How to Block Off Under Your Couch

Blocking off the area under your couch is a great way to make use of wasted space. Use this simple tutorial to learn how to block off under your couch, perfect for stashing away extra linens or even putting in a spare bed! You’ll be surprised at how easy it is, and if you have carpeted floors, all you need are some basic tools – no paint necessary! This project will give your living room a whole new look while also adding another level of storage. Read on to learn more about blocking off the floor underneath your couch with durable pieces of wood. 

Block Off Under Couch

Here’s what you’ll need

  • Drill (if you are using power tools instead of nails)
  • Hammer
  • Jigsaw or Saw
  • Sandpaper and/or an electric sander
  • Nails, screws, or other types of brackets (if you are using a power tool to attach your wood planks)
  • Wood planks
  • Plastic bins and/or storage containers (optional)

Why Block Off Under Your Couch:

Not only is blocking off the area under your couch good for storage, but it also makes cleaning under there much easier. You can slide all of your couch cushions and other floor clutter out of the way and sweep away any dust or dirt that has collected over time! This tutorial will walk you through the process of creating a sturdy base to help your couch sit higher off the ground. Although it might seem scary, working with wood is very easy. Most of the time, you can get everything you need at your local hardware store for a pretty reasonable price.

Steps on How to Block Off Under Your Couch

Blocking off your under-couch space is a great way to utilize wasted floor area, and it helps you clean up more quickly as well! If you have carpet, all you need for this tutorial are some basic tools.

Step 1 Measures and Cut Planks to Size

Start by measuring the width and length of your couch. Remember that dimensions are all given in inches, not feet. After you’ve measured out the pieces of wood you need, take them to your circular saw or hand saw for cutting. If you do not feel comfortable using power tools, ask a friend or family member with experience to help you.

Measures and cut planks to size

Step 2 Attach Pieces to the Underside of the Couch

Each piece is nailed into place on top of two slats that have been attached underneath your couch. You can use nails or a hammer for this part. If you are using a power tool, set the depth so that it punctures just slightly through each piece of wood.

Step 3 Sand and Stain the Wood to Match Your Couch

Use sandpaper or an electric sander to smooth any rough edges left by cutting! Then, use a stain that matches your floor color (or paint it if you don’t want to stain). You can also spray paint all pieces with several thin coats for a uniform color.

Sand and stain the wood to match couch

Step 4 Attach Wood to the Floor and Add Pillows and Other Decorative Items!

Once everything is dry, insert it beneath your couch and re-attach all of the cushions. You can place a regular-sized mattress or futon underneath your couch if you choose to turn this area into additional sleeping quarters.

Step 5 Remember to Clean All Dust Under the Couch

Blocking off your under-couch space makes it easier for you to clean up and organize all of the clutter that has been underneath there. Pull the items out and sweep or vacuum away any dust and dirt! Now, no one will ever know that this storage hideaway is even there.

Remember to clean all dust under the couch

Note: Bear in mind that this tutorial is for blocking off the space under your couch. However, you can still make use of this space by putting storage bins or even beds!

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Tips and Safety Precautions

  • Remember to ask a family member or friend for help if you feel comfortable using a power tool.
  • Be extremely careful when cutting, sanding, and hammering! You do not want to accidentally damage your couch or floor.
  • Wear gloves during the entire project to protect your hands from splinters and rough edges.
  • If you are using a power tool, set the depth so that it doesn’t puncture all the way through each piece of wood.
  • Remember to take your measurements beforehand and only cut the exact pieces you need!
  • If you are going to stain the planks of wood, use a rag or applicator that is made specifically for staining.
  • If you want a uniform color throughout your project, spray paint all pieces with several thin coats.
  • Remember not to spray paint your hands!

In order to attach the planks of wood underneath the couch, you will need to use a hammer or nails. If you are using a power tool, set the depth so that it punctures just slightly through each piece of wood.

  • If possible, have someone help you out with this project.
  • Sand any rough edges left by cutting after all planks have been hammered into place.
  • For a more even and smooth finish, use sandpaper or an electric sander.
  • Remember to clean up all dust and dirt underneath your couch after completing this project! You can now sweep or vacuum all of the hidden areas with ease. This is great if you want to keep your space as organized as possible without having too much clutter lying around.
  • If you are making this for storage, make sure to organize all of your items accordingly. You can use clear plastic bins or even beds!
  • Do not forget to take safety precautions when using a hammer, power tool, and other tools in general! Wear gloves if necessary and try not to get too distracted while working on this project.
  • If you are planning on staining the planks of wood, use a rag or applicator that is made specifically for staining.
  • You do not want to accidentally paint over your hands!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Keep My Dog From Getting Under the Couch?

Dogs have a strong instinct to dig and scratch, making it difficult for them to resist the urge to get under furniture. It would be best if you kept your dog’s nails trimmed so they don’t damage the couch or other objects in your home.

Another good idea is to make sure there are no accessible food bowls nearby that might tempt your pet.

How Do I Stop My Cat From Going Under the Couch?

One of the easiest ways to stop your cat from going under the couch is by getting a shock collar. This way, when you turn it on, your cat will be able to feel an electric current that will stop them from going under the couch.

Another method is by using a humane trap or humane pen. These devices work well because they are made with metal and have large openings so that your cat can easily escape if they want to.

Finally, There Are Also Other Methods Such as:

1) Putting a litter box in front of the area where your cat likes to go under and blocking their path with something like a toy, which might help for about two weeks before you need to try another method again.

2) Using some type of pepper spray (like those used for self-defense) in order to make it more difficult for your cat to get around.

Should I Let My Dog Sleep Under the Bed?

It is important to keep your dog out of the bedroom for safety reasons. Dogs are known to be quite territorial and can destroy a room in just minutes if they feel like it.

However, this does not mean you should leave your dog outside all day. Your pet should have a place where he can sleep and relax away from any potential dangers such as other animals or humans.


The key to blocking off under your couch is to take the time and do it right. If you don’t, then there are bound to be some problems down the road that will need addressing before they get out of hand. Make sure you measure for material first so that you know how much space needs covering. You can also make use of a measuring tape or ruler if necessary. Once this is done, go ahead and cut your fabric (you may find yourself needing more than one piece) with scissors or an exacto knife depending on what type of material you have chosen to cover the area beneath your sofa cushions.

I hope you enjoyed this article on how to block off under your couch! Be sure to SHARE this useful information with everyone you know! Thanks for reading!

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