How to Get Tattoo Ink Out of Carpet

Many people are unaware that ink from tattoos can get onto carpets. If you have a new tattoo, it may not be wise to sit on the carpet because there is no telling how much the ink will transfer. It would help if you also considered what your skin might touch before sitting down- this could include furniture and other surfaces in your home.

Tattoo Ink

The best way to clean up any spilled ink is with cold water and soap, blotting with a paper towel or cloth. Do not rub or scrub at the stain, as this can damage the carpet fibers even more than simple soiling would do! In this article, we’ll explore how to get tattoo ink out of carpet.

7 Steps to Follow on How to Get Tattoo Ink Out of Carpet

Step One: Dab the Ink Stain Lightly With a Wet Cloth

If you notice that your carpet has gotten an ink stain, you must act quickly before the ink sets in. Note that tattoo inks are tough to remove because they are made of heavy metals and other materials. Dab the stained area lightly using a dampened cloth to not scrub the ink further into the carpet.

If the ink has soaked in too deeply then you can increase the pressure of your dabbing. This, however, can cause the ink to spread beyond the original area, so be sure to use very light pressure. You don’t want to add more ink to the carpet at this point.

Step Two: Apply Baking Soda to Your Paper Towel

Take a handful of baking soda and place it on a piece of paper towel. Note that if you have a very large tattoo ink stain across a large portion of your carpet, you can make a baking soda paste. You can do this by adding a small amount of water to the baking soda.

Taking a Baking Soda and Placing It on a Piece of Paper Towel

Use the dabbing method discussed in step one to apply your baking soda paste to the stained area. If you are using plain baking soda, then only dab at the stain lightly to not rub it in further. Allow your baking soda application to sit for about five minutes before continuing to step three.

Step Three: Spray the Area With Hydrogen Peroxide

Note that hydrogen peroxide can damage your carpet, so it’s a good idea to test a small, hidden patch of your carpet before spraying the whole stained area. Then, spray the ink stain lightly with some hydrogen peroxide and allow it to sit for a few minutes.

Use your dabbing method as before to lightly blot the area with a clean, damp cloth. Keep in mind that if you have sprayed too much hydrogen peroxide at this point, then it will be more challenging to remove from your carpet, so use very light pressure when dabbing.

Step Four: Apply Dishwashing Soap

Apply a few drops of dishwashing soap to your stained area and use your dabbing method to blot the area with a clean cloth lightly. You will see that the ink stain is beginning to fade at this point, but we still have some ways to go yet before we can get it out completely.

Using  Dabbing Method to Blot the Area With a Clean Cloth Lightly.

Now that your tattoo ink stain looks much better, you can apply some elbow grease to see if you can take it even further. Use the same dabbing method as before, but use a clean cloth with some warm water instead of just cold water. You mustn’t scrub roughly at the stained area as this will cause more damage to your carpet fibers.

Step Five: Blot Dry the Area With a Clean Paper Towel

Once you have applied dishwashing soap to the stained area, use your dabbing method again but this time, use clean water to remove any remaining soap residue on your carpet. Keep blotting until there is no more moisture left on the surface of the carpet.

Next, you will need to blot the area dry by placing paper towels on top of it and stepping on them with your feet. This is what you want to do until no more moisture comes out of the carpet. You can even take a hairdryer on a low setting and hold it near the stained area to ensure all the moisture is gone.

Step Six: Clean the Area With a Vacuum Cleaner

Note that if the ink has soaked into your carpet fibers, it’s not going to come out completely using this method. You are probably wondering how tattoo inks are removed from carpets if this is the case. Even though it is difficult to remove, you will find that most of the ink particles will be picked up by your vacuum cleaner’s brush.

If there are any remaining ink particles, you can use regular carpet shampoo to clean the area as usual. As you now know, getting tattoo ink out of your carpet isn’t as hard as it sounds. This will help in how to get tattoo ink out of carpet.

Step Seven: Maintaining Your Clean Carpet

The last thing you should know about removing tattoo ink from your carpet is how to maintain it afterward. After removing a tattoo ink stain, the best thing you can do for your carpet is to vacuum the area frequently. If possible, remove your carpets in spring or fall when they are less likely to be stained by sand, grit, or other particulate matter.

Maintaining Carpet

Now you are familiar with the whole tattoo ink removal process, but did you know that it is challenging to remove if a tattoo ink stain has been there for a while? This is why it is always preferable to try and prevent tattoos from getting on your carpet in the first place by using a few simple techniques.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Wd-40 Remove Ink Stains?

The answer is no. Wd-40 does not remove ink stains, but it can help clean the surface of a wet ink stain. Wd-40 is a versatile product that has been used for many purposes, including cleaning, lubricating, and protecting. It was originally designed to fight corrosion on the surfaces of metals, but now its main use is as an aerosol lubricant for moving parts in machinery.

The best way to remove ink stains from your clothing or carpeting would be by using white vinegar or hydrogen peroxide, which are both inexpensive and effective.

Does Hairspray Remove Ink?

Hairspray can remove ink from clothing, fabric, paper, and many other surfaces. Hairspray is a volatile solvent that reacts with the ink to break it down into small particles. This process will typically take between 15 minutes and two hours, depending on the type of ink.

Wd-40 Remove Ink Stains

Will Oxi Clean Remove Ink From Carpet?

Yes, Oxiclean can remove ink from the carpet. However, removing ink from the carpet will depend on how much and what type of ink is on the carpet.

The best way to test if your carpets are suitable for removal is by doing a patch test first. This will help you determine if the type of ink you have is suitable for removal using Oxiclean.

What Is the Best Ink Stain Remover?

An ink stain is a mark left by liquid or dry-dried ink on a surface such as paper, fabric, or plastic. Ink stains can be removed using several chemicals and other agents.


If you have a carpet, it is essential to know how to clean up tattoo ink spills. For example, a spilled bottle of permanent marker can leave your carpet stained and looking like an abstract painting. Also, keep in mind that some types of carpets are not as durable as others and may need special care when cleaning them or wear out more quickly than others.

This blog post has shared several ways on how to get tattoo ink out of carpet for those who do not want their home décor ruined by such accidents. Follow these steps to save yourself the time and headache of another mess. If this doesn’t work, you can try vinegar or baking soda paste to get a permanent marker off your carpet.

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