How to Build a Ground Level Deck With Deck Blocks

Building a ground-level deck has never been easier with the introduction of Deck Blocks. These creative blocks are specially designed to create a level surface on any terrain, whether sloped or uneven. In addition, the blocks are stackable and can be used in conjunction with your existing decking material for an attractive finished product. 

How to Build a Ground Level Deck With Deck Blocks

If you’re interested in learning more about how these simple yet effective building materials work, read on!  By using Deck Blocks, anyone can build their ground-level deck without the need for professional help.

They’re easy to install and come at an affordable price point that offers excellent value for money. You’ll have your new outdoor space ready to enjoy in no time! So, this article is for you. You will learn how to build a ground level deck with deck blocks with just one simple trick!

10 Steps to Follow on How to Build a Ground Level Deck With Deck Blocks

Step One: Clear the Ground

Before starting any deck building, it is essential to ensure that the area is free of debris and unwanted plants. This will allow for your deck blocks to lay flat and in a uniform position. In addition, the ground should be clear and level to build a ground-level deck with deck blocks.

Clear the Ground

Ensure that there are no large rocks or plants in the way. If any plants or rocks are in the way, use a shovel to dig them out of your path. You may need to clear more than one area if you want a larger deck.

Step Two: Measure and Mark

Use a tape measure to mark out the desired measurements for the deck onto the ground with spray paint. Ensure that the measurements are at least 16 inches away from any objects such as trees, lawnmowers, and shrubbery.

You can always make the deck longer and trim off the excess water if needed. Measure out the first line, then make a mark on the ground every 16 inches. Continue this until you have reached your desired length.

Step Three: Dig Holes

Using a power drill with an adjustable bit, drill down about 4-8 inches into the hard dirt. This will be deep enough to place the deck blocks securely in place. Place the deck blocks into position and then fill around them with dirt until they are sufficiently planted in the ground.

Dig Holes and Place the Deck Blocks Securely in Place

Now you have a sturdy place to set your deck once it is built. Continue this process until all desired deck blocks are planted and filled with dirt securely. If you want to find out more about how to build a ground level deck with deck blocks, keep reading.

Step Four: Put It All Together

Now that the deck blocks are planted securely, you can begin building your deck. First, assemble the frame of your deck and carry it to where you have laid out your deck blocks.

Lay down a piece of underlayment on top of the ground, then place down your first support board. Screw in the board with deck screws, then place the next member of the frame on top. Continue this until you have built your entire deck, then add the finishing touches.

Step Five: Add Decking Boards

Choose your decking material and lay it down with the grooved side down and the smooth side up. Nail in place using an air nailer or a hammer and nails. Use wood that has been treated properly to avoid rotting over time by applying a sealant on the boards before installation.

Continue this until all members of your decking material have been placed onto the frame, then add any necessary trimming boards to cover up the exposed areas of your frame. You are now halfway done with building your ground-level deck.

Step Six: Add Railings

To begin adding railings to your deck, you will need two by fours, pickets, and screws. To make the railing sturdier, use screws instead of nails when piecing it together. Connect the railing on one side of the deck first.

To drill holes in the two-by-fours, measure out where you will need to drill and mark where the hole will be with a pencil. Use 3-inch deck screws when attaching the railings to keep them sturdy. If you have any difficulty screwing into place, use a power drill to mimic an air-driven nailer.

Step Seven: Add a Floor

To add a floor to your ground-level deck, you will need plywood, two by fours, and screws. Cut the plywood into the desired shape of the flooring area and lay it down on top of the frame. Use screws to attach the plywood and secure it to each support board.

Use Screws to Attach the Plywood and Secure It to Each Support Board

To make the flooring of your ground-level deck even sturdier, attach two by fours underneath the plywood to support it. This will prevent any squeaking or shifting of the floor over time. Making a surface for your new ground-level deck may require some carpentry skills if you are working with lumber that is not treated.

Step Eight: Add Lighting

One of the finishing touches you can add to your new ground-level deck is lighting. Using landscape lights will blend in with the environment and provide an aesthetically pleasing scene for evening relaxation or entertaining friends on a warm summer night.

To attach your lights, drill each one down into the supports underneath the decking boards. Drill them in every 4-6 feet, depending on how much lighting you want. If you plan to connect your lights with a power source, drill down holes through the supports and attach wire before attaching the lights to ensure that they will be attached appropriately, even if someone should step on them.

Step Ten: Enjoy Your New Ground-Level Deck

Now that you have built your new ground-level deck, it is time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. You can relax on your new deck or entertain friends on warm summer nights for years to come. By following the steps outlined above, you will be able to construct a sturdy and secure ground-level deck for your home.

Ground-level decks can be built with fewer materials compared to standard deck levels, but they are not as strong, so make sure the weight limit is not exceeded, or it may cause structural damage to your deck. This will help in how to build a ground level deck with deck blocks.

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Can I Build a Deck Using Deck Blocks?

Building a deck using deck blocks instead of footings, set by hand digging, is an economical way to get the job done. It may not look as professional, but it will get the job done just fine. Experienced builders have to follow local building codes, which often require that their work be inspected before getting paid. This, I would suggest, would be the main reason to have a professional do your deck.

The second most important reason is that decks are often attached to homes in locations where they are very visible. This means that they have to look good, which for many people means an expensive job. Just imagine what your neighbor would say if you installed ugly-looking deck supports.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Build a Deck Directly on The Ground?

You can build a deck on the ground, but it will not be as sturdy and strong as one that is built with posts. A good rule of thumb is to avoid building decks directly on the ground because there are no posts or beams to support your structure’s weight.

Can You Build a Deck on Pier Blocks?

Pier blocks are made of concrete and are typically used to build piers. If you want to build a deck on pier blocks, you will need to use some other material.

If you decide to use wood, it would be best to build the deck using pressure-treated wood since it lasts longer than untreated wood. The same goes for treated plywood or any other type of wood that can resist rot and decay.

How Much Weight Can Deck Blocks Hold?

Deck blocks are often used as a foundation for decks and other outdoor structures. They have an open center, which means they can support up to 20 pounds per square foot.

Does a Ground Level Deck Need Footings?

There are many benefits of a ground-level deck. One of the main benefits is that it can save you money on your energy bills by providing more shade for your home and decreasing heat loss from the roof.

Another benefit is that the floor will be safer because there is no risk of falling through a weak or rotten structure into the basement below. Another benefit is that a ground-level deck will also increase value to your home, especially if you live in an area with high rainfall or snowfall.

Do Deck Blocks Need to Be Buried?

Deck blocks need to be buried because the block must go below the frost line, which is usually a few inches below the surface.

If you want to place your deck block on top of a concrete slab, it can be done, but you should be careful not to use any adhesive or screws as these materials will weaken the concrete and cause your deck block to break when put into place.


If you want to build a ground-level deck on your property, we recommend using deck blocks. Deck blocks are an effective and affordable way to construct a solid foundation that one person can easily install.

The best thing about this type of installation is that it doesn’t require any digging or costly excavation work, saving time and money! Plus, with our free shipping offer from Home Depot, all the materials will arrive at your door in just two days for easy assembly. The article has been a good guide on how to build a ground level deck with deck blocks.

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