How to Clean a French Press?

The making of coffee is always great and easy as there are a lot of machines built to make you a perfect coffee in minutes, but yet a question comes about on how to maintain such machines.

Imagine, you waking up from a good night sleep in great spirits to a bright Monday morning, and walking into the kitchen with a big simile to pour yourself a good cup of coffee with that new French press coffee maker you bought last weekend and realizing it wasn’t cleaned from last night’s coffee or have you had guests come over to your house for the weekend for a coffee talk and had to serve several coffees but did not know how to clean a French press that you purchased a few days ago?

how to clean a french press

Well is to know that learning how to clean a French press for that lovely coffee you have each morning is important as having that nice cup of coffee. Here are a few steps on how to dispose of coffee grounds from a French press to enjoy quality coffee in every brew.

Step by Step Guide on How to Clean a French Press?

Step 1: Removal of Coffee Grounds

As obvious and easy it may seem to you, the removal of coffee grounds can be somewhat of a pain and frustrating. However, the first thing you do is to gently tap the bottom of your beaker over your compost or garbage to get all coffee grounds out.

In most cases a bit of the coffee grounds may get stuck, so you will need a spatula, wooden spoon or a brush to scoop out the remaining bits. Avoid the use of metal spoons as this might cause scratching or breakage.

Step 2: Disassemble and Soak

Most people tend to not do this but then refill for another serving, but is to know that the best way to clean a fresh press is to remove the beaker and the coffee plunger and rinse off any extra grounds.

Now you carefully separate all of your French press components (the lid, plunger, plunger screen, cylinder) and submerge in hot water with a dishwashing liquid or better yet use baking soda to prevent altering the taste of the coffee afterward.

Step 3: Scrub Clean

Use a soft cloth, dry sponge or a brush, and gently scrub all your French presses including the filter screen and plunger making sure every remaining coffee residue is removed. Once scrubbed clean, give all components a thorough rinse to ensure there are no soap or baking soda left behind as this will go in length in affecting how the coffee will taste.

Scrub Clean

Step 4: Dry

pick each part one by one and lay on a drying rack to dry. However, if you need to use the coffee press immediately, you can dry each part off with a dish towel.

Step 5: Put French Press Back Together

Another obvious step but can be quiet complicated. Simply start by sliding your cleaned beaker into its holder with caution as most are made of glass and hence breakable.

Step 6: Reassemble Filter Screens and Plunger

Place the mesh filter screen on top of the retaining disk which is followed by the spring disk. From top to bottom, you should have the spring disk, mesh filter and the retaining disk on the bottom.

Reassemble Filter Screens and Plunger

Step 7: Fix the Filter and Disk Into Rod

Make extra sure the filter and disk are stacked, then tightly screw the lid and rod duo into the disks and filter.

Cleaning a French press can be simple or hectic depending on how you deal with it. Aside the steps above on how to clean a French press is advisable to always use coarse ground coffee to start as fine to medium ground coffee always tend to make the cup gritty and even clog the filters making it super difficult in cleaning.

Coffee grounds should always be discarded properly into a compost bin rather than putting them done the sink as this might risk clogging the sink. Lastly but not the least place the French press in a plastic bag or in the kitchen cupboard for storing if it’s not going to be used for a long period of time.

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