How to Block Light From Window Ac Unit

A window air conditioner is one of the most popular appliances in homes that are without central air. However, the problem with these units is that they can be extremely disruptive to your sleep if you have them installed near a bedroom window.

How to Block Light From Window Ac Unit

This is because the light from the unit will shine directly into your room through the window and disrupt your circadian rhythm. Luckily, there are several solutions to this issue. One way to eliminate this problem is by blocking off any windows where an air conditioning unit has been installed with curtains or blinds, so it does not shine any light at night onto those windows.

Another option would be installing blackout curtains on all of the windows in order to block out all outside light sources at night, including natural ones like the sun. In this article, we’ll explore how to block light from window ac unit.

10 Steps to Follow on How to Block Light From Window Ac Unit

Step One: Sort Out Why You Need This

So, you’ve decided to block out the light coming from your window air conditioner. But do you really know why? There are a few reasons that people want to block out light, to begin with. First of all, if the weather is nice outside and there is no need for an ac unit in the living room, you don’t want it to be too hot. Blocking out the light can also help to create a more relaxing atmosphere in the room.

Another reason is if there are houses all around you and your privacy might be at stake. For example, if the light from an air conditioner unit can be seen through your drapes or blinds, maybe this article will help and some others I found online.

Step Two: Measure the Window

Before purchasing blackout curtains or anything else, you should measure your window. If you have a small window air conditioner, then one set of curtains might be enough. But if your window unit is huge, then maybe two sets of drapes would do the trick as well as blocking out light, to begin with.

Measuring  The Window

Before measuring, you should consider whether or not your air conditioner is blocking the sunlight before it hits the drapes. If it is, you might need two sets of curtains, if not three.

Step Three: Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains are my answer to what you can use to block out light. Instead of buying panels, which seem like they would be costly, you can buy blackout curtains much cheaper. These are sold online and offline, so the availability is there if you look hard enough for them.

Tan blackout curtains could allow light into your house while darkening it enough to not see any glare on the television or computer screen while watching a movie or doing something else that requires darkness. If this is what you are looking for, then try blackout curtains.

Step Four: Blinds

Blinds can be a decent way to block out light and look nice in your house or apartment. You could choose from various styles of blinds, so maybe go window shopping if you don’t know what type of blind looks the best.

Blinds can also be pricey, especially when you are looking for the top-of-the-line. But, if you know how to build your blinds, that will be a way to save money and not have light from the window ac unit seep into your living space.

Step Five: Shading

Shading the window is a cheaper way to block out light as well as not blocking what you want to see through the window. In addition, it can make your living room look a bit more artistic and easier than decorating for some people.

Your Window Air Conditioner

Blinds or drapes might be better suited for you if you have natural sunlight coming in and you don’t want to shade the window. But, if you want to save money on some drapes or blinds, try shading.

Step Six: Other Methods

There are other methods that some people have used to block out light from their window ac unit without having drapes or blackout curtains. One example of this is tinting your window. If you have a car, you might know that having the windows tinted darker makes it harder for outside lights to get in and allows less heat inside while driving during the summertime.

You could do something similar with your window air conditioner unit. Another example is using tin foil on the inside of the window. This might not be aesthetically pleasing, but it will do the trick of blocking out light if you are looking to save money on some drapes or blinds like mentioned above.

Blocking out the light from your window ac unit is essential if you want to be able to watch a movie or play video games without a glare getting in the way. Using drapes or blackout curtains is a great way to block out light, but blinds are also an option and other methods mentioned above if you are trying to save money.

How Do You Block a Light but Not Airflow?

Use caulk to block the light from coming in. It is best if it is white or a color that looks like a window’s frame. Clear caulks let too much of the actual color of the window show through, and colored caulks have more of a tinted look than an opaque one.

The best caulk to use is an opaque, weather-resistant one. Use the smallest bead possible, so it goes farther and does not look messy. It may take a couple of applications to get it just right. This will help in how to block light from window ac unit.

Frequently Asked Question

Can I Cover My Window Ac Unit Light with A Curtain?

Yes, you can cover your window ac unit light with a curtain. You just need to make sure that the curtains will be able to block the heat from escaping out of your window.

There are many benefits of covering your window ac unit light with a curtain-like:

  • It will keep unwanted sunlight from entering your room.
  • It will help prevent overheating in summer and cooling in winter.
  • It will give you privacy and let you control who sees what is inside the room.

Can You Enclose a Window Air Conditioner Light?

You can enclose a window air conditioner light. However, the air conditioner will not be able to operate properly because it needs the outside environment to keep cool.

The best way to do this is by using an insulating material such as foam insulation or Styrofoam sheets that you can purchase at any hardware store. You then need to cut out an opening for the unit so that it can be placed inside and duct tape or glue the edges of the Styrofoam sheet into place around the window air conditioner unit.

You Enclose a Window  Air Conditioner Light

Can a Window Ac Unit Be Used in A Wall?

A window ac unit can be used in a wall, but it is not recommended. There are several reasons why a window ac unit cannot be installed in a wall:

  1. There is no place to mount the condenser, requiring an external line of power.
  2. The condenser would have to sit outside the house and would need weatherproofing.
  3. A power cord that runs from the outside of the house to inside may cause damage to your walls and/or roof during installation or operation due to extreme heat generated by the compressor, as well as insulation that could break down over time and cause leaks or worse yet electrical fires.
Window Ac Unit  Be Used in A Wall

Which Is Better Window Ac or Wall Ac?

Window Ac is better than Wall Ac because it is more efficient and saves money. The best part about Window Ac is that it can be installed anywhere, even in a room without windows, which allows you to use your window as an air conditioner while maintaining your view of the outside world. It also has higher efficiencies and uses less power than Wall Act.


It’s important to remember that not all window treatments work the same way. If you want your home or office to be cool and comfortable, you need to understand how each type of window treatment works before deciding which one will best suit your needs.

Thankfully, we have been in this business long enough now where you don’t have to worry about doing any research yourself! However, the conclusion paragraph is informative and provides information on how to block light from window ac unit.

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