How to Drain Honeywell Portable Air Conditioner

Lucky for you, this blog post will cover the steps on how to drain honeywell portable air conditioner. The first thing that needs to be done is turn off the power. Next, read through the manual and make sure it does not state otherwise. Once those steps are completed, open up the top grill by pulling out on both sides and lifting.

How to Drain Honeywell Portable Air Conditioner

There should be a filter inside with holes in it; if there isn’t one or clogged, then contact customer service for assistance; this can happen because sometimes people don’t realize their unit is still plugged in. Now take notice of where your water drainage tube is located; it’s usually at one end of the unit or near where you plug into an outlet.

Step to Follow on How to Drain Honeywell Portable Air Conditioner 

Step One: Unplug the AC

Remove all objects from around your portable air conditioner. Turn it off, unplug it and remove the battery by pressing its release button. Also, detach the drain plug on the back of your unit’s water reservoir if it has one.

Step Two: Drain the Reservoir

Unscrew the reservoir’s cap and empty its contents into a large bucket or another container. Stir any sediment on the bottom of your water tank with your finger to ensure that you’ve thoroughly emptied it. Rinse out your reservoir before refilling it with fresh distilled water.

Step Three: Pour the Contents

If you have a portable air conditioning unit, take the bucket outside. Plug your AC back in and pour its contents into its drain plug opening until it runs out of water. Use caution when handling hot water since it can burn you if spilled on your skin or clothes. Let the hot water run for several minutes to ensure that it’s completely drained from the machine.

Step Four: Refill and Turn On

Pour a gallon of distilled water into your portable air conditioner’s tank to refill the reservoir. Plug the unit back in, turn it on, and then run for several minutes before turning it off again. Replace its cap and let it sit for an hour before turning it on again.

Step Five: Clean the Condenser Coil

Unplug your portable air conditioner, disconnect its power cord from its outlet and remove any obstructions from around it. Lift both side panels of the condenser coil cover and slide them to expose the fan blades inside. Remove as much dirt as you can by hand to clean the surface of your condenser coils. Replace both side panels and turn on the machine to test its function.

Remove Dirt by Hand to Clean the Surface of Your Condenser Coils

Step Six: Clean the Drain

Unplug your AC and detach its power cord. Lift any side panels on your unit to expose its drain pan. Remove any sediment on the bottom of the pan with a damp cloth to ensure that it’s completely clean. Replace all side panels before turning on your machine again for testing purposes.

Step Seven: Store Your Portable Air Conditioner

If you have a portable air conditioner, put the drain plug back in its reservoir and store it somewhere safe from any objects. Then, plug your AC into a working power source and leave it turned off until you’re ready to use it again.

Step Eight: Dispose of Water

Pour the contents of your portable air conditioner’s reservoir into a drain, sink, or toilet and flush it with several gallons of water. Replace the cap on its reservoir to seal any remaining water inside.

Step Nine: Maintenance Tips

Follow these maintenance tips to ensure that you can use your AC for as long as possible after each use. Never pour pool water, antifreeze, radiator fluid, or non-distilled water into your portable air conditioner to refill its reservoir. Do not overload it with objects or liquids. Do not allow food or other objects into the machine’s drain pan to avoid clogs and malfunctions.

Do Not Overload It With Objects or Liquids

How Often Do You Drain a Portable Ac?

Since portable air conditioners are only intended for temporary use, the manufacturer does not recommend draining them. However, some users find that they need to drain their portable air conditioner on a more regular basis because of its frequent use or due to where they are using it. So, if you have tried everything else, but your Honeywell Portable Air Conditioner still does not work, you may need to drain it.

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If you have a Honeywell portable air conditioner and need to drain it, there are two ways. The first way is by using the built-in drainage system that comes with your unit. This process will remove any excess water from inside your AC so you can avoid any potential damage caused by condensation buildup over time.

However, if your model doesn’t come with this feature or if the hose becomes clogged for some reason, you’ll need to take another route – draining outside of the machine and manually cleaning out the filter every now and again.

For those models without an external hose, use a bucket underneath where ever possible in order to catch all of the liquid coming out of one side of the unit before you start. After reading this blog, you should know how to drain honeywell portable air conditioner.

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