How to Build a Wood Frame Stucco Fence

A fence is a great way to mark your property boundary, but it can also be an accent piece for the yard. One of the most popular types of fences is wood-framed stucco fences. They are easy to assemble and install because they come with pre-formed panels that snap together quickly.

How to Build a Wood Frame Stucco Fence

The panels have a stucco exterior, so you do not need any other finish work on them, making this project quick and affordable. So, this article is for you. You will learn how to build a wood frame stucco fence with just one simple trick!

8 Steps to Follow on How to Build a Wood Frame Stucco Fence

Step One: Determine

First, you must decide on the design of your fence. This is important because it helps ensure that, when completed, your fence will look aesthetically pleasing and well-fitting for its environment. The first step is to measure how much area you want to be included inside the fence.

Choose Your Design

Then take note of any other objects close to the fence or located near it, such as a garden area. These objects should be considered about your fence plan or left out of the design entirely, depending on how large they are and where they reside.

Of course, if you have no interest in creating a pleasing design, then feel free to skip this step and proceed to the next one. This step is officially complete when you have a solid idea in mind about what your fence will look like and where it will be placed.

Step Two: Mark

To create a wooden frame that is perfectly in shape for your stucco, you must first mark the form of the wood. This will help ensure a smooth and even placement of each piece of wood during construction so that you won’t have slanted boards or any awkward bumps when it comes time to apply stucco.

Mark the perimeter of the wooden frame on all sides. Then, on the inside of the frame, draw a line to indicate where you will cut out a space for the stucco mortar to fit. This is done by taking measurements of the entire area of the future fence and then marking it onto the wood with a pencil.

Next, mark the positions you will measure and cut out holes for your wooden fence posts to fit inside. These posts will help give the fence its structure to be placed evenly and securely in these marked areas. This will help in how to build a wood frame stucco fence.

Step Three: Cut

Once you have marked where you will be cutting out holes within your wooden frame, you must take a step back and consider how you may cut these sections out without damaging any portions of your wooden frame. Once you have determined which sections you think can be cut out and how to go about doing so, it is time to get creative.

You may use a jigsaw or an electric saw to make the cuts. If you are using an electric saw, then go over each marked section with it at least twice before cutting through any of them completely. This will help to ensure that you have cut your wood as evenly as possible and remove any splinters from the spindles of the wood.

Once all pieces have been cut out, you can consider how you may go about making a finished look for each separate hole. For example, if the holes were created by cutting around a wooden fence post, you in the hole with some wood glue and then sand it down to a smooth finish.

Step Four: Insert Poles

For this step, you will be inserting all of your wooden poles inside each hole that has been cut out of your fence’s perimeter. To accomplish this, find a long enough piece of wood to use as a pole. Then, use your hands to push the poles inside each hole so that they fit snugly against the wood of your outer frame.

If needed, use a mallet or hammer to gently tap on the poles so they are firmly in place and will not fall out when putting in the stucco for your fence. Please do not place the poles too far into the holes, as they may cause damage to your stucco when you go to put it on.

If you use wooden fence posts, make them cut to the correct length before inserting any holes. Depending on what kind of wood you use for your posts, you may be required to let it sit in water for a certain amount of time before inserting it into your frame.

Step Five: Make a Base

Before you can start putting on the stucco, there must be a base layer of mortar in your wooden frame so that it will hold the structure of the fence tightly together. For this step, mix up some quick setting cement and then use a trowel or hand to spread an even coat into all of the holes where the poles and wood frame touch.

If your frame is large and you need to put more than one coat of cement onto it, then wait at least an hour before adding another layer on top of the first one. This will ensure that the stucco is nice and hard before you begin working on it with a finish such as paint or concrete.

Then, mark the areas where you need to put your stucco mortar. Generally speaking, it will be between each wooden fence post, around the perimeter of the frame, and any other area that appears to be missing cement. These steps should help you in learning how to build a wood frame stucco fence.

Wooden Fence Post

Step Six: Begin

To begin putting on your stucco, you must have a large enough bucket to hold all of the mortar. If you need more, make sure to add to your bucket as needed. Then, use a piece of coarse sandpaper to rough up the wooden frame where you will be spreading cement.

You may also want to sand down any areas where the poles are touching the frame, as this will make it easier to spread the cement. After you have finished preparing your stucco and wooden frame, find a wide brush and use it to put on the mortar evenly throughout the entire structure of your fence.

Make sure that you fill in any holes and leave no part of your wooden fence without a layer of stucco. If you found areas where cement was missing when you were doing the planning stage, then it is likely that the lack of cement will still show up through your paint or concrete after this step.

Step Seven: Wait

Once you have finished putting on the stucco, you must wait for it to harden before adding any other elements into your project. This can take anywhere from one day to a few months, depending on how much cement was used by the previous step.

To ensure that your wooden fence has held firmly together during this process, make sure that there are no spaces between each pole or place the poles are touching. If you have gaps or cracks between wooden posts, they cause problems when you paint or add concrete to your fence.

After putting on a coat of paint after this step, ensure you only use the quality exterior paints made for fencing. Also, ensure that the paint is completely dry before adding anything to it, then use a second coat of paint when necessary. All of this information will help you learn how to build a wood frame stucco fence.

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Step Eight: Clean

Now that you have a nice new fence, the last step in this process is to clean it up. If there is any part drips on your stucco, you need to get rid of them before they cause problems for your fence with weathering and rot. While most fences can stand up to some water, the same is not valid for paint.

A Nice New Fence

Paint is very susceptible to water and can easily be damaged by small amounts of moisture. To adequately clean the paint off of wood without causing any problems, you will need to use a mixture of white vinegar and dish soap.

Find an old rag to use with the mixture, then pour enough vinegar onto it to have at least two inches worth in the center. Then, mix up enough dish soap to create a thick paste, and use it to scrub the mixture onto the wood where your paint is not coming off.


Follow these steps if you want to build a wood frame stucco fence. To start this project right, make sure to prep the ground with compacted soil and gravel before pouring concrete. Then, to properly install your posts around 10 feet apart from one another, use stakes or string lines as reference points for spacing while digging holes.

When building a stucco fence on sloping terrain, be sure that the top of the post is level across its entire length so it can support any excess weight without tipping over. The conclusion paragraph is informative and provides information on how to build a wood frame stucco fence.

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