How to Bypass Control Board on Pellet Stove

Cleaning the control board on a pellet stove can be difficult and time-consuming. With our helpful guide, you will learn how to bypass control board on pellet stove. There are many benefits to cleaning your Pellet Stove’s Control Board. But, first, it is essential to clean off any excess ash or dust from your pellets before they get burned up by the firebox.

How to Bypass Control Board on Pellet Stove

Cleaning out this extra material will ensure more room for pellets in the firebox which means fewer trips outside with a bucket of coals when you’re trying to cook dinner! In addition, if you don’t clean your control panel, then chances are good that it won’t work as well because it will be unable to sense the pellet levels in your stove. This generally won’t make a huge difference but can lead to your pellets burning hotter or slower depending on how it senses the pellet levels.

Step by Step Guide on How to Bypass Control Board on Pellet Stove

Step One: Disconnect Power

When the board is fully unplugged, it will not reset itself.  An essential part of this system is ensuring that the control panel does not get power, even if only for a short time. Without an additional switch to prevent the electricity from reaching the board when you are working on it.  

When I was working on my stove, I actually took it out of the pellet box and set it in an area where it could not be seen or reached by children or pets; this also means no cords running to it. My stove’s switch has three wires which are red, black, and white.  I connected the black wire ground to the red wire power; this is done by twisting them together and wrapping them in electrical tape.  

This causes the stove’s circuit to run continuously without it actually being plugged in, which also means you will not be able to reset your stove until you disconnect this switch (no electricity = no control board reset). Of course, if you are not comfortable doing this, you can always leave the stove plugged in and simply unplug it when you need to work on it.

Step Two: Remove Four Screws From the Back of the Control Board

The final step is getting behind the control board itself.  Four screws hold the control panel onto the bottom of the pellet stove.  They are located on the top right and left side, with two screws in each corner, there may be some variation to this depending on your model, but it should be pretty close.  

Once these screws have been removed, the control board will be loose and can be lifted off.  There are two wires that are connected to the board; one is behind the small black panel towards the bottom of this board.  This wire comes from the power supply. The other wire simply holds the control board onto the pellet stove.

Control Board Onto the Pellet Stove.

You can disconnect these wires by pulling them off (I suggest wrapping both in electrical tape before disconnecting them).  As a side note, the wire that holds the board to the stove was a little bit of a pain for me because I didn’t have any pliers small enough to grab it from behind easily.

Step Three: Remove the Control Panel Cover

The back of the control panel will look something like this; please excuse my messy desk.  Four screws hold the cover on.  After these screws have been removed, gently pry open the small plastic door; it should easily pop up.

Depending on which model you have, there may be one or two wires running to the control board that you will need to disconnect. Once this has been done, remove the circuit board from its holder and set it on your desk or workbench.

Step Four:  Locate the Jumper

The cover should look something like this.  Here, you can see that there are two leads on this board running from left to right; these are the leads we will be working with.

It may be hard to tell in the picture, but you will find two small black lines connected if you follow one of them to the bottom right corner.  This is the jumper that we need to remove in order to get our stove working without the control panel.

Step Five: Removing the Jumper

The jumper is connected to two of the contacts on this circuit board.  It only takes a small tool to remove it; I used a thin screwdriver and quickly pried it up.  After removing the jumper, you can use either tape over the leads or leave them as is, whichever you prefer.

Step Six: Reassemble and Enjoy!

The final step is to reassemble the control panel and put your stove back in its pellet box. After doing this, you should start it up and use it immediately; no extra switches or wiring is needed. Please note that it will not work if you disconnect the leads from the power supply or the wire that holds the control panel to your pellet stove. This will help in how to bypass control board on pellet stove.

Reassemble the Control Panel

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Pellet Stove Be Controlled by Thermostat?

Yes, a pellet stove can be controlled by a thermostat.

To answer this question, we need to understand some key things related to pellet stoves, like: What is a pellet stove? And finally, what are the steps involved in controlling the temperature of a pellet stove.

Simply put: A pellet stove is an efficient way of heating your home with wood pellets that burn very cleanly and efficiently. It is also known as an electric or gas-fired stove that uses wood pellets as a fuel source.

Skills required for controlling the temperature of a pellet stove are basic knowledge about how these stoves work and understanding the basics of electricity, heating, and combustion in general.

You are finally coming onto the final part, i.e., Steps involved in controlling the temperature of a pellet stove. There are many steps involved in controlling the temperature of a pellet stove, such as identifying your needs and installing them accordingly.

The Jumper Is Connected

Can I Manually Start My Pellet Stove?

A pellet stove can be manually started. However, it is important to know that they are designed to run automatically. Therefore, if you want to start your pellet stove manually and make sure it is operating properly, then follow these steps:

  1. Turn off the electricity at the main switch or breaker.
  2. Open the bottom access door on your pellet stove and remove any ashes in the ash pan.
  3. Put a few pieces of dry wood into the fuel hopper and place a screen over them so they don’t fall through when you close the hopper door (they will stay inside).
  4. Close all doors on your pellet stove and make sure all safety devices are working properly by checking for proper operation from an outside power source first before turning on power to your pellet stove from inside (the unit must have been turned off during this process).

What Causes a Pellet Stove Not to Ignite?

There Are Many Possible Causes of a Pellet Stove Not Igniting. Some of the Most Common Reasons Are:

  1. The burner is not lit
  2. There is no gas in the stove
  3. The flame sensor has been damaged and does not sense the flame
  4. There is an air leak around the vent pipe that prevents fuel from reaching the burner

Can You Reset a Pellet Stove?

The short answer is no, but there are a few things you can do to prolong the life of your pellet stove.

First, make sure you’re using clean pellets that have been stored properly and are not exposed to excess moisture or heat. If the pellets are getting wet from condensation, they will lose their burn time and need to be dried out before use.

If you find that your stove has stopped working because of a clogged chimney, it’s possible to unclog it by adding some type of lubricants such as vegetable oil or corn oil and then lighting it on fire again.

Stove Has Stopped Working


The control board on your pellet stove is a safety feature, but it can sometimes be inconvenient. Here are some ways to get around the control board and start up your unit without having to wait for someone from our team or a technician from the manufacturer’s service center. 

If you have lost power in your home due to weather conditions or other reasons, make sure that all of the electronics inside your house are powered off before turning on any appliances such as a TV, computer monitor, desktop PC tower, etcetera.

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