How To Dehumidify a Bathroom?

The easiest place to get humid in a house is a bathroom. Bathrooms have a high tendency of getting humid because of the number of times we spend there all in the use of water. This includes the long steaming showers, piping hot baths and the constant washing of our hands and faces. Humidity even gets worse with inner bathrooms which do not have any sort of ventilation. Meaning anytime you take a hot shower, the vapor that is produced condenses and allowing moist air to surface on cold places like the tiles, walls, mirrors and ceiling of the bathroom which then leads to various problems such as the growth of molds and bacteria.

How To Dehumidify a Bathroom?

Maintaining a bathroom free of molds or grime can just be an entire problem of its own. so the best way to deal with such situations or to prevent the build of bacteria and molds in your bathroom which can be easily lead to health hazards such as asthma attacks and allergic reactions will be the use of a dehumidify. Learning how to dehumidify a bathroom can be done in various ways, with various methods. Discussed below are a few:

1. Windows: The first step one can take in dehumidify a bathroom is making use of windows. If your bathroom comes with a window, make sure you open it for a good amount of ventilation to occur. A closed window will just allow a great amount of condensation to occur, which will increase the chances of molds and bacteria to come at work. Well if you do not have a window installed in your bathroom, which is most common to inner build bathrooms you move on to step 2.

2. Dehumidifier: The use of a dehumidifier for bathroom without vent is the best way in getting rid of any mold attack or the presence of bacteria in a bathroom. Installation of a dehumidifier will be able to suck out the moisty air that your hot showers make and blow back dry air into the bathroom, thereby preventing any condensation that might evoke the presence of bacteria and molds. There are so many dehumidifiers mainly designed for the usage in the bathroom making it easier to find a small dehumidifier for the bathroom which can be easily placed on top of your toilet seat. One of the best dehumidifiers for the use of bathrooms will be the Eva-dry electric petite dehumidifier which can be easily found on Amazon.

Dehumidifier for Bathroom

3. Dry Clean: Another great way of keeping a bathroom dehumidified will be by the method of dry cleaning your bathroom right after use. Yes, this method involves hard work, as you did have to get an old towel or rug and wiping down or cleaning any excess water that might be on the walls, floors or mirrors. Practicing dry cleaning your bathroom is the most cost-efficiency way on learning how to keep your bathroom dehumidify.

4. Fans: The use of ventilation fans will also be a good way to dehumidify your bathroom. If there are no windows installed in your bathroom, the purchase of fans that can be easily fixed somewhere on the wall of the bathroom so you could switch it on after taking a hot shower and letting it quickly dry the whole bathroom so as to prevent condensation.

There are signs to watch out for that can easily tell your bathroom is over humid. This sign involves looking out for the development of mildews and molds at the corners of the bathroom and smelling an odd smell while in the bathroom. Once you notice signs such as these, you should take all precautions in dehumidify your bathroom, before it turns out to be a health hazard or out of control.

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