How To Clean a Pizza Stone?

The baking or making of a pizza is an art itself. There is a great amount of work put in to make or bake a perfect and delicious pizza. One great element on the process of baking a pizza is having to place your raw flour, cheese and toppings on a pizza stone before putting it in the oven to bake. A pizza stone is a movable stone slab especially smooth on the surface that gives chefs the perfect crispy crust in making a pizza. Pizza stone is the stool used to get you that perfect crispy and thin pizza crust you so much enjoy in a pizza.

How To Clean a Pizza Stone

Pizza stone are very important in the making of pizza’s and hence the need to maintain it. Now generally, one does not need to always clean the pizza stone as cooking of pizza on it is seasonal. But if the need to clean arrives, be sure in doing it correctly. There are so many different methods on cleaning a pizza stone and here are a few simple ways on how to clean a pizza stone:

1. Pizza stones are best cleaned with simple brush, blunt tool or a scraper. The use of a stone brush or a spatula made of plastic to scrape excess pieces of burnt food stacked on the stone is important. Scraping should be done gently on the surface of the stone where the debris of excess are and should not be done with a metal spatula as this can scratch the stone and cause damage to it. Always make sure the stone is cooled to room temperature before working on it.

how to clean a pizza stone

2. The use of soap on a pizza stone is highly discommended. The smooth surface of the stone might let you think cleaning it with a soap or dish washing detergent will be ok and easy, but truth is, it will rater destroy the stone for good.

 This is because, a pizza stone is porous, hence soap can easily get inside these pores and damage the taste of your beloved pizza. If you are serving customers you did be sure in losing them as they did be tasting soap in their pizzas.

3. You can easily also make use of a damp cloth in cleaning a pizza stone. You damp a wash cloth in warm waters and slowly and gently wipe down debris or excess off the pizza stone. This will also give you the chance to clean the pieces of food that were not able to go from scraping.

Use Damp Cloth in Cleaning Pizza Stone

4. On how to clean a pizza stone burnt, one may need to soak the whole pizza stone in water. A burnt or baked on gunk pizza stone will be need to be placed in water and soaked to soften it for easy removal. Soak your pizza stone overnight in plain clear drinkable water before attempting to scrape it clean again. It is however to bear in mind that soaking it means the stone will absorb water and hence needs to be dried completely before using it again. It is advisable to let it completely dry for at least a week or so.

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As car is to an engine, so is a pizza stone to an oven. Without pizza stones, we all would not be enjoying the wonderful crispy tastes of pizza’s. Cleaning of them though not every day is essential. Pizza stones are very fragile and should be clean with caution as this might lead to it being cracked. Always let your stone completely cool off before handling it. Cooling it to a room temperature is the best as exposing it to cold air may lead to it being permanently damaged.

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