How to Fix Chipped Glass Table

If you have a chipped glass table, don’t despair! In this blog post, we’ll go over the process of fixing a chipped glass table. When chipping occurs from accidental contact with complex objects such as furniture or pets, it is usually because the protective coating has been damaged and needs to be reapplied.

How to Fix Chipped Glass Table

This can be done by purchasing an epoxy resin kit that includes two resin tubes and a small amount of catalyst. Mix equal parts in a cup until thoroughly blended before applying them to the damaged surface using an artist paintbrush or roller.

After 24 hours of curing time, your repaired tabletop will look like new again! In this article, I’ll show you step-by-step instructions on how to fix chipped glass table.

7 Step to Follow on How to Fix Chipped Glass Table 

Step One: Assess the Damage

The first step in figuring out how to fix chipped glass is to assess the damage. Depending on how bad it is, there are different methods for repairing a chipped piece of glass. If it’s just a tiny chip or cracks, you can fill it in with clear nail polish or super glue and let it dry.

If the chip is more significant, you should figure out where it ends. Use a ruler to line up the damaged areas and apply pressure with your finger until you hear the glass pop back into place. Once it’s in place, fill in the gap with clear nail polish or super glue and let it dry.

Use a Ruler to Line Up the Damaged

Step Two: Get Glass Pieces Out of Wood Base

Use a flat-head screwdriver for popping out the glass pieces from the wood base layer beneath the chipped area. For this to work, you need to have a piece of glass that is chip-free to replace with the one you’re fixing. If the chipped area is more extensive, you can use a combination of small and large pieces to fill it in.

Just remember to save all of these pieces because they will be helpful when putting your table back together. Depending on how big the spot you’re fixing, getting out all of the glass pieces may be challenging. It’s not a big deal if there are still some because they don’t pose a safety risk.

Step Three: Replace Broken Glass Piece

After getting the broken glass pieces out of the wood base, you need to replace them with fresh parts. If you just have small chips or cracks to fix, you already know that all you need is clear nail polish or super glue. Be careful when applying these two because they can quickly get into your table’s joints, ruining it.

If you don’t want to take any chances, consider using wood glue for this step. Wood glue is recommended because it’s more complicated than wood and doesn’t allow any leakage. Apply the glue to the underside of the broken glass pieces and place them back onto your table. If you have larger cracks or chips you want to repair, consider using epoxy or super glue instead.

Step Four: Glue on Replacement Piece

After you’ve gotten your broken glass pieces out of the wood base, it’s time to glue the replacement piece in. Since different types of epoxies and glues are available, make sure you know which one best suits your situation. Just remember that both of these materials are stronger than glass and wood and can go into the joints of your table, ruining it.

The best way to avoid this is to cover the top layer with wax paper or aluminum foil before applying adhesive. This will ensure that nothing gets onto the top layer and ruin’s your table’s appearance. Also, make sure that you stay away from the joints when applying adhesive to avoid ruining your table. This will help in how to fix chipped glass table.

Step Five: Replace Pieces in Wood Base

After gluing the replacement glass piece into place, it’s time to replace all of your chipped table’s pieces into the wood base. If you’ve used epoxy or super glue, make sure you let it dry completely before moving on to this step. It usually takes an hour or two for these types of adhesive to fully dry.

Once your glue is ready, use the same techniques you used when removing chipped glass pieces from the wood base. Make sure you get all of them out before filling in any gaps with new ones. For this step, keep each piece separate from one another because if they touch it, it will ruin the adhesive’s bond.

Replace Broken Glass Piece

Step Six: Reattach Table’s Top Layer

The last step is getting your table’s top layer back into place. Place it on your work surface and layout all of the pieces you took out for this step onto it. Make sure they’re facing up because you’ll need to use them as a reference when putting your table back together.

All you have to do is reattach the top layer and make sure it lines up with your pieces underneath. There are two ways of going about this part: attaching the top layer first, then gluing in each piece, or gluing in pieces as you attach them to the top layer. In either case, make sure that your pieces are somewhat sticking out of the top layer.

Step Seven: Sanding the Top Layer

After you’ve entirely reattached your table’s top layer, it’s time to inspect your work. First, look at all of the chipped areas and see if any new chips or cracks have surfaced. If so, immediately fill them in with clear nail polish or super glue, depending on what type of material your table is made of.

If you don’t find any new chips or cracks in the top layer, it’s time to move on with sanding the repaired areas. Start with fine-grit sandpaper and carefully run it over all of the chipped surfaces. Be careful when doing this because if you press too hard against the glass, it can cause cracks and chips to spread.

Does Tempered Glass Scratch Easy?

Tempered glass is becoming more and more popular because of its incredible strength and superior heat resistance. And because of that, tempered glass is more likely than standard glass to be the type you’ll find in your home. In addition, tempered glass has the added advantage of being very difficult to scratch.

Reattach Table's Top Layer

But there are a few things you should know about tempered glass and scratches. Scratches on tempered glass are called surface scratches. Surface scratches are caused by particles of dust or dirt that get in between the layers of glass. These scratches can usually be removed with Windex. Thanks for reading about how to fix chipped glass table.

Frequently Asked Question

Can You Repair a Chip in A Glass Table?

Yes, if the chip is small enough. The larger the chip, the more difficult it will be to repair.

For any chips smaller than a quarter-inch in diameter, you can use a Dremel tool with an abrasive wheel to remove most of the material and then sand off any remaining debris with a fine-grit sandpaper.

Can Epoxy Resin Fix Glass?

Epoxy resin is a type of resin used to bond and strengthens various materials.

There are many epoxy resins, but the most common one is called polyester epoxy resin. It can be used for different purposes such as coating the surface of metal or plastic parts to prevent corrosion, filling in dents and scratches on car bodywork, repairing ceramic tiles and bricks by filling in cracks with an epoxy compound and fixing glass panes without having to remove them from their frames.

Melt Cracked Glass Back Together

Can You Melt Cracked Glass Back Together?

No, it is not possible to melt cracked glass back together. Cracked glass can be repaired by replacing the pieces with new ones or by using a strong adhesive such as epoxy resin to bond the broken pieces together.


Chipped glass table tops can be fixed without having to buy a new one. One way is by using toothpaste, which you apply with an old toothbrush and then scrub it into the chips until they blend in with the rest of the surface.

Suppose this doesn’t work for your specific problem. In that case, other methods may be more successful, such as using a mix of vinegar and baking soda or rubbing alcohol on a wet sponge rubbed against small pieces of sandpaper taped down to create a rough edge that will gently remove any raised edges from your chipped glass.

It might seem obvious now, but many people don’t know about these easy fixes! The infomercial style of this article has shared information on how to fix chipped glass table.

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