete this project with only a few tools.

Backyard With the New Extension on Home

The porch roof needs to rise at least three feet above the porch posts for this process to work properly. So, if the distance from your house is shorter than that, you may have to add additional support beams or rafters in front of it before attaching any boards. You can then measure out where each board should fit and cut them to fit. Next, the panels should be installed one at a time, and you can use nails or screws to secure them around the entire area, so they stay in place tightly.

It is important that you attach each board onto either side of the porch posts and not to the house itself unless it is an exterior wall. Even though attaching them this way is unnecessary, it will provide more support for the entire area. The closer you place boards to each other, the better because this maximizes their strength when it comes to withstanding wind gusts or heavyweight that may be put on them when people are walking around.

You can also attach a gable porch roof with only one board on each side of the porch posts if you don’t want it to be wide. This will still add extra space for a backyard or front yard without a lot of effort.

Materials You Needs

  • Saw
  • 2×4 Boards
  • Nails or Screws
  • Measuring Tape
  • Pencil

Steps to Build Roof

Step 1:

The first thing you need to do is measure the height so you know how long your 2×4 boards should be cut. If measuring is not your forte, just take a piece of 2×4 and place it perpendicular to the ground between your porch posts, and measure the length.

Measuring the Length in Gable Porch Roof

Step 2:

Cut your 2×4 boards to size, and place them on either side of the porch posts before attaching anything else. Now you need to attach them at the top where your rafters will lay across on either side with nails or screws, whichever you prefer using.

Step 3 :

Once the boards are secured, you can now attach your rafters with nails or screws. I recommend nailing the boards onto each side of the porch posts as this will give it more support than just attaching them to the front of the porch facing outward.

Step 4 :

After all of your rafters are in place, you need to measure out where your roof beams will be located and cut them to fit.

Step 5 :

The roof beams should be attached to the rafters with nails or screws as well to give it even more support. You can now test out your new roof by walking under it without hitting your head, but make sure you are standing next to the porch posts when doing so. If anyone else is going to be using the area, you should do this as well to make sure it is safe and secure.

Roof  Beams Attaching to the Rafters With Screws

Steps On How to Attach a Gable Porch Roof to House

Step 1:

Measure the Height from Where The Porch Posts Are Placed Up to Where Your Rafters Will Go for The Top Part of The Roof That Faces Outward

Step 2:

Cut Two Pieces of 2×4 Wood One Inch Shorter Than What You Measured So They Fit Snugly Against Each Other on Either Side. These Boards Should Be Attached Directly Under Where Your Porch Posts Are Located on Either Side

Step 3 :

Before Attaching Anything Make Sure There Is Enough Room For People Walking Underneath Without Hitting Their Heads.

Step 4 :

Using Nails or Screws Secure Each Board Around The Entire Area So They Stay In Place Tightly. It is Important That You Attach Each Board Onto Either Side of The Porch Posts and Not To The House Itself Unless It Is An Exterior Wall.

Step 5 :

Even Though Attaching Them This Way is Not Necessary, It Will Provide More Support for the Entire Area. The Closer You Place Boards to Each Other the Better Because Maximizes Their Strength When It Comes to Being Able to Withstand Wind Gusts or Heavyweight That May Be Put On Them When People Are Walking Around

Step 6 :

You Can Also Attach a Gable Porch Roof with Only One Board on Each Side of The Porch Posts If You Don’t Want It To Be As Wide. This Will Still Add Extra Space For A Backyard Or Front Yard Without a Lot of Effort.

Step 7 : 

Measure How High Up You Want Your Rafters To Go and Cut Them to Fit

Step 8 :

Nail or Screw Each Piece in Place Around the Entire Area, and You Are Finished!

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Tips and Warnings


  • You can add a porch beam between your house and the gable roof if you need to add extra support
  • Add window boxes for plants to add some color and make them look more appealing
  • Adding a second level is easy by using these same steps. Just measure out where you want each board to go, but cut them slightly shorter. This will give you less room to walk on, but the extra space makes it worth it.
  • You can also paint or stain your wooden boards to match your existing home exterior or deck


  • If the roof is not high enough for rafters, then you will have to add additional support beams before doing anything else
  • Be sure to wear protective gear such as goggles and gloves if you are cutting through wood with power tools, so you don’t hurt yourself
  • Use a nail gun instead of finishing each board by hand if you want to speed up the process
  • If this is too difficult, then please hire a handyman or contractor to install it instead of doing it yourself.
  • Inspect your roof before stepping on it in order to avoid injury.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Roof Dormer?

A roof dormer is a window that can be found on the top of a pitched roof, usually with a pitch of about 35 degrees. The primary purpose of this type of window is to provide attic ventilation. This is because it allows air to enter from the outside through the opening at the bottom and flow down into the attic space below.

What Is Gable Roof Type?

A gable roof is a sloping roof with the slope running from the ridge down to the eaves. It has two slopes, one running towards each end of the building, and is supported by rafters or purlins, which are usually parallel to each other.

What Is Overhang Porch?

An overhang porch is a porch that extends beyond the building it protects. It is designed to provide shelter from the elements such as rain, snow, wind, and sun.

What Is a Porch Roof Called ?

A porch roof is a sloping roof on the outside of a building. It provides shelter from rain and sun. It is called a “porch” because it sits below the main level of the house, usually in front of or adjacent to an entrance door.

What Holds a Porch Roof Up ?

The roof is held up by the eaves. A porch roof is a type of roof that covers a porch or other covered area. It can be constructed from wood, concrete, metal, and other materials depending on the design and purpose of the building. The purpose of a porch roof can be to provide shelter for people standing under it, shade them from sunlight, protect them from rain or snow, or just to add visual interest to an otherwise simple structure.


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