How To Clean Pizza Oven?

The greatest pizza’s tasted in the world, all do go through a process in making it that delicious and tasty. There have been a lot of pizzas introduced in the world now with so many different ways of making it, but all still go through the oven for baking. The pizza does not become pizza, not unless it has been fully baked in the oven. Hence the importance of the oven in pizza making is like having an engine to a car.

How to clean pizza oven

Since, oven is an important feature in the making of pizza, it is also then important in keeping it maintained, clean and always ready to do some baking. How to clean pizza oven, and How to clean oil spill in an oven are all factors to think of in the maintenance of your pizza oven. Below are some discussed factors on how to go about the cleaning of a pizza oven.

1. A brick oven will need to be scraped or brushed to get rid of debris or any leftovers in the oven. The right tool for scraping or brushing of debris or leftovers is a pizza brush or scraper, a chef’s knife or a pizza peel. When scraping, you should not apply to much force to the hand as you do not want to damage the oven. Scrap off debris or leftovers by gently brushing them out of the oven or collecting the debris/leftovers with a dust collector. In a case of a grease spill, and scraping or brushing does not get it off, best way on how to clean oil spill in an oven is by the use of a dampened cloth of water to slowly and gently wipe on it till it soft enough to scrap or brush.

2. Conveyor pizza ovens usually store a lot of nooks and crannies in the oven making it very difficult to clean. In cleaning a conveyor, you remove the belt and gain access to the oven’s innards. Set it aside and apply a cleaner to loosen stuck debris. Also take off the fingers of the oven to clean it off cheese, oil and crumbs. Spray down the fingers with a cleaner and allow it to loosen debris for about 20-30 minutes. Once it’s done, you brush off loosened debris and wash the components. When all is dry from the washing, you finally re-install and is good as new.

Conveyor pizza ovens

3. On cleaning a pizza deck oven. The use of water or a cleaning solution around the pizza stone is not recommended as this might cause a crack when heated and may result in split pieces getting stuck in the pizza which will in turn harm you customers. A scraper side of a pizza oven brush/scraper should be used to loosen ash and food debris inside the oven.

4. Before cleaning the pizza oven. It is advisable to turn the oven up to 400 degrees for about 30 minutes to allow it to burn off debris and residue on the stones. Also, do not attempt on cleaning the exhaust stacks by yourself as this procedure requires professionals with specialized knowledge and tools.

In all, a pizza oven is the main source of making a delicious pizza and most probably the expensive equipment in your pizza shop. Without it, work will come to a standstill and so will your profit, which in the long run lead to closure of your business. To avoid this and any future problems, always clean your pizza oven daily. At the closure of your shop and upon ending the day, the first thing is to clean your oven and get it ready for tomorrows work. Not cleaning of pizza oven’s will lead to a bad taste in your pizza’s or worse finding foreign materials that are harmful to your customers.

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