How to Dispose of Old Wooden Fence

Your old wooden fence is starting to rot and sag, so it’s time for a replacement. You could leave an old wooden fence in your backyard collecting more and more moss until it becomes an eyesore, or you could get rid of it the right way. This article will teach you how to dispose of your old fence properly.

How to Dispose of Old Wooden Fence

Replacing an old wooden fence can be a daunting task, but it’s essential to dispose of the old fence once you’re done correctly. Here are a few steps on how to get rid of your old fence without harming the environment.

A Stepwise Guide on How to Dispose of Old Wooden Fence

Step 1 : Make Your Plan

It would help if you thought of the plan for getting rid of your wooden fence before you do it. You will feel less guilty about removing this fence if you have a new one in mind or know what will happen after removal.

First, ask yourself if there is anything that can be done to reuse the old fencing. Using solid wood posts can be reused in various ways like dragging them over dirt, sanding, and staining, then varnishing them again to use as garden edging while cedar timbers make excellent firewood. If nothing else can be done with your old fence except for discarding it, ask yourself how much space you have to keep while working on this project.

Step 2 : Dismantle the Old Fence Very Carefully

Now that you have gathered all your materials use them properly to take down the old wooden fence. Remove each piece systematically by unscrewing at its joints.

Wearing Safety Gloves

Wearing safety gloves would keep splinters away from your hands and nails off your clothes. If any protruding nail heads are sticking out, make sure to cover them with a cloth before hitting them loose with a hammer.

Step 3 : Sell Them or Give Them Away

If you do not have any space to keep your old fence, then the best thing you can do is give them away or sell them. You can sell some wood as firewood or as raw materials for artists who like to use untreated woods in their artwork.

A new coat of paint and varnish may make them look brand new and fetch a few dollars if sold online. You can also donate them to your local animal shelter if you know they will come in handy for the dogs. This is an essential step in how to dispose of old wooden fence.

Step 4 : Reuse Them to Make Something New

Using your old fence to create new things is a great way to find a new life for them. If you have kids, try building a new house or a treehouse.

Using Wood Panels

Using these wood panels, you can create planters by attaching them with screws and painting them green. The possibilities of reusing wooden fences are endless so long as you know what to do with them after removing the old one.

Step 5 : Trash Pickup and Driving by the Landfill

Once you have already disposed of your old fence, it is time to clean up. First, sweep off all the areas used for working and then sweep or blow away debris from any other sites that will be affected after removing the old fence. Once the space is clear of pieces of timbers, boards, nails, dried leaves, or anything else that may have fallen over during this project, then dump them in disposal bags.

Removing Old Fence

Drive on to a landfill site if you dispose of just bagfuls of small debris. However, for large timber sections and whole wooden panels, find a place where you can dump them out. You might even get lucky enough to find someone who will pay you some cash for these unwanted materials.

Step 6 : Trash Removal Service Providers

You can hire a company to get rid of all the debris for you. This is best if you have many large pieces and carpentry tools lying around after taking down your fence.

Several companies today offer such services, so it will be easy to search online or ask around from people who had their wooden fences taken down recently. They should know where all the good dumpsites are located and may even offer recycling services as well. These steps will help in how to dispose of old wooden fence.

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Tips and Warnings

Do Not Burn Old Them

Do not burn old wooden fences. According to the New York Department of Conservation, burning wood fences is illegal because it pollutes the air and contributes to deforestation. Instead, when you dispose of the old wooden fence, make sure it is recycled in an environmentally-friendly way.

Some cities will accept old wooden fences for recycling when they are delivered curbside at no cost to residents. Many towns also have access to dumpsters to take their old wooden fences free of charge. Some recyclers charge a fee for drop-offs, but others may deliver them if you do not have transportation available.

Repurposing as Wood Chips

Old wooden fences and other outdoor wood materials such as decks and picnic tables can be recycled into wood chips for landscaping projects. The small pieces of wood from your old fence will decompose over time and provide nutrients for your soil without polluting the environment like burning does.

The best way to dispose of your old wooden fence is by delivering it yourself curbside and saving someone much larger expenses in gasoline and landfill fees that would be necessary if they had to take it away.

Recycling Into Other Materials

Although, recycling into wood chips is one of the many ways you can dispose of your old wooden fence that does not pollute the environment like burning would. Disposing of the old wooden fence without recycling them causes deforestation and air pollution.

Recycling Wood Chips

The New York Department of Conservation recommends using these pieces for other projects such as raised bed gardens and decorative furniture pieces around your yard or home.

Some lumber yards will even make fresh lumber from recycled wood, allowing you to purchase new parts for a low cost. If you do not have any use for your old pieces right now, consider taking some time before throwing them out to find another use that suits your needs as well as the environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can You Do With Pressure Treated Wood Scraps?

If you are working on an old home renovation project, you might come across some pressure-treated wood scraps that you may think can go into the garbage. However, with a bit of creativity and elbow grease, they can be used to make your very own furniture items like end tables or nightstands.

If you have a good collection of pressure-treated wood scraps, you can even make a bed frame using the leftovers. With a bit of wood stain and some creativity, you can make a lovely headboard that will add a touch of rustic charm to your bedroom. The bed frame that you could make from the pressure-treated wood scraps is functional and makes for an interesting conversation piece when company visits.

Where Can I Dump Wood for Free?

Freecycle and Craigslist are good options if you’re looking for a place to get rid of your old wooden fence.

Freecycle is a network of people who will freely give away items they no longer need for free. People post requests and offer on the site’s email list, and others in the area respond to those requests or offers by getting in touch with the original poster. You can also check locally for meeting places where people exchange goods without charging fees; these markets often advertise themselves as “freecycle.”

Is It Illegal to Burn Fence Panels?

Burning fence panels is not illegal in most states, although if you live in a state with fire season restrictions, it may be difficult for you to find an allowed location. In addition, some counties also have burn bans on certain days of the week or year, which means that burning fence panels may be prohibited until further notice.

If your local county has this kind of law but still wants to get rid of old fence panels, you can always contact your municipality and ask about recycling options. For example, many communities will let their citizens recycle wood by bagging up refuse and putting it out on recycling day. Alternatively, some communities offer accessible drop-off locations where citizens can take items they want to have recycled or disposed of properly.

If a community does not offer recycling services, you may want to consider working with a local business. Most of these companies have dumpsters outside, which you can place your fence panels in until they are ready for pick up. Just be sure that whatever business you use is willing to take on the responsibility of taking old wooden fence panels before arranging a pickup time.


We hope now you have some idea on how to dispose of old wooden fence. If you are looking to dispose of your old wooden fence, make sure not to bury it in the ground. The best way is by taking it apart and recycling the wood where possible.

Your environment will thank you for this because burying fences can lead to increased habitat for pests like termites or create an attractive nesting site for other animals that might carry diseases dangerous to humans.

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