How to Fix Curtain Rod Falling Out of Wall

The following blog post will provide you with all of the information that you need to know about how to fix curtain rod falling out of wall. This is an issue that many people deal with, and it can be quite frustrating when trying to keep your curtains up. 

Fortunately, there are several different ways in which you can solve this problem! The first method involves using a screwdriver or drill along with some screws. This solution works great for those looking for something quick and easy since it only takes a few minutes to complete!

The second option is to use adhesive putty tape. If you have ever used Command hooks before, this option should sound familiar because they use the same type of adhesive putty tape to stay put. This solution is excellent for those looking for a more permanent fix since it will not fall out of the wall!

How to Fix Curtain Rod Falling Out of Wall

Step to Follow on How to Fix Curtain Rod Falling Out of Wall

Step One: Determine

First, you need to identify why the curtain rod is falling out of the wall. If it’s because one screw is loose, you can tighten it using a screwdriver. However, if both screws are too loose or have stripped screws, there are other options for fixing this problem other than replacing your entire rod.

If the screw needs to be tightened, grab a screwdriver and use it to tighten the screws. If both screws are stripped, find a different way to affix the rod to the wall. An easy way is by using molly bolts – bolts with wings that can be pushed through a hole in the wall and then attached to the other side.

Curtain Rod Is Falling

Loctite or another adhesive can also be used to keep the curtain rod in place. If you can’t find a way to fix your curtain rod or it keeps falling out of the wall, replacing it is the only option left. Be sure that you buy one with enough screws so that this problem doesn’t happen again.

Step Two: Marking

Next, you need to ensure that the rod is level and straight-up before attaching it to the wall. Then, use a measuring tape or ruler and mark where each hole needs to go on the wall with a pencil. Be careful not to use anything too pointy, like a pen or marker.

These measurements are also important because you want to make sure that the rod is on an even plane with the rest of the walls in your room. For example, if you have a slanted wall, you will find that a curtain rod is much less effective at changing your curtains in a straight line.

Straight-up Before Attaching

If your flat piece of wood will be installed on a slanted surface, you can use shims to make it level. Using small pieces of wood, stack them up between the wall and your board to make it straight. This will help in how to fix curtain rod falling out of wall.

Step Three: Measuring and Drilling

Before putting screws into the wall, make sure that they are not too big or long for the wallboard. Use a ruler to measure how far apart each hole needs from its neighbor—Mark, where you will need to drill with a pencil.

You can then use a step drill bit for wood – one that has small, even holes all the way through. Use this bit before screwing your board onto the wall, so you know exactly where to put your screws. If you don’t have a step drill bit, use a normal bit and keep drilling until it goes all the way through the wood.

When you’re done, go ahead and screw your board onto the wall. Make sure that each screw is a different color to know which one goes where when it comes time to remove them. You can also use spacers if you have them around – these are things like washers or pieces of wood that help keep the board off of the wall.

Step Four: Prepping the Curtain

Next, you need to make sure that your curtain will fit on your new rod. It needs to be cut down to size if it’s too big for the board’s width. If you can’t shorten it, then you’ll need to get another one. Once you’ve got a shorter curtain ready to use, hang it up on your curtain rod.

Needs to Be Cut Down to Size

You can then mark where the holes will go on the board. Because you already have a rod in place, you can measure from that to get your actual measurements for cutting out the board. If you’re cutting out the board before screwing it onto the wall, use your ruler to measure how far apart each hole needs to be.

If you’re using a screw that’s already in your rod, then you can use the board itself as your guide to where each hole goes. Hold it up to the wall and mark where you will need to drill on both sides of it. If you use the steps outlined above for how to fix curtain rod falling out of wall, you can do it yourself.

Step Five: Screwing the Curtain

Once you have a hole in the board to place the screw, go ahead and remove your curtain from its rod. Take it down from its nail or hook on your wall and put it somewhere else while you work. Then, go back up to where you marked for each hole and start by screwing in one of your screws until it goes all the way through the board.

Move onto your next hole and do the same, but don’t screw it in completely until you’ve got another one or two into place first. You can then check to see which holes match each other and use those as a guide for extra nails. This should be enough to keep both sides of your board together, but you can use more if not.

Check to See Which Holes Match

Once it’s all done, put the curtain back on and screw it into place on your wall. You’re now ready to redecorate your room by hanging fashionable new curtains. They should stay in place until you decide to change them, although if they start falling off or popping out after time, then this means that your holes are either too big or too small.

Step Six: Fixing Problems

In some cases, the wood board can come loose from the wall even after you screw it in. This can happen if the list is too thick or simply screws that aren’t long enough to go all the way through your board. If this happens, use wood glue to fill in any gaps where your board meets the wallboard.

Let it dry overnight before using a solid fabric adhesive to make sure that your curtain stays up. This should be enough to reinforce your board, but if you notice that it’s still moving around after time, then this means that the screws are too short.

Replace them with longer ones and put some wood glue on the new threads before fastening them into place. If none of these solutions seem to work, go back to the previous step and ensure that you’re using the correct type of screws. These instructions will teach you how to fix curtain rod falling out of wall.

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Step Seven: Finish

Once your board is firmly in place, you can hang up your curtain and admire the new look of your room. If it’s a blanket or a sheet on the other side, then go ahead and flip it over so that it matches! You can even turn one side into a more elegant-looking drape by putting a rod underneath the board to hold it up.

It should stay in place without any problems, but if you find that it starts to fall out of the board, the holes are too big. This means that your screws aren’t holding anything in place anymore and need to be replaced. Take everything down and start over again with a little drill bit so that you can create small holes that will keep your board firmly in place.

Place Without Any Problems

You’ll probably also need to replace the screws if they aren’t long enough to go all the way through or are too short to hold everything together. If this is the case, then you might want to switch out with longer nails or even make sure that your board is screwed into place on the wall first.


Use a drill and screw to secure the bracket back into place. You may need to use an anchor if there’s no stud behind the wall or drywall. Make sure you use screws with anchors that are long enough for your circumstance. If not, find out how much longer they should be from the hardware store.

Try using chains instead of brackets if you can’t put in a new bracket because of old plumbing pipes or other obstacles. Finally, the conclusion paragraph is informative and provides information on how to fix curtain rod falling out of wall.

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