How to Clean Electric Stove Drip Pans?

Electric stove drip pans are made to add a good design to the electric stove, but most importantly to serve as a place for the spillages of whatever you are cooking on your stove. They are mostly placed underneath the burners of your electric stove and act like a shield of the stove to whatever you cook or use the stove for, from oil spills, coffee grounds, sauce, grains of rice to little pieces of other food stuff all land on the electric stove drip pan making it dirty. Due to this constant collection of dirt, knowing how to clean electric stove drip pans is indeed essential.

How to Clean Electric Stove Drip Pans

Cleaning of one’s stove drip pans, does not only make your electric stove look nice but also act as a healthy practice of living. The practice of cleaning one’s stove drip, once cooking is done, does indeed go a long to keep your whole electric stove clean and prevent the welcoming of ants and cockroaches at night to come and ramble all over your stove. Now as easy as it may look, cleaning of an electric stove drip pan does entail some steps one should know, in order to attain an effective cleaning:

Step-1: First and most important step is making sure all the control knobs of each burner on your electric stove is turned to the “off” point and the burners are all cool and safe to touch. This being the first point as there have been many incidents of fire outbreak or third degree burns of not following this basic step.

Step-2: Gently and slowly lift the burner or elements by letting down your fingers underneath it. Now make sure not to over lift it, as this might cause damage to its setting once plugged back in. it is advisable to lift it not more than 1 inch above the drip pan.

Step-3: Again, slowly but gently take the element off the stove to release if from the terminal plug and then now you remove your drip pan.

Step-4: In this step, you either get a bucket of water or simply fill your sink with water so as to be able to submerge your pans in it. The pans are supposedly to be submerged and to soak for about 10 to 15 minutes, however this will highly depend on what kind of stain or dirt you are trying to get raid off on your pans and is recommend on the wearing of a rubber glove to help protect your hands. Dish washing liquid or soft detergent can be used for the soaking.

Step-5: This step is when you actually do the cleaning. With the aid of a soft sponge or a mild abrasive cleaner, take the pans from your soak waters and scrub clean. The use of steel wool pads should not be used for the scrubbing as this might cause scratches.

Use Sponge and Abrasive Cleaner

Step-6: Once the scrub clean is done, you then rinse in warm but clean waters. You then dry or bluff with a soft and clean kitchen towel to help dry it. Pans should be placed on the kitchen counter for some time, to let air pass on it to help it dry more and accurately.

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Step-7: Once fully dry, gently re-fix drip pans back on the electric stove, connect and on your stove to make sure, the cleaning did not affect it in any way.

Electric  Stove  Drip  Pan

Knowing how to clean drip pans are done differently by different individuals, but the underlaying factor when cleaning is that you use the right procedure in removing and scrubbing of your drip pans.

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