How to Clean a Metal Roof From the Ground


A metal roof is a type of roofing material that uses metal to shelter natural elements. Most modern-day tops are made up of asphalt, which causes many problems in the long run. With time, asphalt will begin to age and crack, leading to leaks if your roof is not maintained correctly.

On top of that, asphalt cannot handle much weight before it begins sinking inward. Metal roofs are more durable than their asphalt counterparts, which means they will need less maintenance over time while also supporting any additional weight you may place upon them. In this article, I will discuss how to clean a metal roof from the ground. So let us get started.

How to Clean a Metal Roof From the Ground

How Often Should I Clean My Metal Roof? 

Your metal roof will last longer and look better if you clean it at least once a year. Remember, the best time to wash your house is when no one can see it! That’s usually in the fall after summer storms have stopped. But, of course, sometimes you need to do more during spring or summer when pollen, soot, tree sap, or other substances are present.

Stepwise Guide on How to Clean a Metal Roof From the Ground


Always start on a clear and mild day. Do not work while it is very windy or raining; this could add some time to your project.


Using a ladder, carefully access your roof. There are different kinds of ladders like straight, rolling, and extension that will be beneficial for you in reaching the desired spot. A metal roof needs special care while cleaning, mainly painted or galvanized, so choose wisely and cautiously. Make sure all parts of your body and handrails are well covered before climbing up the ladder/roof.

Using a Ladder, Carefully Access Your Roof


Some roofs may require multiple cleanings at various angles but always remember to use proper safety gear such as gloves and wear goggles to protect yourself from the sharp edges and exposed nails. Ensure that there is enough ventilation below you and around your ladder/roof; otherwise, this could cause a severe accident.


Using a garden hose and suitable quality water pressure nozzle (not too powerful), wash down your roof carefully and thoroughly to remove all debris, dirt, dust, etc., from it efficiently. This will work out great if you have been facing problems with moss growth. Note: If you have encrusted mud or other problematic areas on your metal roof, use a wire brush to clear them away gently before using the spray nozzle.

Wash Down Your Roof Carefully Using a Garden Hose


After washing off any excess grime from your metal roof, you can use a piece of wet fabric or paint roller to gently scrub the top side (or visible part) of your roof. This will help in removing mildew or dirt for a cleaner finish.


Once done, let it dry in the sun before you step down from the ladder/roof with proper precautions again.

Precautions While Cleaning a Metal Roof From the Ground

1. Always carry safety equipment while climbing a ladder or roof:

Make Sure You Have on Closed-toe Shoes and Long Pants
  • Make sure you have on closed-toe shoes and long pants.
  • Tie back loose clothing and avoid dangling jewelry.
  • Climbing and working on roofs and ladders is inherently dangerous so do it safely by wearing gloves, goggles, helmet with face shield, etc., as needed to protect you from the sun’s rays, wind, dust, rain, and insects.

2. Make sure that your footing is secure before moving on to the next rung of the ladder or step of the roof.

3. Confirm that no one will be walking up or down the stairs of an adjoining structure attempting to climb onto a lower roof.

4. Always carry a cell phone and inform someone of your whereabouts and work schedule just in case you need assistance. If there is no reception, turn off your phone or power it down to conserve battery life if necessary.

5. Never work alone; always bring a friend or family member with you to help out as needed and for safety reasons.

6. Have an emergency medical plan:

  • Always let someone know what the symptoms of heat exhaustion, heatstroke, or another injury might be so they can assist you if needed; also, tell them how far away from the nearest road or hospital you expect to be (or where you’ll meet them).
  • Carry plenty of water and drink it! Dehydration can lead to heat exhaustion and other issues, so stay well hydrated.
  • Always have a first-aid kit handy and know how to use it.

7. Wear protective equipment including gloves, dust mask, goggles, etc., as needed for the job you’re doing (be prepared).

8. Only work on a ladder or roof during regular daylight hours; dusk or dawn are NOT safe times.

9. Never drop tools from the roof; always set them down carefully and securely before moving on to another task, then reclaim them afterward; be sure your helper is watching and knows where all of your stuff is at all times!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Vinegar Clean a Metal Roof?

Vinegar is an effective cleaner for metal roofs, but you must follow a few safety precautions to avoid damage. First, mix equal parts vinegar and warm water in a bucket. Dip your cleaning brush into the mixture, then scrub the roof down with vertical strokes. Use caution while you’re on the ladder; vinegar can irritate your eyes, nose, and throat if it gets in contact with them while it’s undiluted.

Wear goggles or other eye protection when working on top of the ladder to avoid this problem. Finally, rinse off the mixture thoroughly after scrubbing each section of your metal roof, using lots of cold water from a garden hose. Some manufacturers recommend adding dishwashing liquid instead of plain water to make cleaning easier without compromising energy efficiency.

What Can I Use to Clean a Black Metal Roof?

Black metal roofs are prevalent because of their energy-saving benefits, but they can be challenging to clean. You may be tempted to use your pressure washer, but this will cause problems if you don’t remove the water hose first. Any standing water on the roof for more than an hour or two can leave rust rings that look like stains and become permanent if not treated quickly.

Instead of your pressure washer, wipe down black metal roofs with a solution made from equal parts soap (dishwashing liquid) and water in a bucket. Rinse it off thoroughly with lots of cold water once you’ve scrubbed each section of your roof.


Lastly, I hope you have obtained all the necessary information regarding how to clean a metal roof from the ground. Thank you and have a nice day!

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