How to Fix Gap in Chain Link Fence Gate


Chain Link Fence Gates are a great way to keep your property secure and safe from intruders. They can be installed on existing chain link fences or as an addition to other types of fencing. The gates provide security for the home, animal containment, and access control. 

How to Fix Gap in Chain Link Fence Gate

Chain Link Fence Gates come in a variety of styles, including swinging gates, sliding gates, rolling gates, pivot swing style gate (a hybrid between the swinging gate and sliding gate), open panel style (only has one panel that swings open) that is also called Dutch Gate or Panel Gate; they also come with or without hinges. Chain Link Fence Gates are typically made with galvanized steel, but some manufacturers make their aluminum for lighter-weight applications like residential use. In this article, I will discuss how to fix gap in chain link fence gate. So let us get started.

A Detailed Stepwsie Guide on How to Fix Gap in Chain Link Fence Gate

Step 1 :

Measure the gap in the fence, making sure to use a measuring tape. I choose one that measures up to 50 inches (127 cm), enough for most other people. Next, make sure that you can fit your hand through it comfortably. If there is no hole big enough to put your hand through, do not continue this guide.

Measuring the Fence

Step 2 :

Find someone who will give you their used chain-link gate online or test another neighbor’s fence if they have an old one lying around. You can also get free metal fencing from construction sites and junkyards quickly. Cars are also made of metal, so it would be safe to assume you could find some somewhere on one… But remember what happened when I discovered that cigarette lighter at the construction site?

Step 2 is complete.  You now have a used chain link gate to use as your pattern for cutting out your fresh one. The next step will be measuring and cutting them along with drilling holes, and putting everything together.

Step 3 :

Take your new gate and measure the length from post to post. This will give you the chain link fence panel size you need (Remember, these are measured in feet). Then, multiply that number by two, so you can get enough chain link fencing for both sides of your old gate.

Taking New Gate in Fence

Step 3 is complete, and now you have your panels cut to your desired length. Measure from one end to the other and add a foot to that number for cutting out separate posts because posts should never touch each other [unless it’s electrical wires]. If you use wooden sticks, do not forget to measure two feet from one center and another two feet from another so they can be pounded into the ground at least four feet apart before attaching them. Also, I recommend using small rocks or wood blocks under them, so when people run into them, they won’t break off easily (make sure it is adequately attached every time). Next, measure the width of your fence panel and divide by 4; this will tell you how many holes you need on each side of the board to add your fence slats.

Step 4 :

Take a steel pipe, attach it to a drill and put a metal grinding bit on it. Next, drill holes in the ground where you will place each post for support (4 feet apart or more), then measure a foot from each spot and mark that point with something that won’t wash away in the rain before hammering your posts into the ground at those points.

Step 5 :

Cut slots in both sides of all three panels for wire fencing. If you do not know how to cut with metal cutting shears, use a grinder like described in Step 2. Make sure that one edge is cut nice and straight, or else it will look sloppy, and people will try to climb through the holes you cut. We don’t want that to happen, do we? Because it is terrible for everyone involved, including YOU!

Wire Fencing

Step 6 :

Use nuts and bolts like in the diagram below (also included below) and assemble your gate. Along with each section of chain link, fence panels attach a post to make it more sturdy. You may also use an old wooden or metal gate as long as it’s screwed together correctly because if not, you might end up falling into someone’s yard unintentionally. After the gate is done, screw in a decorative pot to the center of it.

Step 7 :

Connect each side by joining them with wire fencing, ensuring they are “twisted” tightly on each corner for added strength. Make sure they are hooked together well and tight by twisting them hard several times before doing so!  I use my hands to turn it around tightly, and then I braid the wires into each other for extra grip (also makes it look more appealing).

Step 8 :

Lastly, we will put in a decorative pot filled with dirt and plant some bush or small tree within it. You can also water these plants often to keep them alive during the summer when there is no rain (or they may die!).  I recommend getting rid of all weeds around your gate as soon as possible because if you do not, you might end up with a large group of people standing at your door one day, and someone will most likely deliver you a bag of weed killer in an unmarked paper bag.  So be careful!

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What are the Advantages of a Chain Link Fence Gate?

The chain-link fence gate will provide a barrier to keep people and pets inside while keeping other unwanted visitors out. Even though many types of fencing material are available, the chain link fence is still a popular choice for several reasons.

For example, chain-link fences are affordable and economical against rusting or rotting, making them last for years even in harsh weather conditions. Moreover, installing a chain-link fence is easy enough not to require an experienced professional’s help.

The chain-link fence gate is designed to last for years and can be used as a replacement for the wooden gates. A chain-link fence gate does not need any special maintenance, and it will still look new after several years.

Those are the advantages of using a chain link fence gate that you may want to consider before making your final decision upon choosing one that best suits your needs.


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