How to Fix Window Locking Mechanism

You might not think about it, but the window locking mechanism is an essential part of your home. It keeps intruders out and can prevent a break-in. If you’re having problems with your windows, learn how to fix them! Your window locks should be able to keep burglars from entering your house while you are away or asleep at night.

How to Fix Window Locking Mechanism

These security features may seem simple, but they can save you and your family from serious harm if someone tries to get in by force through a closed window. That’s why it’s so important for homeowners to make sure their windows are secure enough when they leave for work or head off on vacation trips during the day.

There are many ways that people who want access into our homes try to do it. In today’s blog post, I will be teaching how to fix window locking mechanisms. All it takes is five simple steps.

Step to Follow one How to Fix Window Locking Mechanism

Step One: Remove the Plastic Cover

On all but one side of your door jam, a plastic cover covers the window locking mechanism. Two screws are holding each plastic cover into place. Remove these screws and then slide the plastic piece up and off of its rail.

Remove the Plastic Cover

If you have trouble sliding the covering off, run a screwdriver along the edge to help it release from its track. There is a small metal cover that covers the window lock. Use a flathead screwdriver to pry it off of the track.

Step Two: Remove The Lock from the Track

You should see a circular hole in the door jam where you removed the plastic covering. In this hole, there should be a metal piece visible on the track. This piece is what holds the window in place when it is locked.

Take a flathead screwdriver and pry off this metal locking piece from the door jam’s track. Two screws hold each locking mechanism inside its frame, so you must remove these screws to allow further access to the lock itself.

Step Three: Remove the Locking Mechanism

There is a small, brass-colored latch inside of your door jam that holds the window in place. This latch slides into and out of its casing, allowing for easy access to the interior of your car when you unlock it with your key. Take a flathead screwdriver and place the flathead tip behind the latch.

Slide the flathead screwdriver towards you, using it to force the latch out of its track. Please do this by prying gently on the edge of your flathead screwdriver until it slides into place inside of your locking mechanism. The lock should now be removed from its track and accessible for repair.

Step Four: Clean the Track with Oil

Take a clean cloth and place a few drops of oil on the cloth. Next, gently rub the cloth against all corners, bends, and turns of your door jam’s track. This will smooth out any rust or dirt that may have interfered with your window locking mechanism.

When you are finished cleaning, grab another clean section of your cloth to wipe away any excess oil from the track. This excess oil could easily drip the window itself, so you must take care to remove it all from the door jam.

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Step Five: Reassemble the Window Locking Mechanism

Place your window locking mechanism back into place by sliding it into its track and screwing it back in with its two screws. Ensure that you tighten these screws down as much as possible to ensure a tight fit for your car’s window. Once the lock is reattached, place your metal locking mechanism back into its track.

Slide it in with your flathead screwdriver until it slides into place. Once you have done this, take a screwdriver and replace the two screws that hold the metal piece into its frame. When finished with this step, slide your plastic window covering back into place. Slide it in until it locks with the door jam and replaces the two screws that hold each plastic covering into its track.

Step Six: Test Your Window Locking Mechanism

Once again, slide your car’s window up and down a few times to ensure that everything is working smoothly. If there is any sticking, take a flathead screwdriver and pry at the corners of your window to release it from its track.

Test Your Window Locking Mechanism

If you notice any further issues, repeat these steps until they are resolved. If you have completed all five stages and still do not notice any changes after the first test, move on to the second and final step.

Step Seven: Enjoy Your Successful Repair

You have just completed your window locking mechanism repair! Congrats, you are now ready to enjoy the many years of trouble-free use that your newly repaired car’s window will bring. As always, if you feel confident in your do-it-yourself abilities, you may keep this article in your files for future reference.

If the window locking mechanism of your car is broken, you can use this guide to repair it yourself. The only tools you need are a screwdriver and some oil. Then, just follow the steps in order, making sure to fix any issues along the way until everything is working correctly again. If you use the steps outlined above for how to fix window locking mechanism, you can do it yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Replace a Window Latch?

The window latch is the part of a window that holds it in place. It consists of two or more parts and is typically made from metal.

A window latch can be replaced by either replacing the entire lock or by installing a new mechanism on the existing one. The easiest way to do this is to use a screwdriver, but sometimes you may need to drill through the door frame for extra leverage when using tools like wrenches or hammers.

Why Won’t My Window Shut All the Way?

There are a few things that could be causing your window to not shut all the way. It is important to know what might be the cause of this problem so you can fix it as soon as possible.

The Following List Includes Some of the Most Common Causes of Windows Not Shutting All the Way :

1. The window is loose and needs tightening

2. The window has been damaged and needs replacing

3. The window has been installed incorrectly

What Are Sash Stops?

Sash stops are devices that hold the doors open. They can be used in many different ways, such as for loading and unloading trucks or equipment, by service personnel to allow a quick getaway from a fire or other emergency situation.

Can I Just Replace Window Sash?

Replacing the window sash is a time-consuming and costly process. However, we do not recommend replacing the window sash if it is not broken or damaged.

What Are Window Locks Called?

Window locks are often referred to as security window locks or just security locks. They can be used on any window that is not a door.

The Benefits of Using These Types of Window Locks Include :

  • The windows are protected from the outside and inside.
  • The doors cannot be opened without the use of a key or another device like a keypad entry system.
  • It prevents people from breaking in through windows by cutting off access to the room or area where they are trying to enter.


If you are having problems with your window locks, a quick fix should work for most cases. The first step is to remove any vertical blinds or curtains from the window and remove them entirely.

Next, find something heavy enough to hold down one side of the tilt lock mechanism this could be anything from an old book to a brick. Place it on top of the lower part of the horizontal bar so that when you open your windows, they will stay up by themselves without being propped up with hands or objects!

You should now have access to the tracks. Find the one that has your tilt arm mechanism on it and remove it with a flathead screwdriver. The conclusion paragraph is informative and provides information on how to fix window locking mechanism.

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