How to Dress a Beauty Bed


A beauty bed is a mattress placed on the floor. The practice has been around for centuries, but in recent years, many have rediscovered it. In Japan, for example, beauty beds are so popular that some companies have taken to building them directly into new apartments.

In Germany, meanwhile, the practice is slowly gaining traction even though magazines and websites continue to remind consumers that beds aren’t just something you place your dirty clothes on when they’re in the wash. In this article, I will discuss how to dress a beauty bed. So let us get started.

How to Dress a Beauty Bed

What is Dressing A Beauty Bed?

Dressing a beauty bed involves the skillful transformation of a lawn, flower garden, or other outdoor space into a pleasing arrangement of plants and flowers. The surrounding area may be amended with mulches and ground cover to give it a polished appearance. Dressing a beauty bed generally requires a certain amount of maintenance overtime to keep up appearances.

A Detailed Stepwsie Guide on How to Dress a Beauty Bed

  1. BUY a beauty bed. You can buy a beauty bed at any furniture shop or make one yourself if you happen to be equipped with the right tools and know-how. If not, furniture shops are your best bet. Remember, girls, and you can’t resist beauty beds!
  2. PICK out a good spot for your beauty bed that is easily accessible from all sides of the room but also has plenty of free space around it – remember how big beauty beds tend to be! Try to avoid putting your bed next to an object that might obstruct access from all sides (such as a hammock), as this may increase the difficulty of getting onto and off of it in time for dates! Also, avoid placing your beauty bed in walkways – girls need to reach the bed easily.
  3. GET two or more pillows (if you can afford them) and place them in the bed, ensuring that they are aesthetically pleasing and inviting. If your beauty bed is not made of the bear pelt (which most are), then get some furry skins to put on top of the pillows; this will impress your date(s) no end if done correctly! However, it is best practice to use both pillow covers and furs at once when putting pillows on your beauty bed – using only one method may not guarantee success! Note: Two or three pads will ensure maximum comfort for all users.
  4. GET some blankets and spread them over the pillow covers. Remember how girls love to feel cozy! If you’re having trouble getting enough blankets for all of the pillows, then try stacking some on top of each other – but remember that this will not be as comfortable!Get Some Blankets
  5. GET a fur rug and place it in front of the beauty bed (optional). This is advised if your bedroom flooring is made from grass or wood; otherwise, there’s no need for it (and placing it may even inhibit access to the beauty bed)! For best results, make sure that both sides of the fur rug face outwards. Note: The width of your fur rug should equate to about one-quarter of the length between your beautiful bed and wall. If you are having trouble getting the right-sized fur rug for your room, try walking along an outside path until you find one that fits your needs.
  6. GET a window screen and put it over the window in front of where your beauty bed is located. This will ensure maximum sunlight access to all sides of your beautiful bed! If you don’t have enough lumens in the room, consider adding more lamps or candles – this is vital if your bedroom doesn’t happen to be near a natural source of light, such as a crack in the wall or puddle outside (which could be reflecting moonlight).
  7. ADD additional furniture around the room to make it look homely and inviting! For example, in addition to a hammock and vanity, I have added a cozy rug and window seat as appropriate furnishings/accessories to compliment my beauty bed.
  8. ADD plants if you want your room to smell nice! Make sure they are climbing vines, as these will make it easier for your dates to access you from the ground.
  9. MAKE sure everything looks nice and tidy before you invite girls over! Remember that a messy room is unattractive.
  10. MAKE sure you clean up around the room after your dates (especially if they are messy). Remember that hygiene is essential to girls!
  11. HAVE fun and enjoy your beautiful bed; you might even make a few friends if you place it correctly and decorate it nicely!

Precautions While Performing How to Dress a Beauty Bed

  1. While dressing a beauty bed, always push the castors towards an opposite side of the side you are working on for more leverage.
  2. It is advisable not to dress a bed while wearing loose, dangling clothes as they may get caught in the castor’s wheel.
  3. For deep-piled carpets, pile facing up and work from ends straight across the rug, making sure your feet never slip off the plank and land on the carpet pile, causing bedroll and bruises and scratches to hands and knees or straight leg fracture!
  4. If possible, always wear gloves when dressing a beauty bed but if this is not practical, then use rubber gloves not to ruin one’s nails. In addition, it is advisable to wear a hat to prevent hair roll, style change, and even hair loss in the summer.
  5. When dressing a bed in the winter, always make sure one wears warm clothes; otherwise, you may catch a cold or pneumonia or suffer from frostbite, which could cause severe damage, for example, to fingers and toes. Also, do not dress a bed when it’s raining outside as one may slip on wet grass or mud, causing an accident like breaking leg, hip, etc.
Decorate A Bedroom Properly

How to Decorate A Bedroom Properly?

