How to Clean Velcro?

I stumbled upon the problem of how to clean Velcro on the night of one interesting Christmas eve. My lazy self-decided to forget there was going to be an exchange of gifts on the eve of Christmas at the workplace till the eleventh hour. I had already picked a name, Lisa the secretary to our accountant who was mostly in charge of administering employee payroll, so not showing up without a gift could mean late salaries for me in future. So I rushed out to the nearest open shopping mall and got her a nice looking winter jacket only to get home and realize the Velcro was terrible. Spent the next hour combing the net on the topic how do you clean Velcro.

How to Clean Velcro

A Velcro filled with lint, small pieces of thread and debris make a jacket look wretched, dirty and unattractive and the trying of cleaning a Velcro can be stressful if you do not know how. Here are a few ways of dealing with how to fix Velcro:

  • Hook and loop fastener with duct tape: The easiest method on cleaning a Velcro. All you need is a duct tape specifically the brownish one. What you do here is to cut a piece of your duct tape no bigger than your palm, so it does not get unwieldy and sticky to itself and lay the fastener flat as you press the tape into the closure to get it to stick to as much lint as possible. As easy as it may seem, it is to know that you would have to perform this step several times with new pieces of duct tape, as much as necessary, till your Velcro is clean to you.
Cleaning a Velcro
  • The toothbrush: with this method, you get an old toothbrush to brush the trapped lint out of the fattener. You lay the fastener flat, and apply pressure in short, hard strokes with the bristles from one end of the fastener to the other. The brush should be a plain toothbrush with just bristles to be able to execute a job well done.
  • Fingernails: Yes, your fingernails can also be used as a tool to remove any surface lint from the fastener. Again you lay the fastener flat, slowly and gently pick off any obvious piece of thread, hair or any other foreign materials there. The downside of this method is one could easily get tired or bored doing it and one cannot pick out all the foreign materials stuck there.
  • The cutter of a tape dispenser: Using a cutter of a tape dispenser to scrape the hook-and-loop fastener of a Velcro is one effective way on how to make a Velcro sticky again. With this method, you use the edge of the tape dispenser (the part where you use to cut the tape) to scrape the fastener clean. While the fastener is laid flat, use the teeth of the tape dispenser to rake it in short firm strokes from one end to the other. Use your fingers to pick any lint that comes to the top of the fastener.
Using a Cutter of a Tape Dispenser
  • Needle –nose tweezers: This method is carried when the lint is deeply embedded in the hooks of the fastener. You use the pair of needle-nose tweezers to pick it out by laying the fastener flat, and while holding at both ends you use the tips of the tweezer to tease out the debris in the Velcro.

There are indeed a million ways to get that your dirty Velcro clean and back to its nice and appealing look. However Is to know that all these various ways and methods in answering how does Velcro works may differ from one individual to the other and that one method can work for you and won’t work for another. Also not all methods will be able to completely as in 100 % remove lint or dirt from your Velcro. Sometimes 2 to 4 methods are used in cleaning a single Velcro.

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