How to Fix F2 Code on Whirlpool Stove

A great way to fix the F2 code on a whirlpool stove is by following the instructions for your specific model. If you’re not sure what type of stove you have, check the sticker on the back of your appliance or look it up online. The most common types are electric and gas models. 

How to Fix F2 Code on Whirlpool Stove

Depending on which version you own, different troubleshooting steps will need to be followed to make sure your stove’s heating coils get cleaned out and reset correctly. For example, some models will involve removing lower oven door panels and then unplugging certain parts before cleaning with an air compressor or dry cloths.

Other versions may require separating the entire unit and starting from scratch after cleaning each part individually with a vacuum. You need to know how to fix f2 code on whirlpool stove.

Step by Step Guide on How to Fix F2 Code on Whirlpool Stove

Step One: Reset the Board

First, unplug your stove from its power source and wait for at least 10 seconds. After waiting, plug it back in and press the “Bake” button to turn on the oven. Next, press and hold down both Cancel buttons until a beep is heard (about 3 seconds), then release. The F2 code should be gone. If it’s not, go to the next step.

Step Two: Clean the Sensor

There is a chance that a dirty sensor can cause your problem. If you have an air compressor, blow out the opening where the sensor wires come in behind the stove to prevent dirt and dust build-up. You can also use canned air or even hold a vacuum cleaner nozzle right at the opening.

Vacuum Cleaner Nozzle Right at the Opening

Step Three:  Replace the Sensor

If you are still getting the F2 code after resetting or cleaning your sensor, it’s time to replace the whole ignition switch. It may be more cost-effective to buy a new stove, but you can replace it yourself if you have an older model Whirlpool. Be sure to unplug the stove from the power source before going further.

Step Four: Take off the Back of Your Whirlpool Stove

After successfully turning the oven on, you will need to take off the back panel of your oven. It is located in the back and has a few screws that hold it in place. Use a screwdriver to take out these screws, then put them away for safekeeping. Next, please take off the back panel then put it aside. Now you will be able to see a small plastic box that holds the ignition switch in place.

Step Five: Remove Ignition Switch from Whirlpool Stove

In order to get the nasty F2 code, you have to remove this ignition switch from your stove. First, find two screws on each side of the ignition switch and take them out. Once you’ve done this, unplug the two wires attached to the back of the switch by pulling up on each wire connector. Now your old part is ready for disposal, so you can leave it next to your trashcan or recycle bin.

Remove This Ignition Switch

Step Six: Install New Ignition Switch on Whirlpool Stove

Before Vacuum Cleaner Nozzle Right at the Opening, you will have to connect the two wires back onto their respective ports. Once all the wire connectors are plugged in, put it back together by screwing the screws back into the plastic box. Next, reattach the back panel of your oven and put its screws in as well. Now you can plug your stove back into its power source and have fun cooking!

Step Seven: Test the New Ignition Switch

After you have put your back panel back on, try turning your oven on. If it still comes up with an F2 code, you can do something else to solve this problem.  You can try to put the oven on self-clean and leave it in for a little while. Also, check for any loose connections by unplugging the stove and checking all of your wire connectors. If all else fails, then you might have just to buy a new stove altogether.

Step Eight:  Tips & Warnings

Make sure to run the self-clean cycle for an hour if your oven is still displaying an F2 code. Also, make sure that you are not overfilling the drip pans. Finally, keep the stovetop clean by wiping up any spilled food or condiments as soon as they happen! If all else fails, then you may have to buy a new stove.

You can try cleaning all parts thoroughly and resetting the board, but you might have to fork over the cash for a new one if none of these work. When replacing the ignition switch, check all of your wire connectors and make sure that they are plugged incorrectly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is My Stove Beeping F2?

If your stove is beeping F2, it means that the pan you are cooking in is too hot.

  1. If the temperature of the pan is too high, there may be a problem with the burner, and you should contact an appliance repair technician to take a look at it.
  2. If the burner doesn’t have any problems, then you need to remove or lower the heat on your stove so that you can cook without burning anything.

Is There a Reset Button on Whirlpool Oven?

Yes, there is a reset button on the Whirlpool oven. The process of resetting the oven will vary depending on the model of your oven. However, for some models, you may need to remove the knobs and push a button underneath the control panel or press down a lever located on top of the control panel.

Remove the Knobs

This process can also be performed by unplugging your oven and then plugging it back in a while pressing any one of these buttons.


If you are experiencing some F2 code errors on your Whirlpool stove, the most likely cause is a faulty burner. You can fix this problem by replacing one or more of these burnt-out burners with new ones that have been tested for safety and reliability. The good news is that it’s not difficult to replace them yourself!

All you need are basic tools like pliers, screwdrivers, wrenches, wire cutters, and so forth in order to complete this quick DIY project at home. We will walk through each step below, so no matter what model you own, there should be enough detail here to help get things back up and running again! We hope you enjoyed this article on how to fix f2 code on whirlpool stove.

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