How to Cut Metal Curtain Rod

Today, I’m going to show you how easy it is to cut a metal curtain rod. It doesn’t matter if you have done this before or not; I know that by the end of my post, you’ll feel like an expert. With just some essential tools and the proper technique, your home will be more stylish than ever! 

How to Cut Metal Curtain Rod

These days, when decorating with curtains in your home, it’s essential to consider things like the color scheme and fabric type. There are so many different types of materials used for curtains that choosing one can be very overwhelming.

For example, silk curtains are elegant but expensive, while polyester curtains fade over time which isn’t ideal. If you want something more durable, then linen would probably be your best bet. This blog post will show you how to cut metal curtain rods.

Step to Follow on How to Cut Metal Curtain Rod

Step One: Determine

First, you will need to determine how many rods you need. If your window or door is non-standard, it may be necessary to cut the metal curtain rod to fit it properly. To do this, take a measuring tape and measure from either side of your window frame down to the edge of your molding on both sides.

Determining How Many Metal Curtain Rods

Suppose you have a door that does not sit flush in the frame; measure from the top of your molding down to the baseboard. The distance between these measurements is how much metal curtain rod you will need in total to give you enough coverage for your window or door.

Step Two: Mark and Measure

If you have a standard window, measure the distance from the center of one hole in your metal curtain rod to the center of one on the other side and mark this point with a pencil. From there, move outward and mark each hole at equal intervals based on how many holes are in your curtain rod, usually every 2-3 inches.

For non-standard windows or doors, measure outwards from the center of each hole in your curtain rod to where you need the next hole to be. Keep in mind that metal curtain rods are sold with a minimum length requirement, so your measurements should allow for at least one inch extended on either end.

Step Three: Draw a Straight Line

You will now need to draw a straight line connecting each of the marks you have made on your curtain rod. Use either a ruler or measuring tape, marking out where you would like them to go with a pencil. If your measurements are slightly off but cannot be corrected by moving the first mark, you can make a new mark at the first hole and connect it to your second with a ruler.

Measuring  Metal Curtain Rod

Then, use a ruler or measuring tape to connect each of your marks at equal intervals until you have reached the end of your rod. Hold your metal curtain rod up against the wall next to the window and connect the marks to form a straight line if this is a bit tricky. This will help in how to cut metal curtain rods.

Step Four: Cut Metal Curtain Rod

Once you have determined where exactly along your line you will need to cut, use a hacksaw or other metal saw to cut through your curtain rods. If you are using a hacksaw, take your time and ensure that you are not cutting yourself.

Once you have cut your rod in this manner, please measure its length against where it will go. If you are happy with the length, tuck the ends inside the curtain rod, so no one is harmed by sharp metal edges or snagged clothing. If not, cut a second piece and test it against the window or door one last time.

Step Five: Finish Up

Once you have found a length that works for your curtain rod without cutting too much off, use pliers to bend the ends out, so they’re smooth. Then take sandpaper and smooth down your entire metal curtain rod until it is both smooth and safe to use.

Sandpaper Using in  Entire Metal Curtain Rod

If this seems like a lot of work and you’re not sure whether or not it’s worth your time, consider the cost of replacing your window coverings. While curtains may be easier to replace than furnishings in your home, they can still prove costly, especially if you’ve chosen custom covers for your windows or doors.

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To cut a metal curtain rod, use tin snips and make sure to wear safety glasses. If you don’t have any of these items available, the next best alternative is using a hacksaw or Sawzall with an appropriate blade.

Metal can be difficult to work with because it’s such a hard material, but cutting through it doesn’t take much effort if you’re careful about what tools you use and how they should be handled. Using a combination of measuring, drawing straight lines, and sawing is the best way to cut this kind of curtain rod.

Hang your window coverings as soon as you’re done with them to save space or time later on. Finally, the conclusion paragraph is informative and provides information on how to cut metal curtain rods.

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