How to Build a Hearth Pad for Pellet Stove

In this blog post, I will explain how to build a hearth pad for pellet stove. This is an essential accessory if you want the most out of your pellet stove. I will cover what materials are needed, where to find them, and the steps to build it yourself with some tips from my experience! 

How to Build a Hearth Pad for Pellet Stove

This blog post is informative because it gives detailed instructions on making a hearth pad that can be used with a variety of wood stoves. It also covers safety precautions and general information about using one. This is a very detailed post with lots of pictures that will help you if you are unsure how to build one yourself.

Step to Follow on How to Build a Hearth Pad for Pellet Stove

Step One: Prepare the Floor

First, you want to make sure that the pad is going to sit on a level surface. You can look for high and low spots by sprinkling flour over the entire floor and then rechecking it after 15 minutes or so as it dries. Once you have checked the floor and found any high or low spots, try to level them out with some boards or shims.

Prepare The Floor For Pellet Stove

Step Two: Start Laying the Floor Boards

After you have leveled out the floor and found a good level, it is time to start laying down floorboards. You want to make sure that you attach these floorboards with nails or staples at all seams. This will keep your flooring from separating as you put weight on it. After you have laid down one row of boards, start laying your next row with the seams offset from the first row. This way, it is easy to get them together at the corners.

Step Three: Cover Your Floor Boards

Now that you have some floorboards in place, it is time to cover them with a layer of insulation. The best material to use is the pink fiberglass insulation that has a vapor barrier on one side. This type of insulation will help keep your floor warm, and it will also help keep the heat from going up into the house instead of heating your home. You can just cut pieces to fit between each board and then staple them in place.

Step Four: Finish the Floor

Now that you have laid your insulation, it is time to put down some plywood over the top of it. Just make sure that when you are picking out which material to use for this step, you get something that will hold up to heat and moisture, like exterior plywood or OSB (oriented strand board). Once you place this over the insulation, staple it all down to avoid gaps between boards or insulation. This will help in how to build a hearth pad for pellet stove.

Staple to Avoid Gaps Between Boards

Step Five: Build a Border Around the Hearth Pad

Now that you have the floor of your pad finished, it is time to build a border around it. This will help your pad last longer and keep any dirt, water, or other harmful things from damaging the pad. Again, you can use some leftover wood pieces to create this border.

Just cut them so that they fit around all four sides of the flooring, with a tiny bit extending past each edge of the board. Then place them over the plywood and fasten them to the floor with nails, screws, or staples.

Step Six: Put a Base Over the Flooring

Now that your pad is all finished on the bottom side, you need to put a base over it so that you can move things onto it and have something to walk on as well. Again, you can use crushed stone or pea gravel for this base to help it stay level and not erode.

You have to spread the base over the plywood flooring before you put your hearth pad down, and then make sure that you pack it all in tight with a tamper to finish off the installation of your hearth pad. You can then place your hearth pad on top of it and put the finish on your new pellet stove hearth pad.

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Step Seven: Finish Installing the Pellet Stove

Placing Your Pellet Stove on Top

Once you have your base and hearth pad complete, it is time to finish up by placing your pellet stove on top. Just follow the manufacturer’s directions for doing this, and everything should go smoothly. After installing your stove, plug it in and enjoy using it after all of your hard work.

Step Eight: Enjoy Your Stove!

Now that you have finished your pellet stove hearth pad, it is time to start enjoying using your new pellet stove. Just make sure not to spill water or other liquids on the flooring, as it can ruin all of your hard work. You should also avoid letting hot ashes sit on the flooring as well.

If you follow all of these steps, you should have no problem installing your hearth pad for the pellet stove. Just make sure that you choose the right material for each part and do not let anything damage it. After doing this, then it will be easy to enjoy using your new pellet stove for years to come. Thanks for reading about how to build a hearth pad for pellet stove.

Can I Make My Own Hearth Pad?

In a word, “Yes.” Hearth pads are relatively easy to make, depending on your skill. You can cut one out of standard carpeting, although it will be rather thin and ultimately not hold up too well if you use it daily. So, to save some money and provide me with a more substantial pad that would last a good long time, I decided to try and build my own.

While this might not be the most scientific answer, I’ll simply say: Yes, you probably can.” Hearth pads don’t need to be perfectly airtight or even watertight; they just need to protect your floor from soot and heat.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Thick Does a Hearth Pad Need to Be for a Pellet Stove?

A hearth pad is the part of a pellet stove that sits on top of the heat exchanger and is responsible for transferring heat from the firebox to the main body of the stove.

The thickness or depth of a hearth pad varies depending on how much heat it needs to transfer. In general, if you are using a low-efficiency stove, you will need more thickness in your hearth pad to transfer enough heat.

Do You Need a Hearth Pad for a Pellet Stove?

A hearth pad is a piece of metal or ceramic material that sits in the firebox of a wood-burning stove. Its purpose is to provide a smooth surface for the logs to burn on and create an insulating layer between the firebox and the rest of the stove.

It’s recommended that you use a hearth pad when using your pellet stove because it helps maintain the temperature in your firebox. If you don’t have one, it can lead to high heat build-up, which can damage or destroy your stove’s heating elements and burner assembly.

Use a Hearth Pad When Using Pellet Stove

How Big Does My Hearth Pad Need to Be?

The size of your hearth pad depends on the number of people that will be using it.

If you are planning to use it for yourself, then a smaller hearth pad would suffice. If you are planning to use it for guests, then a larger hearth pad is required.

What Are Hearth Pads Made of?

Hearth pads are made of polyurethane foam that is molded into shape. It is then coated with a polyethylene coating and covered in an ethylene-vinyl acetate film.

In the process, they are pressed and molded into their final form, which creates a heat seal around the edges. This material makes them impervious to moisture and water, as well as resistant to fire, smoke, flame retardants, mold, and mildew.


To build a hearth pad for your pellet stove, you will need to make sure that it is at least 6 inches wider than the opening of the stove. This provides extra room around the edges where people can set their feet while sitting in front of the fireplace or warming up by using this type of heating source.

You also want to ensure that there is enough space on all sides so that if someone’s clothing catches fire and spreads flames onto other parts of themself, they won’t be able to reach those areas with their hands before catching on fire and burning themselves severely. Finally, we hope you enjoyed this article on how to build a hearth pad for pellet stove.

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