How to Bypass Lid Lock on Maytag Washer

Today you will learn how to bypass the lid lock on your Maytag washer. Lid locks are made to prevent children from opening the lid while clothes are being washed, but there is a way around it if you need access to your machine for any reason.

How to Bypass Lid Lock on Maytag Washer

For example, if you have lost your key or forgotten yours at home, this tutorial will help you get back into your washer! You can also use this method in an emergency, such as when you accidentally put something inside that shouldn’t. This process takes only a few minutes and requires no tools whatsoever! So follow these easy steps below and save yourself some time! In this blog, we will explain how to bypass lid lock on maytag washer.

Why Bypass the Lid Lock?

The lid lock on a Maytag washer can be bypassed in cases of emergency, such as when an object is accidentally put inside the washer and needs to be removed. This process also works if you have forgotten your lid lock key at home or lost it entirely. In addition, this process is especially useful in cases where toddlers or children are around. Finally, bypassing the lid lock gives you access to your machine when it’s the most.

Stepwise Guides on How to Bypass Lid Lock on Maytag Washer

Step 1: Remove the Lid of Your Washing Machine (if It Is Closed)

The lid is usually attached to the washer by two hinges on the top. You will not have to remove any screws in most cases, as these hinges are held in place by pins. Push on both sides of the lid until it pops off.

Lid  Usually Attached to the Washer by Two Hinges

If your machine has a lock light switch, make sure you hold down this button while removing the lid to keep the device unlocked. If you push in the button but do not press hard enough for it to click back out, your washer will automatically lock itself again when you put the lid back on!

Step 2: Locate the Green Wire Inside the Lid of Your Washing Machine

When looking at an opened washing machine lid, you will see a green wire attached to a small white box. This box is connected to the lid lock mechanism and must be bypassed for the lock to be disabled.

Opening Washing Machine Lid

Step 3: Pull Down on the Wire Until It Releases From Its Clip

Hold onto this wire as you gently pull it downward until it pops out of its clip. This green wire is the only piece you must remove to complete this process, so make sure you do not lose it!

Step 4: Put the Lid Back on Your Washing Machine and Close It

When putting the lid back on, ensure that the wire and its clip are still connected to the machine.  This will keep the lid lock from automatically locking itself again. Now that you have successfully bypassed your washing machine’s lid lock, it should be If you hear a click when pushing this button in, it means that your has been disabled.

Tips & Warnings on How to Bypass Lid Lock on Maytag Washer

  • This may work on more than just the Maytag washer at the link.
  • This bypass will work on most washers that have a Start/Pause button. However, it is speculated to only not work with machines that do not allow for pause mid-cycle (such as an auto-fill or auto-time machine). To reduce confusion, the word “Pause” “ill b” is used in this article as a universal term for a mid-cycle pause.
  • This method SHOULD take no longer than 30 minutes to complete but may take less time depending on your familiarity with the machine and how long it has been since you last bypassed a lid switch.
  • The reason this is called a “one-wire” solution” n is because the only wire you will have to connect to get your machine working again is black.
  • Any time you work on the machine, keep fingers out of any moving parts and unplug it from its power source. This should reduce injuries or accidents during this process.
  • If your washer has a lid lock, you can try all the tricks in this article to see if they will work.
  • This is unofficial and unverified information that I have used to restore my washing machine. It may not work for every model, but it was the only solution that worked for me. The following instructions are guidelines that should be adapted as necessary for your particular washing machine.

Reason For Bypass Lid Lock on Maytag Washer

The main cause of my washer not working in the past was that the lid lock wasn’t correct, and when I closed the lid, it wouldn’t spin or drain mode.  I would try to troubleshoot the problem but couldn’t-couldn’t out what was wrong, so I would call a service person.

Troubleshooting the Maytag Washer

A Service Person’sPerson’s

The service person told me to bypass the lid lock with a short piece of wire which only took 5 minutes to complete. Now my machine works just fine.  I purchased an extra lock just in case I ever need it, but it’s good it’s known that I can bypass the lid lock if it ever goes out again.  The service person was glad that I could bypass the lid lock and didn’t come back and charge me for a service call.

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If you are having problems with your Maytag washer, there is a way to bypass the lid lock. With this information in hand, hopefully, any future repairs will be easier and less expensive. Now that we’ve how to override the lid lock on your Maytag washing machine, here are some other tips for getting it unstuck if you need help! -There’s one way to get past a stubborn Maytag lid lock!

Call a repair person if you don’t comfortable doing this yourself, with your washing machine likely expired.  You may have to pay for the service, but it will be cheaper than buying a new washer or paying for repairs.

Thank you for reading our article How to Bypass Lid Lock on Maytag Washer. If you have any questions or concerns, please leave a comment below.

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