Step 1 – Take Measurements of Your Bed.

This is very important because the size of the room will determine exactly what you need to do or not do to give your bedroom that beautiful feel. Your bed needs to be the centerpiece on which rested most of your decorations.  So pretty much just a big empty floor that’s well organized and inviting enough for you to jump onto it from another planet.

Step 2 – Place the Bed in the Middle of the Floor.

Step 3 – Find a Soft, Inviting Carpet and Place It Underneath Your Bed, Like So.

Carpet is essential when it comes to bedroom decor. It would help if you avoided hardwood or tile floors because they feel cold and not at all cozy for someone who plans on spending most of their time in that room snuggling under warm covers (and making out and other things I don’t need to say). Carpets give off a mystic aura that adds to the “beauty” aspect of the room. This step is also crucial because it establishes an intimate bond between you and your partner. Think back to when you were dating.

Step 4 – Put a Lovely Dresser Next to Your Bed, With a Mirror Facing the Bed.

Drehardwood is essential for females because you need somewhere to put all the cute clothes you’ll be using once you start getting up from bed and going out of it so much more often now that everyone is over for sleepovers where they all talk about boys and makeup under soft glimmering lights reflected through long crystal necklaces draped perfectly around their necks before passing out into slumber only to wake up hours later just as refreshed as they were upon falling asleep.

A Mirror Facing the Bed

Dressers give off a very homely feel, so you should have one next to your bed. It will be a constant reminder of where you belong, and what better place for a reminder than right next to the bed itself?

Step 5 – Add a Nice Box or Two.

Now do keep in mind that these boxes are not like those under your bed. These are much fancier. These boxes should reflect your style (read: girly). You can use anything from jewelry boxes, small trunks, mini wardrobes to shoe cabinets. They reflect wealth and class so go ahead! Fill them with all sorts of cute things. Jewelry too! Or shoes! Maybe some chocolates. Don’t worry about trying to fit everything in them, and you’ll always find something in there that matches every outfit in your closet.

Step 6 – Add a Fancy Vanity Mirror on the Side of Your Bed.

This will further establish the relationship between you and your bed because it’s staring at you. At the same time, you sleep when its reflection catches the moonlight streaming through the window *roll your eyes* place an obnoxiously large mirror or two against your walls right next to where your headboard is (preferably with some fancy-looking legs). This will allow you to get ready for whatever party with whatever boy (or girl, I won’t judge) who is lucky enough to catch your interest.

Obnoxiously Large Mirror

You can also use it before going to sleep to check if there’s anything in your teeth before getting into bed.  Or before leaving the room in the morning to check for any drool marks on your pillow. Yup, it’s pretty much a necessity.

Step 7 – Add Some Nice Sheets and Beddings!

Remember when I told you not to worry about getting everything possible inside these boxes? Well, this is one of those times where you can put all your attention into it because it’s time for bedding! The more pastel-y, pinkish, or lavender-colored sheets you use to cover your bed, the better. Also, place some fuzzy pillows with furry stuffings (you know what they are because everyone has at least 5 of them).

If you’re using different colors, just try to match them up with whatever color theme your room will have, and you’ll be fine. Don’t just dump them inside the box! They need to look nice and fluffy when you put them on your bed, or else they’re no different than the floor.

Step 8 – Put Up Some Pretty Curtains!

Pretty much what it says on the tin. No one likes getting sunlight in their face when they wake up, so make sure to hang up some lovely curtains, or if you want something simpler, then get a canopy for your bed instead (and add some fairy lights in there too, because why not?). This will further establish your relationship with your bed and give it that final touch of “beauty” that we all crave for.

You can use any color but remember: pastel-y or light colors are best! Or if that isn’t your style, then just go for something dark like black. But make sure to keep it in sync with the rest of the room’s color palettes.

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Add Some Nice Sheets and Beddings!

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Can I Wear Makeup to a Massage?

There are some rules you should follow to make sure that your massage experience is as pleasant as possible.

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Put Up Some  Pretty Curtains

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If the person giving the massage is really good at what they do, then they will know how to pace themselves in order to make sure that they aren’t being too rough or uncomfortable for you while you’re sleeping.


I hope this article has offered you all the relevant information regarding how to dress a beauty bed. Ensure all the precautions are correct. Thank you and have a nice day!

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