How to Break Open a Lock Box

My son recently got a new bike for his birthday. My wife and I were excited to see him ride it around the neighborhood with friends until we realized he didn’t have a lock on his bike. So we quickly went out and bought one but found out that not all locks are created equal.

How to Break Open a Lock Box

The first lock we purchased was broken open in less than five minutes by two teenage boys riding bikes down the street who stopped my son from locking up his bike because they wanted to check it out themselves!

It was then that I decided to do some research on how exactly these locks work, what kind of protection they offer, and how we can make sure we get a good one that will keep our son’s bike protected. In this article, we’ll explore how to break open a lock box.

Step to Follow on How to Break Open a Lock Box

Step One: Determine the lock on the box

The first step is to determine whether or not this task is for you. Not everyone has the same amount of strength nor the same tools available. If you are able, attempt to pick the lock using your tools. If you cannot, try to pry open the lockbox with your hands.

Determine the lock on the box

Every type of lock has a weakness that can be exploited by force or by skill. It is up to you whether you would like to take the time necessary to unlock it in this fashion or prefer to use your skills or tools to exploit said weakness.

Step Two: Using a drill to pick the lock

If you have decided that it would be best to use a drill, position the drill above one of the screws. Turn on your drill and push down as hard as possible. Don’t stop pushing until you hear a click from inside the box. If you don’t hear a click, move the drill to another screw and attempt to turn it again.

Once you have heard a click, repeat this step at every screw on the box until you can open it with your hands or there are no more screws to turn. If you do not have a drill, use your screwdriver to get the screws off of the box.

Step Three: Breaking Open the Lockbox

If you cannot pick or pry open the box, it is time to break it open. If there are no screws, break off the lid of the box with brute strength. If screws are holding it together, use your drill or screwdriver to remove all of them.

Breaking Open the Lockbox

Once they have been removed, break open the box. If it is a plastic lock box, use your screwdriver to put a hole in it. Once you have made a hole, try inserting your fingers into it and pulling the sides apart until the entire box has been torn apart.

Step Four: Hitting the box to break it apart

If you still don’t know what exactly is inside the box, there are still more steps that can be taken. Place your palm on top of the lid and hit it with as much force as possible. If this does not break open the lockbox, place your foot on top of it and pull back. The box will break open due to the pressure put on it.

Before you enter into any dangerous situation, be sure that you are well educated on the subject at hand. If you still cannot decide if this is for you, ask another person to help with your task so that you can focus solely on attacking the lockbox. You cannot expect to succeed in every attempt as some locks will be harder to break open than others.

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Step Five: Using a handheld drill

If you have chosen to use a drill, position it above one of the screws and turn on the drill. Push down with all your might and ensure that it goes into the screw as far as possible. Once you cannot push any further, pull out the drill and try again in another location.

Using a handheld drill

Keep doing this until you can remove them all. If you do not have a drill, use your screwdriver to try getting them out. The screws are attached to the box with bolts, so be sure to work on each location until you get the screws out of their holes. This will help in how to break open a lock box.

Step Six: Maintain Composure.

If you are having difficulty opening the lockbox, make sure that you take deep breaths. For example, exhale when you push down on your drill or screwdriver and inhale when you pull it away. If this does not work for you, try calming music or turning on your favorite television show.

There is no shame in asking for help if you do not know how to open a lockbox. If you feel as though it is too much for you, turn to another person and ask them to take over the task for you. This will allow both of you to manage the situation.

Once you have worked up the courage to try and break open a lockbox, take a look around you for inspiration. Whichever method you choose to use is completely up to you. However, if you are feeling more creative than usual, come up with your methods of attack.

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Frequently Asked Question

Are Lock Boxes Safe?

Lockboxes are the safest option for storing your items. They have a lock that is keyed to one specific owner and cannot be opened by anyone else without their key. They also provide security from theft, fire, water damage, etc.

Where Do You Put Lockboxes?

Lockboxes are usually put in the back of closets, drawers, or behind a piece of furniture. They are also often placed under staircases, inside kitchen cabinets, and in hallways. In some cases, lockboxes can be found in attics or basements.

What Is Lockbox Airbnb?

Lockbox Airbnb is a service that enables users to rent out their Airbnb rooms and apartments in the United States. It is easy to use, has no upfront costs, and it helps make money on your room while you are away.

What Is a Lockbox for Realtors?

A lockbox is a type of online storage that real estate agents use to store documents and other materials. There are many benefits of using a lockbox for realtors, such as:

  • It saves time because you don’t have to take the time and effort to deliver each document individually.
  • It is convenient because the documents can be accessed from anywhere, anytime.
  • You will not be distracted by other tasks because your work can all be done through one interface with just one password.


The best way to break open a lockbox is by using an angle grinder. This will cut through the lock’s metal quickly and efficiently, making this method perfect for when you need to get in quickly. However, if you don’t have access to one of these power tools, other ways can be used successfully, like picking or cutting with bolt cutters, which may take more time but still work well if your patience holds out.

We hope we’ve helped you learn what it takes to break into a lockbox, so next time you find yourself needing something from inside one, you won’t have to wait hours on end for the owner to return home. Now you can save yourself both time and energy by trying these methods out first! We hope you enjoyed this article on how to break open a lock box.

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