How to Get Rid of Fleas in Your Couch

If you have ever owned a pet, chances are you have dealt with the aggravation of having fleas in your home. Not only can they be annoying and cause an itchy rash to develop on your skin, but they also carry diseases that can be transferred to humans if left untreated.

How to Get Rid of Fleas in Your Couch

Fleas not only live on pets, but they will also happily make themselves at home in couches or furniture. So if you notice small red bites forming on yourself after sitting on the couch for too long, you should suspect that you have fleas, especially if you own pets. This post is about how to get rid of fleas in your couch.

Step to Follow on How to Get Rid of Fleas in Your Couch

Step One: Separate

The first thing to do is get rid of the infested couch. The best way to treat an infested bed is by washing all cloth materials in hot water. This kills any living fleas and prevents them from coming back. Removing the cushion will only contain the fleas from multiplying since they will spread once placed back on the bed.

If you don’t want to wash your entire couch, you can remove the fleas by placing the couch outdoors under the sun. Uneaten food attracts these insects, so clean up any crumbs or spills to prevent further infestation. If the fleas are only present on one part of your couch, you can place that cushion in a plastic bag and put it outside.

Step Two: Vacuum

After removing the couch, vacuum the carpet and floor thoroughly. This will get rid of any eggs or larvae that could still be present. In addition, any dirt brought by these fleas into your home can attract other insect pests such as roaches and crickets. You should also wash your couch cover to get rid of eggs that might have been transferred onto it.

Fleas are also attracted to light, so close your blinds during the treatment process. The larvae are likely to escape outdoors where they can be more easily treated with pesticides. Keep clothes sealed in plastic bags until you are sure there are no more fleas on them.

Vacuuming the Carpet and Floor Thoroughly

Step Three: Use Flea Powder

Use a flea powder for carpets and couches to eliminate any larvae or eggs still present after vacuuming. This process is straightforward since most powders require just one application to get rid of fleas completely. Sprinkle a generous amount of powder on your couch and allow it to settle for several hours before vacuuming again.

It’s best to stay out of the house during this period since inhaling leftover powder can result in health problems. Use a safe powder for children and pets as long as the couch cannot be easily removed from the house. Otherwise, you will have to find other ways of treating your couches if you want to keep them inside.

Using a Flea Powder for Carpets

Step Four: Liquid Treatments

Other furniture items such as headboards, dressers, and cabinets can be treated with a fabric-safe insecticide. Be careful that the product you use is meant for carpeting, so it doesn’t damage your other pieces of furniture. Spray your couch with a mixture of water and insecticide before leaving it to dry.

Make sure the powder is dehydrated before you put blankets and pillows back on your couch. Wipe down any other furniture in the house to avoid bringing these insects back inside. Fleas cannot jump onto smooth surfaces like vinyl or hardwood, so they will be unable to escape unless they are brought outside by pets or other people.

Step Five: Prevent future infestations.

Ridding your home of these pesky insects is only half the battle. With the weather warming up, their eggs are likely to hatch inside your couch within several weeks. Prevent future infestations by treating all of your couches with a safe insecticide at least once every two months.

You can also use boric acid or diatomaceous earth to keep these insects from coming back. The powder will kill any fleas that come in contact with it while keeping your couches free of dust and dirt. Keep a small container near your front door to discourage entry by these pests.

Step Six: Use a Protector

If you still want to keep your couch inside the house, consider applying a protector over it. Flea protectors are specially designed to keep these insects from getting inside your couches and infecting them. Use a liquid or powder protector as directed by the label.

This will not kill existing fleas but can prevent further infestations. Even if these insects aren’t inside your couch, they can still come from the surrounding carpet and flooring, so apply a protective spray to those surfaces as well. These steps should help you in learning how to get rid of fleas in your couch.

Step Seven: Eliminate Other Pets

Any pets that live in your home with you should be treated as well. Fleas often spread between animals through direct contact and shared sleeping areas. If your other pets appear to have these insects, bathe them with the appropriate shampoo and comb them out carefully before you start treatment on your couches.

Their cages should also be sprayed with insecticidal spray since these animals are at risk of becoming infected before their host. Use a safe product for kittens and puppies if they live in the house with you. Ensure any potential breeding sites are treated well, including kennels and bedding materials for your pets.

Frequently Asked Question

What Can Kill Fleas Instantly on Furniture?

To kill fleas on furniture, you can use a mixture of diatomaceous earth and water. You can also use boric acid powder to kill the fleas as well.

Diatomaceous earth is made from fossilized remains of diatoms which are microscopic algae that thrived in the Earth’s oceans before they died out some 250 million years ago. This type of dust has a high surface area which helps it absorb moisture and oils from pests. When the pests die, their bodies dry up and crumble away into the dust, leaving no trace behind for other insects to follow them.

Boric acid is an effective pesticide against most insects, including bed bugs, roaches, ticks, silverfish, ants, crickets, spiders, and more. It works by attacking the central nervous system causing paralysis or death within minutes.

Will Vacuuming Daily Get Rid of Fleas?

Vacuuming daily will not get rid of fleas. You can, however use a topical treatment such as Advantage II to kill the fleas. If you are still unsure, talk to your vet or call a pest control company for help.

Can You Spray Flea Spray on Furniture?

It is not recommended to spray flea spray on furniture. The reason for this is that if the chemical comes in contact with the surface of your furniture, it will damage the finish and stain your furniture.

However, you can use a vacuum cleaner to remove the fleas from your home and furniture.

What Do Flea Eggs Look Like on Furniture?

Flea eggs are oval-shaped and white. They can be found on carpets, bedding, and furniture, including wood. Flea eggs hatch into the larvae, small brownish insects that will crawl around for a few days before pupating into adults.


You can get rid of fleas on your couch by vacuuming the cushions, washing them with a solution made from water and soap, or using an enzyme cleaner. Vacuum all the furniture at least every other day to avoid attracting more pests.

Keeping your pet’s bedding clean is also important for getting rid of fleas since they often lay eggs there before going back to their host animal. Regularly wash your pet’s bedding as well as their blankets and toys so that you don’t end up with any new infestations on those items either.

Finally, if possible, try not to bring anything inside that might be contaminated, such as wild animals like raccoons or possums, into your home. These insects are widespread in certain parts of the country and can be brought inside by pets or people at any time. We hope you enjoyed this article on how to get rid of fleas in your couch.

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